16 Amazing Online Shopping Sites Like Wish

online shopping sites like wish
By Tapas Pal Updated

Have you heard about the shopping website Wish or about the online shopping sites like Wish? Well! Online shopping is the present and future of the world. Gone are the days when you would stand in a queue for hours, just to grab 10% discount on a dress, which you have been eyeing for months. And when you add your transportation cost with the price that you paid for the dress, it only seems like you have not received any discount at all. Moreover, sales sessions occur at best twice a year, in the retail stores, and most of the times they end before you even get informed.

And online shopping is a relief from all these frustrations. Just log into your favorite shopping app, select stuff you want to buy, place your order and wait for it to get delivered right to your doorstep. Add to that, they offer you discounts and promo codes every day, and they notify you about all the latest offers and discounts through emails or messages. So, now tell me honestly, isn’t it better than shopping in malls and stores? For me, Online shopping is like a revolution. I don’t remember the last time I visited a retail outlet. And when I think of online shopping sites, the first name that pops in my head is – Wish.

Wish is actually like a wish that you’ve possessed for long. This California based e-commerce website is a unique one, and it checks all the boxes which an online shopper might dream of. Their collections, categories, pricing, discount vouchers, delivery speed and every other thing, is top notch. But the thing is, if you are an online shopping fanatic like me, then you would understand that impulsive shoppers like us always require more options. And now that I’ve found some, I would let you know about some sites like Wish, which are as good as Wish, if not better. So, keep reading.

A Bit More About Wish…


Before knowing about sites like Wish, let’s discuss Wish some more.

Wish is like a shopaholic’s paradise. Their collection includes outfits for men and women, accessories, bags, wallets, shoes, beauty and wellness products, decorating items, gadgets and so on. You can search your desired things easily on Wish by filtering and sorting products according to your convenience. Products are affordable and come with some attractive discounts.

Wish has more than 300 million users all over the world, and the user base is increasing each day. It is available in multiple languages and provides you with a very easy user interface. Hence, it is indeed one of the best e-commerce sites, globally. But as I said, there is no harm in knowing about some shopping sites like Wish. So, let’s start.

Some Of Wish’s Sister (Or Brother) Apps

By “sister apps,” what I mean is that the following apps have come from the same parent company, from which Wish has come. They have made their place in the list of top sites like Wish. Get a look.

sites like wish Geek

Geek is largely for the tech geeks. This app coming from the Wish domain is a go-to place for all tech freaks. Not that you won’t get clothes or fashion accessories here, but it is not the perfect place to buy those stuff. Rather buy things like watches (for both male and female), mobile phone chargers, cables, phone accessories, speakers, cameras, headphones, car accessories, Drones, projectors, etc. from Geek. Their shipping policy, exchange policy, discount programs, everything are great. This is one of those sites like Wish which would make you log in there again and again.

Cute shopping sites like wish

Cute does perfect justice to its name. it is a dream-come-true for every girl. Their huge collection of makeup and beauty items would literally blow you. Their collection includes hair and nail accessories, makeup palettes, lipsticks, eye-liners, skin-care products, false eyelashes, blush and so on. In short Cute owns everything a girl has ever wished for.

They accept almost every payment mode, like Credit/Debit card, Google Wallet, PayPal, Apple Pay and so on. They have some attractive discount and pricing policies as well. So, sign up today.

Home online shopping sites

Home has the same domain as Wish, and it typically specializes in products that you require at your home. Be it wallpapers and stickers, or kitchen appliances, or home decorators, or pillows, or bedsheets, or lights, or flower vases or anything and everything you require in your daily life.

Most of the users of Home have claimed it to be very much affordable and as one of the cheapest sites like Wish. Discount varies in this site from a minimum of 50% to 80%. Therefore, if you are looking for a nice site with a suitable price range, Home is your number one option.

Mama web sites like wish

You can find normal clothes on many sites, but can all those sites offer you maternity wears or a toddler’s clothes, and that too in variety? This is where Mama stands high, as it concentrates on online shopping for just new moms and their newborn children.

Coming from the Wish family, Mama is one of those exceptional sites like Wish, whose collection includes, comfortable maternity wears, kids’ wears, toys, school accessories, pool accessories, books, lunch boxes, games and every other thing that a mother and her child require. And you would get all these things in a minimum of 50% to 90% discount. Some users have issues related to the shipping speed of Mama, but other than that it is a beautiful app and worth giving a try.

