Msvbvm50.dll Error and Their Troubleshooting

Msvbvm50.dll Error
By Tapas Pal Updated

We all hate computer problems, don’t we? And the first thing that comes to mind whenever we see an error is that a kind of virus? And we start wrecking our brains thinking about a file or a website that we should not have opened because of which the potential virus or malware everted. Don’t worry, we are here. The following article will cover each and every aspect of the msvbvm50.dll error that you might have come across.

It is not so common to see this problem but it may occur at some time. You know that only drawback technology has is the repair and the problems that we face now or then. So, let us start –

msvbvm50.dll error

msvbvm50.dll missing error meaning

The msvbvm50.dll error means that there is a problem with the Microsoft software ‘Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine’. This software contains the msvbvm50.dll file and helps the 32 – bit programs to run in the 64 – bit format on the computer.

This error may mean that there is a virus or a malware in your system. But it is very rare cases. Usually, the error means that the file is missing or is corrupted. This can be mixed quite easily with the help of the steps that will be provided below.


You can see this msvbvm50.dll error in many forms on your computer screen. Below are a few forms –

  • File msvbvm50.dll not found
  • The application could not be opened as msvbvm50.dll error occurred
  • Application failed to start (msvbvm50.dll error). Reinstalling the application may fix it
  • Cannot find (file)/ msvbvm50.dll
  • msvbvm50.dll is missing

When does it occur

This problem can occur when you install a particular program in windows. When the windows are starting or shutting down or even in some rare cases when the windows operating system is still installing.

This error is not specific to any windows an may occur in every format be it Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista or 2000 etc.

Fixing the msvbvm50.dll issue

First of all the most important thing that you need to know is that never ever try to download this file or for that matter any DLL file from any untrusted source on the internet. Now when you have to download it, be sure that you get it from a  genuine source. If not say goodbye to your computer as it may literally corrupt the remaining files too.

  • If you are not able to open the windows in normal mode on your computer due to this msvbvm50.dll error then you can try to open it in safe mode and undertake the following steps to resolve the issue.
  • Check your recycle bin. A possible case is that you may have deleted the file unknowingly while deleting any other file. You can go to the recycle bin and restore the file you deleted.

Note: – Do this only if you are sure that the application was working absolutely perfect before you deleted the file.

If you have gone a step forward and already emptied your recycle bin then don’t worry the file can be restored with the help of any restore program on the computer or even online.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the application or program.

The most basic step which you can do is to uninstall and reinstall the program or application that is causing the msvbvm50.dll error.

If you previous install missed the file then the reinstalling it may solve the issue and replace the file.

Downloading the msvbvm50.dll file

If the above steps did not help you then you may think to download the msvbvm50.dll file. You can download it from the official Microsoft website. The file will be downloaded on its own, once it’s complete you need to click it twice to install it on the system.

If this does not solve the issue that put it in the program folder which shows the error and extracts it. There will be approximately ten to eleven files that will be extracted, but you need to look for a file named ‘msvbvm50.dll’ this is the one which will solve the issue.

You can run an antivirus scan for your system. A lot of times some type of malware or virus destroys the DLL file and it shows the error. Removing the virus with the help of the antivirus program can clean up the file and make it work again.

If you think that the application stopped working after you did something on the computer like deleted or changed a setting etc. then you can try to restore the system. This will undo the recent changes that you performed and this might solve your problem.

This solution is a more specific one. If you are facing the msvbvm50.dll error while playing a particular game then you can try to update its driver. There is a huge possibility that the update will solve the issue.

  • Installing updates for windows can also help. Always keep out an eye for the updates that Microsoft releases for windows. Because these updates release new files or updates versions of the previous ones which can help you to solve the issue if it was because of windows.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling windows. You can uninstall and reinstall windows on your system if you think that the issue occurred after the installation of windows. Reinstallation will bring new file updates which will solve the msvbvm50.dll error.
  • The last and the easiest step that you can do is troubleshoot the issue. This will give you a wider idea about the issue and then you can ask the question related to the problem in forums etc.

After trying any or all of the above, you can definitely solve the problem about msvbvm50.dll error. But if you still face some issues or problems and would like to resolve it please comment it in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help you out. Let us also know your suggestions.