Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger

Play Basketball on Facebook Messenger
By Ankur Mishra Updated

We all love to play basketball. Isn’t it? I will tell you about the basketball game launched by the very popular application i.e. “Facebook Messenger”.

We all have heard about the chess game on facebook. Now it is even more interesting to know that facebook launched a basketball mini-game in the facebook messenger service. The important thing to note is that you need the latest version of facebook messenger in Android and IOS so if you want to play the basketball game you need to go to the app store and get the facebook messenger updated. This service seems to be more compelling than any other service of facebook messenger.
Now let me tell you about how to  play this basketball game in the facebook messenger. Sit back. Sit relaxed and just go through the steps I tell you to start playing the basketball game in the facebook messenger application. These steps will help you a lot in getting the rules of the game very clear.

Go to the app store of your respective Android or IOS.

Download facebook messenger application.

After the download is complete open the messenger.

This hoop shooting game can be unlocked by sending a basketball emoji to a friend or group and simply clicking on it.

Now as the game is unlocked. In this step, I will tell you how to play the game.
To shoot, you need to slide your thumb or finger on the screen.
A point is scored for every basket that you net and the score is shared in the chat with your friend or group. If you successfully net the ball in the basket then you will be rewarded with the celebratory emoji.
The target begins to move after score 10 is achieved. It moves  faster after 20 and keeps you hooked in the game for a considerable large amount of time.

These were the simple steps for beginning with the basketball game in the facebook messenger. Aren’t you all excited for it?

Follow the easy steps I discussed above and start playing now.
I assure you that you will surely love this game. No money is required for playing this game. Just a touch of a finger on the screen and I guess everyone loves playing a game of basketball whether it is a child, a teen or an adult. So for whom are you waiting for? Just go to the app store and download the facebook messenger app and began playing the game before it is late. This game is worth. And it is even more interesting and entertaining to play than the chess game.