Pokevision Alternative – 18 Alternatives to Pokevision for Browser, Android and iOS

Pokevision Alternative - Best Sites like Pokevision
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Today, our article is going to portray the best Pokevision alternative to the Pokemon GO lovers. Considering a remarkable number of searches, we decided to provide all our readers with an updated list of the Pokevision alternatives which are available in 2018.

Pokevision is a household term for the Pokemon GO players. It is a map scanner that scans a selected location, and finds out the available Pokemon in that area. Moreover, Pokevision is the authentic map scanner of Pokemon GO game supported by Niantic.

Everything regarding Pokevision seemed to be perfectly fine, but the problem aroused when the map tracker started to fluctuate! Yes, Pokevision sometimes becomes unavailable, and being a Pokemon GO player, you know that ‘every second counts’. That’s why, we’re going to bring the best apps and sites like Pokevison that have better functionality, and indeed, your best friend in need.

Pokevision Alternative – Find Out the Best Map Tracker for Pokemon GO

Before taking off, let us warn you that the Pokevision alternatives listed below are not officially acclaimed. That’s why these substitutions are ever-changing. Since Niantic doesn’t support any of the listed alternatives, linking it to your Pokemon GO profile can get you banned from the game (temporarily or permanently). It’ll be wise not to link any of the alternatives to your Pokemon GO profile.

Pokevision Alternatives for iOS and Android

Pick the Pokevision alternative for your iOS and Android smartphone from the following list that focuses solely on mobile devices.

Pokemap Live – Find Pokemon

Pokevision Alternative - Pokemap Live

Pokemap Live is one of the finest alternatives to Pokevision you can download in 2018. If you’re in a rush, and want a Pokemon tracker to quickly scan for Pokemon popular areas outside your location. You merely need to search the landmarks near you to trace relevant Pokemon around there. A remarkable feature of Pokemap Live also enables you to find the spots where Pokemon usually hide, so, you can visit the area to get the Pokemon easily.

The only downside of the app is that it’s not available on Google Play Store. Therefore, you need to download APK file of the app, and enable the Unknown Sources option to install it.

Works on: Android (APK)

Grab It Here

Compass for Pokemon

Pokevision Alternatives - Compass for Pokemon

Compass for Pokemon is one of the finest sites like Pokevision but unavailable on Google Play Store for direct download. But various third-party software and application downloading sites provide the download link (BETA version) that enables the single click downloading.

This Pokemon tracker features a small compass that turns out to be a great help to grab Pokemon lightning fast. Not only the compass, this app contains a few more useful features that can enhance your in-app experience. You can search for a particular monster near you! Thus, Compass for Pokemon comes out as a beneficial choice considering the above points.

Works on: Android (APK)

Grab It Here

Poke Detector

Alternative to Pokevision - Poke Detector

If you’re an Android user and looking for the best apps and sites like Pokevision, Poke Detector is an exclusive solution. This Pokevision alternative app will certainly enhance your performance in Pokemon GO. It is one of those Android applications that will notify you whenever a Pokemon is nearby.

But the main problem with Poke Detector is you’ll not find it in Play Store. So, you have to allow your Android device to download the app from an unknown source. But sooner or later we all download APKs or other file formats from unknown sources, right? Once you install the app on your device, ‘limitation’ is just a word.

Works on: Android (APK)

Grab It Here


PokeFast - Pokevision Alternative

If you want to get one of the finest map scanners while playing Pokemon GO, PokeFast is an enjoyable alternative to Pokevision developed by Soft Ban. The best part of the app is it doesn’t require any Niantic servicer to play, and it makes PokeFast more convenient than its counterparts.

PokeFast is also not available in Google Play Store but available as APK file format on various websites. You can download the application from there and install it on your device. The fast map scanner is one of the aspects users find helpful in the application.

Works on: Android (APK)

Grab It Here


PokeMesh - Pokevision Alternatives

PokeMesh is a more sorted out site like Pokevision. Not only you can find the location of the Pokemon, but the app permits you to see them by their type. So, Charizard will be coming under the Fire Pokemon category. Sounds a lot easier, right? Developed by Fly some years ago, PokeMesh is one of the best Pokevision alternatives online at the moment.

Arguably, the donation feature of the app is a drawback. Initially, you need to donate some of your collected Pokemon to use the app for free. But eventually, the donation seems to be worthy enough with a huge number of Pokemon you can find using the app. Like many others on this list, PokeMesh is also not available on Play Store but obtainable as APK format.

Works on: Android (APK)

Grab It Here


PokeAlert - Alternative to Pokevision

The name tells the story of PokeAlert. Yes, you’re going to get notifications when a rare Pokemon appears near your location. The best thing to like about PokeAlert is that the app is directly synced to the Pokemon GO game! And the sync plays a pivotal role in alerting you right after an appearance.

