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Pipl is a US-based website where a particular person can be searched using his or her email address, social username or phone number. It contains information of over 3.1 billion people. Pipl was launched in 2006. Their leadership team consists of 16 members with diverse backgrounds. Pipl is similar to search engines like Google or Bing that just extracts information without deleting or modifying it. They are not responsible for the accuracy of the data that has been obtained as they just present data from their deep search robot and make it available for the client. It allows businesses and individuals to interact with each other on and off-line and the most efficient way on how to contact each other.

Pipl – A Short Description


Pipl search has two versions, the free and the professional version. The professional version is guaranteed to get unlimited searches, higher match rates, and complete results. The free version is mostly recommended for personal use only, while the pro version is used for business purposes. The pro version is ad free, gives access to personal and work emails, mobile phone numbers, provides 4.5 billion non-web results, access to deep web archives and also has real time premium feeds which can be used by clients to look for the particular person they are looking for.

Types Of Information Provided By PIPL

pipl search
  1. Name, gender, and nationality
  2. Email address
  3. Career and educational institutions attended
  4. Social media usernames and their respective profiles
  5. Associates
  6. Phone numbers
  7. Age
  8. Web page mentions, blog posts, archives
  9. Photos
  10. Physical addresses and area code.

It provides three different services, namely: People search engine, People data API, and Customer list enhancement.

People Search Engin


The people search engine gives a forum to search for business users through different options of looking for someone through name, email, username or phone and as well as a location which is optional. To search for an individual, Pipl search and Pipl search deep web go through criminal records, public records, court records, address books, news articles, archives, blogs, contact details, and publications.

People Search API

Pipl API connects all kinds of information like social, contact and professional. It combines all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. It also connects the major contact information like Google Maps, Phone gallery, Phone contacts. Making all the information interconnected to each other hence they are readily available with no hassle of memorizing different kinds of passwords and usernames. This interconnection is called cross-channeling of data where email addresses are connected to social profiles; phone numbers are sought by looking up user names, name and address are played about with to create appropriate addresses and much more of other data processing and indexing.

Pipl API has the following roles:

  1. Get an individual’s profile information from the linked top social networks
  2. Career history can be retrieved from professional networking sites
  3. Personal information like age, gender, and language spoken information can be obtained
  4. If images of the person in question are publicly available, they can be viewed
  5. History of educational institutions attended by the individual
  6. Find online and offline contact information

Customer List Enhancement

Customer List Enhancement

Customer list enhancement is an additional product provided by the Pipl, where missing information of a certain customer can be filled, be it social, professional or contact information. It has the following functions:

  1. Find missing contact information
  2. Speed up qualification by adding professional and demographic information to the computer’s database
  3. Audience segmentation can be done by adding more information on the prospect like job titles and work places
  4. Enhances social activity by linking up to the clients’ social media profiles


There are several Pipl alternatives in the market like PeopleSeeking, Spokeo, PeekYou, Phone.Report.

Sites like Pipl uses the same foundation information for their search engines like names or email addresses or location.

Pipl Solution

pipl business solution

Pipl gives answers to:

  1. Identity verification to avoid any chances of fraud
  2. Complete data to some bits of missing information
  3. To do investigations on people who may be associated with a client
  4. A business can be marketed as well and hence increase sales
  5. Recruits can be involved when an individual’s profile has satisfied the client by passively keeping an eye on the candidate’s social media handles and contact information.

Pipl Opt Out Aan Fixing Errors

If an individual wants to opt out of Pipl, they should first remove their information or link from the source website and reload Pipl deep web search to make sure the link no longer appears on the web results page.

If there is any information that has errors or is outdated, it should be fixed promptly from the source website by contacting the publisher of that particular source website.

Details of the source website are located next to each result item.


pipl price

The price charges are different for every individual data type used in Pipl deep web search. The various data types include name, location, Phone number, email address, social profile, job, Education, language, age, and gender. Surprisingly, the charges for each of these are below0.5$. In conclusion, the Pipl search is relatively affordable for all types of business users and as well as for personal usage.

Is PIPL Safe?

pipl yes or no

Pipl is safe, as it just processes and indexes publicly available information on public web pages. If private information can be found on public web pages, Pipl does not take the blame. It is the publishers of the source website at fault.

Pipl is only available for users who are at least above 13 years of age. It may use cookies to identify a user. It may contain information from embedded third party services.

Sites like Pipl are created to make human connections less tiring to maintain and to ensure those connections are reliable and efficient.

Well renowned businesses and major brands like BBC, The Huffington Post have given this website positive reviews. Hence it is worth giving a shot.