16 Paytm Wallet App Alternatives to Send Money and Bill Payments

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By Tapas Pal Updated

I have been thinking something for a long time now, but I never really got the chance to tell it to anybody. But today, I feel like I must ask you this, doesn’t Paytm sound a lot like ATM? I don’t know if it is me who feels this way or Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma purposely named Paytm similar to ATM! But what I surely know is that, standing today, Paytm has almost become synonymous to ATM. Paytm, an India based electronic payment brand, has become a household name today. Especially post demonetization, every small and medium shop has started accepting payments through Paytm. But, is that all? If you are a Paytm user, then you might know that Paytm, the pride of Indians, has not limited itself to just electronic payments. They are offering many versatile services like money transfer, shopping, mobile recharge and bill payments, booking of the train, bus and flight tickets and so on. In fact in 2015, Paytm became the first ever Indian company to receive funding from Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba. But, while trying to specialize in so many fields, Paytm is losing its originality. And in this world of fierce competition, whenever you lag even a little bit, somebody else comes to snatch your place. That is the rule of the business world, and Paytm too has its rivals. Here, therefore I would discuss some Paytm alternatives, which are taking slow but steady steps and riding the ladder of popularity.

Some Paytm Alternatives

Well! Before going further into the discussion, I must remind you that Paytm is the only app that offers so many services solely. In that field, it does not have any substitutes. But there are many apps out there, which offer better facility than Paytm in segments like shopping, bill payment, and recharge, fund transfer, etc. So, if you want to experience a more enhanced service in those particular sectors, then only you should try these Paytm alternatives.
So, have a look.

 Mobile Recharges and Bill Payments


Freecharge, launched in 2015, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Axis Bank Ltd. It might not be as dynamic as Paytm, but what it offers you is a secure, interruption-free online transaction that never fails (Unlike Paytm where I’ve faced transaction failure, several times). Freecharge always offers you some interesting discount vouchers which do not come with some complex terms and conditions. Some renowned brands (both online and offline) like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Bookmyshow, Zomato accept Freecharge. Which means you can pay for these brands using Freecharge, without going through the hazardous cash transactions. So, if an easy and hassle-free online transaction is all you need, then this is one of the simplest Paytm alternatives that you can use.


Mobikwik gives the toughest competition to Paytm when it comes to recharge and bill payments. It can therefore safely be called as one of the most significant Paytm alternatives. Mobikwik is, in fact, the number 1 in India when it comes to mobile recharge. They recharge for all telecom providers and accept payment from all sorts of sources. Net banking, VISA card, debit card, credit card, no matter which payment option you use, Mobikwik would present you a secured recharge instantly. Like Paytm, Mobikwik has the option of keeping money in your digital wallet, which makes it even easier to use. You just put money in your wallet and keep paying your bills from there. Yes, it is that simple. Mobikwik also offers you the option of merchant payment for large brands like Bookmyshow, eBay, IRCTC, Yatra, PVR, Zomato, Swiggy, Big Bazaar, Jabong and so on. To make it all even more interesting, Mobikwik offers many discounts and cashback options. I myself have gained better experience by using Mobikwik than Paytm, and I would recommend you to use Mobikwik for a smooth and instantaneous recharge experience.

Ola Money

Ola Money was primarily created for the purpose of paying your Ola rides, but with time it has evolved a lot. They have partnered with some huge offline and online brands, like- domino’s, Pizza Hut, Cleartrip, eBay, OYO Rooms, etc. Ola Money also provides the facility of keeping money in your digital wallet and transferring money to your contacts. If you are a regular Ola rider, then this is one of the most suitable Paytm alternatives for you. Keep your Ola Money recharged, and use it to pay your cab bills, as well as for other online transactions.


PayUMoney is a popular name, whose operations are mostly spread online. But it has been making quite an effort to establish itself offline as well. They support all payment modes, whether cards or net banking, anything. Some of their partners include eBay, Myntra, Grofers, Big Basket, Zomato and so on. PayUMoney has a limited and smooth user interface, and it is slowly making its mark, especially among the small and medium business owners.

 Transferring Of Money


Before I discuss PhonePe, I must give you a clear-cut idea about UPI. Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is an instant payment system, developed by NFCI and regulated by RBI. This payment method makes an immediate transfer of money between two bank accounts on a mobile platform, without any intermediaries (read digital wallets) involved. This type of transaction happens directly between two banks, using either account number with IFS code, a mobile number which is linked to your account, Aadhaar number or a one-time password.
PhonePe is one such Fin-Tech company that makes fund transfer more accessible by working on the basis of UPI. PhonePe, whose parent company is India’s biggest e-commerce giant Flipkart and which is powered by Yes Bank, uses this UPI technology efficiently. This is one of those Paytm alternatives, where there is no limit in transaction amount, unlike Paytm where transaction limit is INR 1 Lakh/month. Lastly, PhonePe gives you recharge and bill payment options as well. Therefore, PhonePe is the smartest choice and the best Paytm alternative when it comes to money transfer.


Chillr, powered by HDFC bank, is another UPI based fin-tech app, that lets you send and receive money with effortlessness. You can send or receive money directly from your bank account, without using any digital wallet. Apart from instantaneous money transferring, Chillr has the features of recharging and paying bills and connecting multiple accounts, etc. Chillr is one of the highly secured Paytm alternatives. The best feature of Chillr would be splitting of bills. Yes, they let you split bills, so that if you are the one who paid for your entire group dinner in a posh restaurant, then don’t you regret, because using Chillr, your friends can pay you back right away.
So, use this cool app already, will you?