Some Other Sites Like Wish

sites like Wish

Now we’ll discuss some sites like Wish, which do not belong to the Wish family, but they are great in their individual fields.

similar sites like wish AliExpress

AliExpress comes from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, AliExpress mainly focuses on international customers. It is one of those online shopping sites like Wish, where you would get anything and everything under the same roof. Shop for clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, computers, cell phones, home decorators, sports essentials, bags, sunglasses, kids’ stuff, and everything you can think of. They keep track of latest fashion trends, offer you cool discounts and coupons, hold a worldwide delivery network, provide you safe payment getaways,

plus there 24/7 help center is there to help you with your order related queries. They support as many as 19 languages and a total of 14 currencies. AliExpress has managed a Google play store rating of 4.6, with most of the customer reviewing how happy they are with AliExpress’ services. If you’re looking for a dynamic site like Wish, then AliExpress might be your ultimate destination.


Banggod was founded back in 2006. Previously, it was into computer software services, but later it entered the e-commerce field. And, thank God it did! Or we would have never realized how comfortable an online shopping site can be. Here you’ll undoubtedly get the best value for your money. This is one of those sites like Wish, where you can get all kinds of products under the same roof and at delightful prices.

Their collection includes mobile phone accessories, Apple accessories, sports equipment, automobile accessories and a lot of other items which you might not even think of. In fact, every time a new user joins Banggood, they would get a discount of 10%. How cool is that? Also, they support 12 languages and hold a 24/7 customer care service. So, if the value for money is your central concern, then this can be a good choice for you as this is one of the cheapest sites like Wish.


Zulily is an American e-commerce company which was founded in 2009. It is famous name with some nice and unique products to its name. Zulily is one of the sites like Wish, which has the same “member only” rule like Wish. This means, you can shop from Zulily, only if you have signed up with your email id. Zulily has categories like, Kids, Men, Women, Shoes, Beauty and Wellness, etc.

It is an exceptional site and an alternative to Mama, which offers varieties of stuff for your little one. You can shuffle your search among many categories and filters while shopping in Zulily. But the drawbacks with Zulily is that it takes at least 5.95% of shipping charge on every product, whereas AliExpress and other sites like Wish offer free shipping for most of their products. Also, Zulily does not have a return policy, which is a big matter of disappointment for online shoppers. So, take your decisions carefully.

LightIn The Box

The next popular name in the list of sites like Wish is LightIn The Box. This e-commerce company, which has its headquarter is China, was founded in 2007. It has a collection to kill for, especially in the clothing and apparel section. You’ll get some vibrant, chic and trendy outfits with happening discounts. This is one of those sites like Wish which can give Wish a hard time in the field of Fashion and clothing. LightIn The Box has tried its hands in other fields as well, like home and garden decorators, wedding essentials, toys, watches, gadgets, beauty and wellness and so on.

Each of their item is so good that I feel like buying all of them (and end up adding them to the wishlist). They have an easy return policy, and their shipping charges vary with the size and weight of your order. They accept all kinds of payment modes and ensure you a secure payment process. They even give new users a discount of up to $125. Another cool thing about LightIn The Box is that you can join their community and share your style tips. So, visit this style heaven today.

Fab best wish Alternative

Fab is one of those rare sites like Wish, which concentrates largely on art when it comes to their products. There is hardly any e-commerce site like Fab, which provides a touch of creativity in its each and every product. Their tagline is, “Daily Design For Everyone” and they perfectly do justice to it.

Their categories are Home, Art, Tech, Gifts, and Adults Only. Under each of these categories, you’ll find multiple subcategories, contributing huge collections. They offer free shipping above $75, and their delivery is limited to the US only. They have a simple return policy and a ready-to-help customer care team. If you have an eye for art and design, you must try Fab once.


YoShop is another name in the list of  shopping websites like Wish, which has a rich collection, specifically in the clothing segment. The fashion that they provide, for both men and women, is absolutely admiring and desirable.Only one visit to this shopping portal and you’ll thank me for letting you know about YoShop. Though their categories include Gadgets and electronics, along with clothing, shoes, beauty, and wellness, accessories, etc. trust me, all you would want to shop from here is more and more fashionable stuff.

They have a segment named Coupon Counter, where all you’ll only get coupons and discount vouchers. They charge for shipping depending on the size, weight, and location of your order. YoShop’s return policy is also a pleasant one, as you can opt for a return within 45 days of your buying. They have earned themselves a cool 4.3 Google Play store rating with increasing number of satisfied customers. If fashion is all you can think of, then YoShop can be your most cherished destination.

