Migrate Old Email Messages to New Gmail Account

New Gmail Account

Planning to switch to a new Gmail account? Using the Gmail’s Mail Fetcher you can effortlessly import all emails from your old account to your new Gmail account.

Gmail’s Mail Fetcher works with the latest POP3 protocol. The Mail Fetcher will first import all old emails from your other email account to your new Gmail account. You will also continue receiving any new message sent to your other account.

The Mail Fetcher is available for Gmail and Google Apps Gmail. You can import emails from 5 other accounts, both Gmail and other email providers. The only requirement is that the email provider must support POP.

Migrate Old Email Messages to New Gmail Account

Login to your new Gmail account. Access Gmail settings by clicking the gear like icon on the top-right corner of the screen, and select Settings

gmail settings menu

In the Settings window, Click on Accounts and Import tab and then click on Add a POP3 mail account you own

Gmail Accounts and Import

In the popup window that opens, enter the complete email address of your other email account. Click Nextadd email account

Next, enter your username, password, POP server address and port of your other email account. If you are using 2-step authentication, then you will need to enter an app password.

Check Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server. If you uncheck this, then emails in your other account will be deleted and you can only access them in your Gmail account.

Label incoming messages to easily detect the emails from your other account.

Depending on how the other email server is configured, you will need to enable or disable Always use a secure connection (SSL).

email settings

Finally, click Add Account button. Gmail will ask you if you want to send emails from your other email account from within Gmail. If you select yes, you will need to setup an SMTP email account. Just select No and click Finish button.

account added

Gmail will now start importing emails from your other account. It may take a while for all emails to get imported.

You will also keep receiving all emails from your other email account right in your new Gmail inbox. At any point, if you decide to stop receiving emails from your other account, then just delete the email you added.

final settings window

You have now successfully migrated to a new Gmail account – congrats!

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