Mouse Bungee: What is it And How It Works?

Mouse Bungee

If you are a hardcore fan of PC game and probably known as the don of the game in your friend zone, you definitely search for some modern additional features or hardware to level your gaming experience up. Now the technical term like mouse bungee is beyond the imagination of the people who are not from the technical field. But for the hard-core gamer, mouse bungee is the hot crazy cake to explore the world of games.

If you walk through some discoursing sites where the gamer use to put their queries about the problems they faced while playing some high definition games or the games with an exclusive sensitivity, you go through such type of question like “what is the latest configuration of gaming mouse?, how to gear up the CPI of my gaming mouse?, what is mouse bungee? , how to attached my mouse to the bungee? And so on. Hence there are many manufacturing companies who allow you to choose different types of mouse bungee comes with different additional modern features and outlook. But there are really very very few articles that guide you through all the topic you want to know about.

What is Mouse Bungee? What it actually Means?

You mouse is quite silent but your mouse`s cable is very naughty that getting away from your hand, right! Ha Ha Ha! Just kidding. Actually, Mouse Bungee is a 4 port AC powered desktop USB station attached with flexible arms on its top. The arms attached to it use to keep the cable of your mouse entirely detached off your desk and out from the way to impending movement. Basically, it looks like the scale alternative or the just like replica of modern star-craft or drones that you may find on the star wares. The outlook of available mouse bungee in the market comes with an amazing lighting effect that surely hit your heart.

A mouse Bungee is also helping you to overcome the problem of mouse cable when you use to drag it. It offers the user to make his/her mouse dragging experience smoother. Suppose you use to play a high definition game, but your mouse`s cable makes a trouble to hit the mob. Mouse bungee is the solution to the problem. You can increase your clicking rate; make it faster and smoother. It also helps the people who have a very sort cable attached with their mouse.

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Most of the Mouse Bungee in the market appears with a Jambo action out-look such like a Brazilian scorpion or the space-craft of the star-wars. But you have to concern about the quality of the very bungee you want to buy.

How does it work?

mouse bungee

Now at first, let me tell you the way a mouse bungee works. When you drag your mouse towards you, the bungee bent down automatically. And when you move it away from you, it also feels to moves upward. The user can also set up some manual effects to their mouse bungee. In the normal mouse without a bungee, you can recognize an unsatisfactory movement on your screen. You can never imagine how this tool being especially useful to the hardcore gamer while they play a point-and-shoot game. One of the additional features of the mouse bungee is that it attached with the table like a glue, and it will never move a single inch no matter what the user does with their mouse.

What additional features it offers to you?

There are a number of features that a mouse bungee offers for the best experience on pointer movement. You can add an extra benefit to your online or offline gaming experience with an attachment of quality Mouse Bungee. There are some additional features that a good mouse bungee offers:-

  • It will give you the guarantees that the mouse cable does not get fixed up with or the confusion while you moving the mouse.
  • The addition of unique adjustable spring level allows you to bring the suitable height that is you feel free to move your mouse anywhere anytime.
  • Glue rubber feet attached with the 4 legs offers the ultimate stability and the perfect grip
  • The exclusive ultra-modern design along with a set of glowing LED light that increases the mobility of the mouse movement of the user automatically.
  • The top head rubber clip of a Mouse Bungee is adjustable with all types of general or gaming mouse.

Some awesome Mouse Bungee available in the market

There are a plenty number of manufacturing companies who comes with a lot set of Mouse Bungee along with exclusive features, but sometimes they would not maintain their promises. So the choice of a good Mouse Bungee is not the easy task at all. Here we recommend you some of best Mouse Bungee or their manufacturer companies that earn the best user review from years.

   Product Name            Height

          (in inch)


              (in lb)

              Buy at
Razer Mouse Bungee               4.76”               0.23   Check on Amazon
ENHANCE Mouse Bungee               6.60”               0.46   Check on Amazon
MECO Mouse Bungee               5.60”                0.34   Check on Amazon
Thermaltake Tt eSports Galeru               7.00”                1.00   Check on Amazon


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