My Name is Jeff History And Evolution

My Name is Jeff
By Gunjan Roy Updated

This all started because of a new internet sensation that took the internet by storm and gave us hundreds of awesome new short videos that we still watch and laugh our ass off. No, I am not talking about America’s funniest home videos, I am talking about the reason because of which we have such amazing videos like ‘my name is jeff’ etc. Yes, I am talking about ‘Vine’. Don’t we all love the short extremely funny videos that we watch? The small punches in between lines which make us laugh? We do right. These short hilarious videos are vines and a good one had the capacity to literally go viral overnight. Who knows the video that you posted just now will be playing in the news the next evening with the headline the most viral video of the day.

Introduction to the Vine application

A few years back (2010) a mobile application called ‘Vine’ was launched which changed the face of video recording. Vine was a kind of social media website but was completely different in its meaning as well as method. It was a platform where the people could record, edit as well as post their videos online without any problem, you just needed the application on your mobile and an account on the app which you could have made with Google, Facebook or simple signup etc. Coming to the duration part, unlike all other platforms where you can record as much as long video as you like, Vine was a 6 – second platform, meaning that you can record and post a vine for 6 seconds only. This application even lets you earn money by enabling the monetization, it was quite famous back then. But now the application has been discontinued forever since 2013.

Nowadays you can see those vines in latest videos by simply searching for it in the YouTube search bar and there will be thousands of accounts showing old vine videos. Many have compiled vine videos at a single video and you can enjoy the possible best videos at one place. The then Vine stars like Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Curtis Lepore, George Janko, King Bach and many other took to YouTube after the discontinuation of the app service and are now famous YouTube stars.

Origin of infamous “my name is jeff” scene

When we saw the meme for the first time we were really confused as it did not seem funny at all then why would someone put it in their vine. Were we missing out something? Gradually, this meme gained popularity and reached new heights where famous celebrities and YouTube stars would use this in their videos for signifying a funny relatable scene and one day one of them explained about it.

Finally, we came to know that this comic scene was from the old Hollywood movie 22 Jump Street which was released in summer of 2014, in the movie the famous celebrity Channing Tatum tries to mimic a foreign accent to fool some dangerous guys with his friend and fails miserably. From then onwards this was used on all social media platforms be it Facebook, YouTube etc.

Nowadays you can see the same vine played again and again in Logan Paul’s channel on YouTube in which his manger’s name is Jeffery and he plays the vine whenever he shows him on video. Plus to make it funny, his manager also mimics Channing in the same way and produces the same voice as him.

Over the time this vine has lost some of its charms despite the tireless effort of many YouTubers to keep it alive. You can relive vines of these types whenever you like on YouTube.

Expansion and Evolution of ‘my name is jeff’ vine beyond Vine

‘My name is jeff’ vine gained over a billion views in the month of November four months after the release of the 22 Jump Street movie and was quite popular and with time it moved beyond the simple vine app. This meme was all over the internet especially YouTube. It had a divided population reviews where one side felt it to be really funny and would laugh whenever it was displayed whereas on the other side people like us did not understand the reason behind their laughter as it seemed to be just a normal line. Other than video platforms ‘my name is jeff’ had a Facebook page which became famous and had more than eighty – five thousand likes before it was discontinued. His Twitter handle too had more than forty – one thousand followers but it was also discontinued after the death of the vine.

Like all other vine videos faded out of the internet as fast as they became popular, this vine too faded out but left a lot of memories.

Other famous vines

Other than ‘my name is jeff’ vine there are many more which spread like fire in their golden time period. ‘That’s what she said’ is another famous movie scene and was reportedly used continuously in many vines, even now you can catch a glimpse of the scene in one or the other video on YouTube. ‘Oh! Hi Mark’ and ‘Nice’ are some other examples of the famous vine videos that are still young and are used by many.

Overall, this vine thing was really a super duper hit in its time but that was four years ago because of its humorous nature and short time which left the person hungry for more. If you have such great vines or videos which can cause stomach ache while laughing please do share it with us in the comment section below, we will definitely have a look at them and comment down if you wish us to share some really funny videos with you guys. And as always any suggestions or doubts or queries that you have are more than welcome and we will be more than happy to answer them.