Microsoft Edge Won’t Open

Microsoft Edge won't open
By Tapas Pal Updated

Microsoft Edge won’t open issue: Edge is till date the most secure and popular browser released by the Microsoft. Its functionality, however, does not guarantee the same level perfection to the users. Many users reported that sometimes the browser doesn’t even open and displays a message saying “It’s taking too long to connect”. This is actually not how the technology is expected to work. As a result, users left a lot of negative feedbacks and also reported their issue at the Microsoft’s Support Page.

Here, in this article, we are going to showcase you some working methods using which you can easily fix this Microsoft Edge Won’t Open Issue. Just keep reading.

Methods to fix Microsoft Edge won’t open issue

Method1: Using a Clean Boot

This problem sometimes arises when you use third-party programs on your system. These programs also bring forced changes in the system settings. Edge files can also corrupt after coming in contact with or in interference to these third-party programs. To avoid this, we will recommend that you launch your Windows version with very few drivers and applications.


Follow the steps to clean boot your system:

And it will help you to solve your Microsoft Edge won’t open windows 10 issue

Step1: Log in as an Administrator. This is required so that all the settings you change become the system’s primary settings.

Step2: Click the Start button and type “msconfig” into the search box. Select the System Configuration option from there.

Step3: Now select Services > Hide all Microsoft services check box and click Disable all.

Step4: Now click the Startup tab > Open Task manager. Select all the items/entries from the list and click Disable.

Step5: Close the Task Manager. At the Startup tab, click OK.
Restart the system to successfully enable the settings.

Microsoft Edge won't open issue

Method2: Using the System File Checker Tool

System File Checker checks and detects changes which get automatically triggered due to third-party software installation. You can employ this to fix “Microsoft Edge won’t open” issue in Windows 10. How? Here is a series of steps that will help you fix this using the Checker Tool.

Step1: Press Windows (key) + X to open Command Prompt as an Administrator.
Click Start and type “Cmd” into the search box. Right click the first option and select “Run as an Administrator”.

Step2: In the Command prompt, type sfc/scannow and press Enter to execute the command.

Step3: Don’t close the command prompt until the process ends completely. This will take a couple of minutes.

That’s it. Once the system ends the verification, you can close the command prompt. Restart the system to implement the changes or to fresh start everything.

Method3: By deleting the user’s Default folder

User’s default files become corrupt sometimes when sudden changes are done to the system configuration. This might also restrict Microsoft Edge to open. To fix this, you can simply delete this folder. How? Keep Reading

Step1: In the search case simply type the following address. Just replace the username with your Computer’s name.

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft\Default Folder


Step2: Delete the entire Default Folder and launch Microsoft Edge fresh. Now there will be no issue with it.

Method4: Using Power Shell Command

You can use this option to fix this issue. How? See the steps given below

Step1: Click start or simply go to the search box and type “Task Manager”. Hit Enter to open this manager.

Step2: Click File and then Run New Task.

Step3: Be sure that you have checked “Create this task with Administrative Privileges” before you proceed further.

Step4: Type Powershell into the box of Run prompt and click OK to open the Powershell Prompt.

Step5: Type the following command in the Powershell prompt:

Get-AppXPackage – AllUsers I Foreach {Add-AppxPackage –DisableDevelopmentMode –Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Step6: Ignore the errors that will pop-up in red and wait till the Powershell completes the execution of the command.

Step7: Open the Microsoft Edge now.

Final Words

So this was the list of all the working solutions which can easily fix this common problem with the Edge browser. I hope the problem is fixed till now. Please try one or the other alternative to make sure that every solution is employed to fix the issue. If you have more working methods, kindly share them with us. We are here to help more people who are facing the same issue of Microsoft Edge won’t open an issue in Windows 10.