Sites Like Wish DealeXtreme

DealeXtreme is quite an old name in the e-commerce industry. It has an adequate collection of gadgets, electronic tools, mobile phones and accessories, car accessories, LED lights, Health essentials and so on. Their pricing is affordable, and they offer some cool deals, signifying their name. They have a good return policy as well, and they would provide you a complete refund if you return your product within the warranty period. But the problems with DealeXtreme are their shipping and tracking policies.

Though they provide free shipping on almost all of their products, when it comes to tracking your order, there is a twist. If your order costs over $20, then you’ll get an upgraded tracking notification. But if your order costs below $20, you won’t get any proper tracking details at all. This is a huge matter of dissatisfaction among the users, and they keep complaining about it. Some even claim that DealeXtreme’s customer support team is also very weak. Hence, in spite of being an old name, it has only managed 3.1 rating in the Google play store. So, this is one of the weakest sites like Wish, and think before you buy from here.


A bit weird in its name, SammyDress is among those sites like Wish, which has a fashionably rich collection. Apart from regular categories like Men, Women, Jewelry, Hair, shoes, bags, home decorators, etc. they have three unique categories, namely, Free shipping, New arrivals and Plus size. They offer some chic fashions and always keep you updated with the latest trends.

Sales are very frequent on this site, and their coupons are to watch out for. Each of their products come with a 30-day return warranty. Though some of their products are eligible for free delivery, yet some products come with shipping charges depending on the order types. Some users complain about their user interface, and SammyDress, customer care team, gets back to them instantly. SammyDress is a budding app which is here to stay.


Wanelo stands for Want, Need, Love. Keeping needs and wants of obsessed shoppers in mind, Wanelo was created in 2012. In a very short span of time, Wanelo got itself a rating of 4.6, competing with the online shopping sites likes Wish, AliExpress, etc. This newbie arranges products in their web portal by brands. Some of the brands which you would find on this site are Spool no. 72, Living royal, Sway chic, GG, Scarlet, etc. the products here are quirky and stylish.  You have the choice of selling your stuff on this site as well. For more information, visit their website and start buying.


The next trustworthy name in the list of sites like Wish is, GearBest. Here you’ll find stuff like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, gaming accessories, car accessories, electrical tools, etc. along with men, women and kid’s sections. They give you some exciting discounts which you can’t get enough of. They ship in most of the countries, and their detailed shipping details are elaborately stated on their website.

When it comes to return policy, they have some features there as well, like – 7- day dead on arrival guarantee, 30-day refund facility, 45-day money back scheme, etc. Everything is thoroughly mentioned in their site, just give it a read, and it will be crystal clear to you.

Hollar sites like wish shop

Another known name among the online shopping sites like Wish is Hollar. It has a vast collection of products, arranged in categories like Toys, home, household, kitchen, beauty, grocery, health, movies and so on. They bring you products from some famous brands as well, namely Disney, NYX cosmetics, STAR Wars, etc. Most of their products are low priced, but you have to order for a minimum of $10. Also, free shipping is eligible only above $25.

For any order costing below $25, $4.95 is charged. Hollar’s return policy is also good, as they let you return your bought stuff within 1 year of buying. But you’ll have to pay $4.95 as restocking fee. If you want to shop for famous brands at a reasonable price, Hollar is your go-to place.

sites like wish with free shipping Lazada

The last name in this list of sites like Wish is, Lazada. Categories featured in Lazada are, electronics, men’s and women’s fashion, home appliances, health and beauty, sports accessories, etc. Lazada has a big delivery network with shipping charges applicable to some products, and some qualifying under free shipping category.

Return takes place in Lazada following four easy steps, which are, checking the validity of return, filling the online return form, handing over the product to Lazada’s shipping agents and finally waiting for your refund. This can be a fine alternative to Wish, and you can definitely shop from here.

While wrapping up, all I want to tell you is that each of these shopping sites like Wish offer you a minimum of 40%-70% decrease compared to the retail prices. That’s not the main concern. As an online shopper, you must trust only that site which provides you with a safe payment mode, a fast delivery speed and an easy return policy in case of any difficulty. So, choose your e-commerce site very cautiously as you must not forget that your money will be at stake.

So, All the best, and keep shopping.