The only drawback of PokeAlert is that the app sometimes provides inaccurate information which creates hassles for players. But as the app is getting developed frequently, we can hope to find the issue resolved.

Works on: Android

Grab It Here

Go Tracking – For Pokemon GO

Pokevision Alternative for Android - Go Tracking
Logo Courtesy: Google Play Store

Go Tracking is an awesome Pokevision alternative for you to replace Pokevision on your Android device, if you’re unwilling to use Pokevision. One of the most advantageous features of Go Tracking is that the app will run in the background of your device, thus, no more concern regarding battery consumption.

You can browse through Go Tracking in real time, which means not a single second of your time will be wasted while tracking a Pokemon in your nearby area. Moreover, this app allows you to add filters and set a notification to inform you about a rare Pokemon appeared in your preferred place. As a result, catching the Pokemon is a matter of seconds.

Works on: Android

Grab It Here

Poke Tracker

Pokevision Alternatives for iOS - Poke Tracker
Logo Courtesy: iTunes

Poke Tracker is a useful tool to track your nearby Pokemon through an iOS device. This iOS application doesn’t require your main account but requires one or multiple accounts to be made inside the app. Users will go through a Captcha in Poke Tracker to create their account. The process of account creation is fast and doesn’t endanger your original Pokemon GO account.

You can enter your current location to discover the available rare Pokemon near you. Moreover, you can discover Pokestops and Gyms in one frame and Pokemon in another inside Poke Tracker. The app also alerts players after locating a Pokemon in the scan zone. Ignoring a few minimal things can make Poke Tracker a great Pokevision alternative.

Works on: iOS

Grab It Here

PokeMap for Pokemon GO with Radar Scanner

Alternative to Pokevision for iOS - PokeMap
Logo Courtesy: iTunes

Finding a rare Pokemon is going to be incredibly easy with this iOS-based application, called PokeMap. PokeMap is another application that will make the job too easy to find your favorite Pokemon all across the globe. The simple interface, and tons of in-app features, Pokemon GO lovers are adoring this alternative to Pokevision.

A great feature of PokeMap allows its users to mark a place on the in-app map where they have discovered rare Pokemon. Thus, it makes your job quite easy to find one for yourself. But this very feature can backfire as well. People often use the feature to prank and con others by marking wrong places. So, a little consciousness can bring you lots of benefits.

Works on: iOS

Grab It Here


Pokevision Alternative - PokeRadar
Logo of PokeRadar for iOS and Android

One of the coolest features of this application is its availability for two major mobile operating systems: iOS and Android. Until this alternative to Pokevision, each of the alternatives was dedicated to a single OS. But PokeRadar will help you find your favorite Pokemon regardless of your device’s OS.

PokeRadar helps you find relevant nearby Pokemon from different locations on the map. The in-built Radar and GPS of PokeRadar turn out to be a great help while hunting for your Pokemon. So, download this Pokevision alternative on your iOS or Android device, and make several Pokemon your best companions.

Works on: iOS and Android

Grab It Here: For iOS, For Android

Pokevision Alternatives for Browser

Now, let’s take a tour of the sites like Pokevision that will be a great help to you in locating, and grabbing the Pokemon directly from Browser. Yes, there are some people who are actually more comfortable in browsers than applications. Pick the best Pokevision alternative from the list below.


Sites like Pokevision - PokeFinder
Screenshot from PokeFinder Website

One of the USPs included in PokeFinder is its discussion thread. Yes, this browser substitution of Pokevision is not only a map that tracks down the relevant Pokemon all over the world, but also contains community to answer all your queries regarding the game and application.

PokeFinder, like all the other alternatives, requires you to sign up and be logged in to avail its features. Nonetheless, you don’t have to pay a single penny once you get logged in. Thus, PokeFinder becomes a free amusement along with Pokemon GO.

Works on: Browser

Grab It Here


Pokehuntr - Top Sites like Pokevision
Screenshot from Pokehuntr Website

Pokehuntr is another great browser-based alternative to Pokevision that will allow you to scan the worldwide map for both common and rare species of Pokemon. The attractive features of Pokehuntr also include a filter that riddles out the better stats out of the available Pokemon. After entering the website, a global map will help you to scan for the relevant Pokemon in various countries without any issue.

The best thing about Pokehuntr is you have a virtual map that works in real time. Different tools are there for you to find out the Pokemon you need. If you want an app to save your energy while searching your favorite Pokemon, Pokehuntr is the app you’re looking for.

Works on: Browser

Grab It Here


PokeHunter - Sites like Pokevision
Screenshot from PokeHunter Website

Don’t be confused. Pokehuntr and PokeHunter are two different sites like Pokevision with a different approach but the single motto of tracking Pokemon. PokeHunter is a Pokevision alternative that scans the map to trace the common and rare Pokemon.

