Methods To Auto Hide The Taskbar In Windows 10 When It Is Refusing To

Auto hide the Taskbar in Windows 10 when it is Refusing to
By Tapas Pal Updated

Bar running at the bottom of your computer screens which keeps a record of the pinned tasks (to quickly access) and displays all the running programs is what we call a Taskbar. It serves an important function in any operating system. However, sometimes it becomes more necessary for the user to auto hide the Taskbar in Windows 10 to switch quickly between the tasks using keyboard shortcuts (power users). It becomes really annoying when it refuses to hide even after constantly attempting to do so.

This problem is more prevalent with the Windows 10 users for we received a lot of related queries from them. So we decided to assist you real quick (in case you have the same problem). This article in the next few minutes will not just help Windows 10 users only but also is equally significant for the other users (Windows 7, Windows 8.x, etc.).

Let’s just start with the very basic problems:

1: Windows 10 Taskbar, not hiding:

Before heading towards solutions just cross-check if the Auto-hide Taskbar option is ticked and enabled properly. Go to your Taskbar > Properties > Auto-hide Taskbar >Apply.

Please Note: The taskbar won’t auto-hide as long as the mouse cursor stays on it (Not a problem? See next).

Many of the Windows 10 users reported that despite placing the cursor not there, it refuses to auto-hide or pops up after a few seconds. This in most of the cases is due to the running programs which keep on triggering notifications which automatically triggers the taskbar to pop-up. Simply close these notifications to hide it back or read what it says (would take a few seconds).

Moreover, some faulty applications keep the Taskbar displaying even if there is no notification the user can see. Simply restart the problem to check if it happens again or not. Read the next methods to solve these problems.

2: Restarting the Windows Explorer

Follow these simple series of steps:

• Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Select Task Manager from there.
• Go to More Details (At the bottom).
• Select the Processes tab. You’ll see Windows Explorer there. Right click on it and click Restart. If you can’t find Windows Explorer there, look for it in any other folder and follow the same procedure.

This most probably would solve your Windows 10 taskbar not hiding problem. If not, see the next thing to follow.

3: Disabling the Third-Party Programs

There are various third-party programs which after installation keep the Taskbar open. This can be due to the notifications which are rendered unaddressed by the user. The user then is needed to take certain action for these notifications which reside in the system tray of the Taskbar. But finding out the program which causes Windows 10 taskbar not hiding is more important before taking any action.

So, follow these simple steps first to find out that faulty program:

Step1: Exit all the running programs by right clicking on their icons followed by choosing Exit option.

Step2: After closing all the programs, make sure that Taskbar hiding is working great. If it is positive, re-launch those programs one by one.

Step3: Check the Taskbar hiding each time after a program is launched and keep checking this till the Taskbar stops to auto-hide.

Step4: The program whose launch stopped the Taskbar to auto-hide is that faulty third-party program we were looking for.

Step5: We need to switch off the notifications for this program to solve this problem (For which, follow next).

  • To disable these Notifications:

• Go to Settings and choose SYSTEM option from there.
• Select Notifications and actions.
• Turn-off the notifications of that program (which was obstructing Taskbar hiding) from under Show notifications from these apps (at the lower-right hand side of the running window).

• Also, under the Quick Actions list (on the right), there lies an option called Select which icons appear on the taskbar. Select this and turn-off the program’s (faulty) icon from the list.
This most probably would help all the Windows 10 users in accomplishing the taskbar auto-hiding in Windows 10.

4: Restarting Windows

Sometimes, some errors during Windows startup may also prevent taskbar to hide properly. You can simply restart the Windows to fix this problem.

5: The Reimage plus Software

It becomes hard sometimes to find the program stopping the taskbar from the proposed action. This is because in such cases it is the system which poses the actual problems and not the programs. Reimage plus software replaces the missing files of the system or fixes the corrupt ones to solve the Windows 10 taskbar not hiding problem.

6: Or Else, Give it a SIMPLE Try

This trick has worked several times in solving the Taskbar non-hiding issues for Windows 10 users. So you can simply use this to check if it works or not:
Step1: Click on the Search button/box in the taskbar.
Step2: A window showing Cortana will be displayed. Click randomly anywhere on your computer/ system’s screen such that the Search window disappear. This might work to hide the taskbar (if not any).

7: Contact the Microsoft Support

If the above solutions can help you in nothing, just get in touch with the Microsoft Support at Read their help threads and FAQs to find your sort of queries and try to figure out the solutions. Rest, above method, is a sure shot that would help you anyhow to deal with this problem of Windows 10 Taskbar not hiding.

Got any views? Do tell us by writing them in the feedback/comment section right below. Feel free to discuss your queries as well. Also, do share this article to help other struggling users also which you think would need this.