Best popcorn time alternatives- options revisited!!

popcorn time alternatives
By Gunjan Roy Updated

We have to struggle hard to earn our day’s meal. But it is fact that every time we cannot fight life. For that, we need resources to continue to struggle. And entertainment is the only way to collect valuable resources. In this regard, mention may be made of Popcorn time which is a cross-platform, free software Bit Torrent client that contains an integrated media player. This small piece of software provides a free option to subscription-based video streaming services. That’s means if we have access to the internet we are going to enjoy unlimited streaming movies and audios free of cost. But popcorn time is not available anymore. This has made us think of some popcorn time alternatives.

12 best Best popcorn time alternatives that you should try



Stremio has got it all. You can enjoy free streaming Videos, Movies, TV Shows, Channels, and live TV. Stermio is another one-stop solution for video content aggregation. The best thing about Stermio is that it is available in different languages with subtitles. It can support varying platform environments such as like Android, MAC, OS X, Windows Phone, Linux etc. This was created before Popcorn time with the name Cinematic. The Stremio interface is easier to handle as it can be browsed by category, genre, rating, recency, etc. Alternatively, you can simply type a name to search. It has a personalized video library. But the best feature of this software is that we can watch quality video content on a bigger screen bet it a phone, tablet or a TV.

Torren TV

It can be treated as one of the popcorn time alternatives. It has almost same features as Popcorn time. Torrent TV   is an online TV streaming software that uses Torrent technology to share channels. As a result, the more people are seeding a particular channel the faster is the file transfer and therefore the better is the quality of the stream. It uses peer to peer technology to reach users with quality streaming videos. It provides a large exhibition of famous TV channels to select from. Note that the software is aligned to the Russian audience and most channels are Russian.

Duckie TV

Duckie TV

This can be treated as a good popcorn time alternative and it is an open source software. It is a flexible software and one can download good quality of movies and TV shows on it. It is compatible with MAC, Android, Android Tablet, OS X, Windows Phones and Chrome browser. The good thing about Duckie TV is completely free and highly rated. Translations are available in 15 languages with subtitles. There is a special feature of Duckie TV –integrated Duckie torrent client can connect Duckie TV to your local Torrent client and be updated on the download progress without switching applications.

Cinema Box


This is basically an application which a big hit to users if we consider user satisfaction.  It is created by the developers of Play Box. Cinema box has a huge database of awesome movies and TV shows. Watch free HD movies and TV shows on your Smartphone, tablet, or TV box. Cinema Box enables you to stream or download movies. The application supports Google Chrome cast so you can set the video to your big screen for augmenting the watching experience. Regarding Cinema Box application features- it is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. The mobile version supports subtitles with multiple language options. It supports Apple TV for iOS devices. Good features of this application are that it provides Wi-Fi sharing and has got the option of child lock control.



It is an application which has a lot of features if we consider the entertainment value. Crackle is a globally accepted and popular software. It is a free software and we can access both in our device (mobile) and desktop computer. Crackle is an online distributor of real web programs, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. Crackle has more than 25 million users– each user is allowed to upload their own videos- so you will not have any boring moment using Crackle. Another feature of this software is that- we can pause the streaming videos and see it later whenever our time permits. But the best part of Crackle is that we can save the download and watch it at some later date. The Crackle application is extremely compatible with the iOS platform.

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is an online service and application by which we can watch unlimited TV shows, live sports, and full movies online totally free of cost. Streaming videos – full episodes of hit TV series and famous cartoon movies or any epic movies. If you are a great follower of cartoons then it is a one-stop solution for you. The streaming videos downloaded from this site are of great quality. We can access Cartoon HD both on our mobile phones and desktop computers. The best part of cartoon HD is that we can save the show or movie on your hard drive. It supports Chromecast streaming. So in total, it is a great product for those who want to enjoy free streaming movies.



It is an American subscription video on demand service which is a hot favorite among users. Hulu is a product of joint venture –whose one of the partners is Walt Disney. It is one of the great popcorn time alternatives. In fact, Hulu is much similar to popcorn time software. We can watch quality movies and TV shows in it, just we have to install the application is our device or register to the main website. Here you will be able to create your own watch list. This is done to watch movies at some later date.  It is compatible with Android devices. But Hulu is not free of cost. There is a free trial period for the same. One striking feature of it – Hulu updates movies, sports and TV serials on a real-time basis.

Show box

Show box

It has a large database of great movies and TV shows. It is a hit among the international audience. Show Box is a free movie and TV shows streaming application for the Android. It is regarded as one of the best free Android applications as it allows users to watch quality movies in HD for free. It is so popular because it has a very easy interface to handle. Show box allows us to watch high-definition movies for free. This application is not available in Google Play Store, you will face some issues when downloading it on your Android device via Google play store. Show box is compatible with Android (phone or tablet) or Android-based (Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, etc.) device, MAC, iOS, Blackberry etc.

Movie HD

Movie HD

This is a mobile application – very favorite to the users. This application has got a great interface which is very flexible and easy to use you will be able to browse movies and TV shows online.  Update, popularity, and multiple genres. There is a great feature which allows you to see 3D movies, so if you are into this particular idea of watching, you don’t have to wait for anymore. The download starts automatically after the installation is complete. It is compatible with iOS and Android operating system and you can also install desktop version if you want. The download is possible here because of a streaming media.

Play view

Play view movie app

Playview is a great application for watching limitless free movies online. This application is a great possession for movie lovers who want to watch horror, sci-fi, romantic, comedy or action movies for free. But the streaming videos over are available only in English and Spanish. The application presents movies in all combinations of resolutions, including HD movies in both 720p and 1080p. The application makes loads of sense for those who want to see films, TV shows, and cartoon shows and live events online and without incurring any penny. For these people streaming videos is the only option. This application supports android mobile phones. The most stunning part of Playview- we can download streaming videos without any internet connection.



Zona is one of the popular alternatives to Popcorn time. It is a BitTorrent client best for watching streaming videos online. It is so famous because it provides free access to subscription video streaming and on-demand movies and popular television series. The backlog of Zona is that it is a closed source software. Means no one can see its source code. Moreover, the installer used to install Zona is deemed as a malware. The video quality in Zona is awesome- it contains all the present day codecs and it is updated regularly. The videos in Zona contains subtitles in different in different languages.Zona provides streaming music, live television channels, movies news, live sports, and games.

Zona is a product from Russia. The best part about Zona that it provides details of every information that people might want to know about the movie including its date of production, iMDb rating, genre, actors, runtime, and other details. The case is same for any TV serial series or sports. Zona is free to download.

Couch Potato


It is one of the best popcorn time alternatives. You can watch online movies and popular TV shows through Couch Potato software. It provides HD videos for free. Couch Potato is an open source software. It works with all types of platforms such as like Windows, MAC, OS X, and Linux. The Couch Potato extension is available in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser. The subtitle option is also available. If you want more features- then avail for paid service. Definitely, it is one of the best popcorn time alternatives. Couch Potato has a wish list option. Just add names of a movie that you want to see. It will be downloaded once it is available in Couch Potato. One great feature of it is that it can use an automatic download option to stream TV shows, sports, and movies in a hassle-free manner.

Popcorn time is obsolete now.Hence we have provided 12 best popcorn time alternatives. These 12 great alternatives to popcorn time have almost same features. If you ever need to download this software then please take reference of this article.