7 Best PayPal Alternatives that you must try at least once!!

PayPal Alternatives
By Tapas Pal Updated

Yeah , PayPal Alternatives that’s the fact that PayPal is ruling the online payment world. Don’t you ever heard or searched some other online payment method which is PayPal alternative? In this article, we are trying to put across this issue.

Why you need PayPal Alternatives:

  • Well, you might have heard about the fact that PayPal blocks accounts for so many reasons and sometimes without any reasons (as per client’s claim).
  • PayPal can be a preferable medium for payments of small accounts but in the case of bulk payment and regular heavy transactions you might choose other platforms as checks and wire transfer.
  • One of the major reason to choose a PayPal alternative is that many people cannot accept payment via PayPal, in this case, you can lose your clients and customers.
  • You might need to have low transaction costs as PayPal takes. You can opt for the alternatives that are cost effective.

Advantages with PayPal:

  • PayPal is safest, secure and convenient Payment mode.
  • It is internationally known payment gateway and provides convenience along with worldwide recognition.
  • PayPal provides buyer protection of 45 days and in this period you are free to ask for a partial or total refund of that period.
  • You can directly link your bank account with your PayPal account for access if this doesn’t work then you can also allow adding credit and debit cards.

Problems with PayPal:

One of the major problems is that PayPal is not functional in many of the countries, thus you cannot make transactions throughout the world. The other problems with PayPal can be concluded as costly transactions, lesser reliability, lot of consumer complaints and blocking the payment anytime.

Here we have brought to you some other alternatives to PayPal:

PayPal Alternatives


It is the most sought alternative of PayPal. If you are a blogger than I suggest you to switch to Payoneer. Here are the reasons why you would switch for:

payoneer PayPal Alternatives
      • Most of the online services are designed for people living in the US. However, Payoneer is really great for bloggers because of the lower transaction fee.
      • Also for the online transaction using PayPal, you need to initiate your account while Payoneer you could do it without any account initiation.
      • Payoneer provides you high daily transaction limit while PayPal cannot.
      • In Payoneer the sign up is free.

2. Skrill

After Payoneer, I would rather suggest Skrill. Here are the reasons which make it another best PayPal alternative:

skrill paypal alternatives
      • Using the email address of another skrill user you can receive and send money to him.
      • Skrill supports approximately 40 currencies.
      • It also supports money withdrawal by credit and debit card, you can even withdraw money instantly in your bank account.
      • The transaction fee is only 1%.

3. PayZa

When talking about the best PayPal alternatives, PayZa can be another best choice. Here are its features:

payza paypal alternatives
      • You can add money to your payZa account by simple bank transfer or credit and debit card payment. You can add money via invoices also.
      • It also offers prepaid master card. You can withdraw money with this.
      • The transaction fee is quite low than PayPal.
      • It also allows withdrawing using PayPal.
      • Local bank transfer is also available for Indians.

4. 2CheckOut

It is also a good alternative but has some limitations also. Here are its features:

2checkout paypal alternatives
      • It supports 211 nations, allows currencies and approximately 10 payment methods.
      • You can collect your funds via EFT, Payoneer etc. in the currency of your own preference.
      • But yeah it has one of the serious issues – it does not allow money transfer within individuals.
      • The transaction fee is also high. For people living outside the US has to pay high transaction fee than those who are living in the US.

5. TransferWise

This is also a good alternative for bloggers and for people related to the internet marketing. The main features of TransferWise includes:

transferwise paypal alternatives
      • It has low transaction fee and best currency conversion rates.
      • If you are doing your first transaction worth euro 500, there would be no transaction fee.
      • This service is quite awesome for small bloggers like us.

6. Remitly

Here are some solid features of remitly:

remitly paypal alternatives
      • It offers zero transaction fee for the amount transferred to be more than $ 1000.
      • The economy transfer takes 3 to 5 days while the instant transfer takes maximum 1 hour.

7. Google wallet

google wallet paypal alternatives

This service is available for US users only. Google wallet is one of the widely used payment services in the US as it is also attached to Android play store.

      • It saves credit/ debit card for the online
      • Allows free transaction but it takes some charge for credit / debit card transaction.

There Is no Perfect Replacement of PayPal:

Along with all the above alternatives, there exists a plenty of more payment solutions but the fact is that none of them have the capacity to replace PayPal completely.  All you can do is using other payment options ‘along with’ the PayPal on your service handlings because it can be dangerous for you to boycott it completely as you can lose most of your clients and customers.


Choosing the best one is simply a state of mind. Every payment gateways listed above has their own features and limitations so it depends on the requirement of the user what he is looking for. PayPal is a worldwide used payment service and quite famous because of its service reliability, but these platforms are also growing very fast and can be used as PayPal alternatives.

If you have already used any of the above alternatives, you can share your thoughts and conclusions with us through the comments section.