Top 10 Best Free MP3 Downloader App for Android 2017

MP3 Downloader App
By Tapas Pal Updated

Listening and downloading music online has now become a trend. Even there are many websites and MP3 Downloader App on the app-store that allow you to download or play music just with a click. Each app mentioned in the article includes some of the unique benefits and features which will surely make your mood. Let’s go through the best mp3 downloader app that suits you the best.

Best Free MP3 Downloader App for Android 2017

Spotify Music

The app is currently trendy to download in the United States, and it is also available in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. The app is popular because it has the collection of different music and artists as well. Make your playlist, search for others, this free music download app has it all.

The app also includes the premium version with some excellent features: songs without advertisements, play music in offline mode without the internet, the app is available for all devices like mobile, laptop, tablets, etc. and with an upgrade to this version, you’ll get to hear the high-quality sound.


This is the mp3 downloader app which tops the list as it has a variety of music to choose from. Look for whatever song you like, search for it and you got it. Whenever you download the music, it will get save to its 15 GB 4shared cloud folder.

No doubt, it is the best app available, and that’s why it is also the favorite of many. Let’s get to know its features: share files with anyone from the cloud, add or download even in the offline use, and it also has a library in which the music can be stored easily.

Wynk Music

Some of them might be knowing about this application, and maybe they have used it too. The app contains more than 2 million songs whether you download or stream. This android mp3 downloader app also got the options for you like choose from the genres, artists or mood. Find all the latest, old, Bollywood, Hollywood, almost every kind of song you want to listen.

Airtel users have got the advantage as they can download with the free subscription while the other users can use it only for Rs 99 per month. Features: a whole lot of music of Indian and International artists, select your playlist according to the mood, genre, movie or artist. It’s pro features include music without advertisement, free trial one month, unlimited music download even if you are offline.


The free music download app is getting very popular among many people as you can easily search and play the music online. Download music for free of cost and share with your friends or to any other device. Its features include: download the music for free and share with anyone you like, select from the top songs, play and search online.


This is the kind of best mp3 downloader that lets you play music from YouTube or any other source. Choose the music according to your mood, genre or artist you want to listen to. You can even create your personalize playlist and also get the suggestion of latest songs from their newsfeed.

The best and unique feature that the app contains is you can even continue with any other work while the video continues to play on a small screen. Move the video wherever you want. Its features include: find the playlist, personalize with facebook, music video on the small screen and synchronize with any other device like mobile, tablet, etc.



This is also one of the best music downloaders for Android that gives you millions of options and songs to choose from. You can choose from already created playlists and also from one particular artist or genre. Create your own depending upon your choice. The app includes other regional songs collection with English and Hindi music both with free of cost.

Features include millions of playlist that are created by professionals, a library of Bollywood, Hollywood and other regional songs, different sections of Bollywood songs, devotional, gazal, etc., and radio stations. Its pro feature includes download music and listens while you are offline, HD quality music, music without advertisement and you can even sync music with 5-6 devices at a time.

MP3 Music Download

This is one of the free music download apps that provides you the option of transfer and sharing of the music. The application contains a lot of advertisements, but you can easily browse the music you would like to listen and download. The following features are: easily download and search the music for free, share with any other device and you can also play outside of the app.

Google Play Music

This is one of the best music downloaders for Android that is loved by all. With its free subscription, it lets you download millions of songs at a time. Go to the store, find your favorite track and then enjoy the music. You must pay the subscription fees to download the music.

The benefits and the features of the app include: easily find your music according to your taste, mood, genre, etc., store millions of personal songs. With its pro feature, enjoy the YouTube membership for free, play music while you are offline and enjoy without advertisement.

SoundCloud Downloader

Everyone knows that it is one of the best mp3 downloader apps that are available and also loved by all. This is the kind of app from where you don’t only listen to songs but also go through the audiobooks and podcasts. Upload your music that enables you to share the videos with others and vice versa.

If you are an artist, then this mp3 downloader app gives you the option to upload your music so that the audience can enjoy the songs for free. Its features include: find the tracks according to your mood, genre, artist, listen to music of your favorite artists and bands, enjoy music without advertisements in the pro version and you can even benefit from the music while offline.

Rock My Run

This is one of the best android mp3 downloaders for your exercise routine. This is the app that is mixed with the DJs and artists music that will also help you in boosting the power. You can easily download the music and listen to it while offline whenever you want. The app includes some rock music as the name says and the ones that are mixed with DJs sounds that will surely boost up your stamina.

The best music downloader for android app also includes some unique features like the beats that match up with your heart rate and others like the music according to your workout, free of cost, search by artists or genres.

So, these were some of the best mp3 downloader apps from which you can download multiple of songs and enjoy wherever you want. There are others too, but best is best. So, choose from the above mentioned android mp3 downloader apps and check for the features that you need. So, what are you waiting for? Download the music now and keep going with the tracks you like.