If you’re looking for short-range Pokemon tracking alternatives to Pokevision (like your locality), PokeHunter is the site you should head for. When the site opens, there’ll be no Pokemon displaying on the map provided by the site. But when you click on a particular spot on the map, PokeHunter will scan the area and let you know which Pokemon are available there. But if you’re targeting a bigger area, unfortunately, PokeHunter will disappoint you.

Works on: Browser

Grab It Here


Sites like Pokevision - PokeVS
Screenshot from PokeVS Website

Like the name itself, PokeVS and Pokevision also have many functionalities in common. But let us clear you at the beginning, these two websites are not same but share a remarkable similarity. Okay, let’s come down to PokeVS. PokeVS is an awesome website like Pokevision which makes it easier for you to find your favorite Pokemon without much effort.

One aspect of disappointment about PokeVS is that it does not comprise any filtering. So, the ratio of ordinary Pokemon compared to the rare ones are quite higher. But this site is still useful for the beginners. Don’t waste a second, visit PokeVS now.

Works on: Browser

Grab It Here


PokeNest - Sites like Pokevision for free
Screenshot from PokeNest Website

Are you always in a hurry? Looking for a Pokevision alternative that can match up your busy schedule? Worry not! We’ve come up with a browser-based replacement for Pokevision which will deliver its users a quick access to the rare Pokemon in their area. Yes, PokeNest doesn’t waste your time. Right after you enter the website and grant the site to access your location, it will show you the available Pokemon in your locale.

The sound notification of PokeNest is an added advantage as it alerts you every time a new Pokemon species is found within your location. There’s a ‘Privileged Mode’ where much more functionalities lie. Moreover, the settings icon in the bottom-right corner allows you to filter your PokeNest. Everything on one site! Sounds splendid!

Works on: Browser

Grab It Here


Free Sites like Pokevision - PokemonOnMap
Screenshot from PokemonOnMap Website

One of the great sites like Pokevision and an awesome Pokevision alternative, PokemonOnMap is efficient in providing you with all the relevant Pokemon around you. The sole reason this site has taken place on our list is its efficiency and processing speed.

This particular site like Pokevision is proficient in showing you the available Pokemon in your area in less than a minute. But one issue with the website is their most of the time, their server stays down and they insist you to upgrade to premium. So, PokemonOnMap can hardly be labeled free. PokemonOnMap is only available as a website.

Works on: Browser

Grab It Here

Pokevision Alternatives for Cross-Platform

Now, we’re going to portray the cross-platform replacements for Pokevision. Each Pokevision alternative of the following is accessible through the browser and in form of mobile application. So, let’s find out the alternatives.


Pokevision Alternative - PokeFind
Screenshot from PokeFind Website

PokeFind is another site worth your consideration, and that’s why we have mentioned it on our list. PokeFind is a great help to find the rare Pokemon nearby you. It’s as simple as entering the site and exploring the map full of rare Pokemon. PokeFind contains extremely helpful features, such as detailed information about each Pokemon. That helps users to gain better knowledge and plan ahead.

PokeFind works in real-time which means users will certainly get their hands on the authentic and new Pokemon. With this mobile and web application, rare Pokemon is not going to be rare anymore. PokeFind alerts you with its sound notification whenever a rare Pokemon appears near you.

Works on: Browser, Android, iOS

Grab It Here: For Web, For iOS, For Android


Alternative to Pokevision - FastPokeMap
Screenshot from FastPokeMap Website

FastPokeMap really provides you with a fast map location of your favorite Pokemon. This is one of the most intriguing sites like Pokevision which includes its own Android application as well. Once you enter the site, you can find a downloadable Android APK of FastPokeMap.

Once you start using the app, you will find various rare and common Pokemon in your location or outside your location. So, you can get ready and start hunting for the Pokemon. The site is still developing its iOS version, so, iOS users can avail the amazing functionality of the site very soon.

Works on: Browser, Android

Grab It Here: For Web, For Android

Above is the list of all the apps and sites like Pokevision. Our expert team has tried to accumulate the best options for you. Now, it totally depends on you, which app or site you consider as the best Pokevision alternative. Whatever option you pick, don’t forget to comment your experience with it.

[Caution: Each alternative to Pokevision present in the list is not supported or entertained by Niantic. So, using this can get you banned from Pokemon GO. That is also the reason why the above options are always changing (though all the above alternatives are working in 2018). So, Layerpoint doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm to your Pokemon GO account after using the unofficial alternatives]

If you have any better replacement, share the alternative with us in the comment section. We’ll be more than happy to include it on our list. Till then, catch your favorite Pokemon.