 Mobile Wallets

Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen wallet is a straightforward wallet, whose functions are quite similar with that of Paytm. They offer you some simple features like sending and receiving money through wallet, recharging and paying bills, requesting money from a friend, etc. But their best and distinctive feature is prepaid VISA. Prepaid VISA card is like any regular debit card with a 16 digit number and 3 digit CVV number. Add to that it is secured, as it is virtual, it does not have any of your bank information. Also, you can use it like your debit card and pay wherever you want to. Oxigen also has tied up with some massive brands like Amazon, KFC, Westside, etc. Hence, according to me, it is one of those Paytm alternatives, which is better than Paytm when it comes to digital wallets. I don’t know about you, but if given a chance, I would choose Oxigen wallet over Paytm any day.

Citrus Wallet

Citrus wallet is a swift e-wallet app with storing, recharging, paying and money transferring facilities. This is one of the most straightforward Paytm alternatives, serving the purpose of digital wallet meticulously. They might not offer a lot of diversity compared to Paytm but what they ensure, is a smooth and secure implementation of their existing features. Some of its partners include Reliance Big TV, Videocon D2H, KFC, Spice Jet, PVR, BSNL, IRCTC Tourism and many others. In a very short span of time, it has achieved a commendable growth.
If a simple and minimalistic digital wallet is something you desire for, Citrus Wallet would be a good choice for you.

State Bank Buddy

State Bank Buddy is launched by State Bank of India, to serve their customers with the features of a digital wallet. This handy app lets you pay bills, recharge your phone, request for money, book flights and hotels, book movie tickets and so on. This app is available in 13 languages. Gone are the days of standing in queues at Banks, as this app lets their users check mini statements right in their phones. If you are a State Bank customer, then this is one of the most competent Paytm alternatives, that you can use.


ItzCash is a very simple and trouble-free e-wallet that offers some basic services like bill payments, recharge, money transfer, travel booking, etc. You can also send or receive digital gifts via this app. There are no add-ons here, which makes it one of the most straightforward Paytm alternatives. So, if you are all messed up about the changing patterns and complexities of Paytm, then take a break, and use this simple app for a change. I bet you won’t regret.

 On-Line Shopping


Flipkart is India’s first and own e-commerce company. In fact currently, it is India’s biggest e-commerce organization, with over 55% share in online purchasing industry. Flipkart has acquired biggies like Myntra, Jabong, eBay, PhonePe and is aiming to rule the e-commerce world very soon. The only rival of Flipkart is Amazon.
Flipkart is one of the gigantic Paytm alternatives when it comes to online shopping. Flipkart sells anything and everything. From clothing to jewelry to gadgets to furniture to books, you name it, and you’ll get it in Flipkart. In fact when it comes to online shopping, Paytm does not even hold a stand in front of Flipkart.


Another behemoth in Indian e-commerce industry and Flipkart’s biggest rival is Amazon. As I have already said, Paytm is way behind these two e-commerce beasts. Paytm, which has an e-commerce platform named Paytm Mall, is nothing compared to the diverse collection that Amazon holds. In fact, Amazon has recently launched its e-wallet titled Amazon Pay Balance which is slowly evolving itself. Hence if you’re thinking of shopping online, then Amazon is one of the best alternatives of Paytm.


The next deserving name in the list of Paytm alternatives, in e-commerce sector is of Myntra’s. Myntra which has specialized in clothing and apparel segment works as a far better option than Paytm when it comes to fashion. Whether male’s or female’s or kid’s fashion, Myntra bits Paytm in all of these sections. Paytm has lesser stock and very few variations to choose from. Thus, if you’re thinking of buying clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc, online, go for Myntra rather than Paytm.


MakeMY Trip

MakeMy Trip is an India based travel company, which provides online travel services, like booking of flight and rail tickets, booking of hotels, etc. The latest addition to this list is booking of intercity cabs. This is one of the biggest and oldest Paytm alternatives when it comes to e-travel portals. MakeMy Trip has been dominating the travel sector for a long time now, and Paytm is a total newbie in front of MakeMy Trip’s huge presence. Hence, Paytm needs to go a long way to reach MakeMy Trip.


The next big name in the list of online travel companies is of Yatra’s. It has been operating since 2006, and it is one of the most robust Paytm alternatives in this industry. It has some exciting features like booking of flight, rail, bus tickets, booking hotels, and also providing you with all sorts of information regarding a new place you want to visit. So, this is another option that you can choose over Paytm.


Goibibo has been acquired by MakeMy Trip recently. But that does not mean that Goibibo has degraded its standards. Goibibo is still operating as an independent entity and is holding all its unique features. It gives you cash back options on every flight ticket you book or every hotel you book. Goibibo offers some great deals in the booking of bus tickets as well. Therefore, it has several features to conquer Paytm.

As I have already told you, if you are looking for a platform that would offer you all the services at the same time, then Paytm is your best choice. But if you want to experience better service in each of the above individual segments, then you need to use multiple apps. You might have heard the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Paytm here symbolises “Jack” who knows a little bit of everything, but it has not mastered in any of it.
Ultimately, you’re the one to decide, if you prefer multiple apps with specialization or a single app with multiple functions.
So, which one are you choosing?
Or do you know about any better Paytm alternative?
Let me know through your comments.