What is PrevNext and its Applications on the Web

By Tapas Pal Updated

PrevNext: You might not even have heard about what this term actually means but some do. The actual meaning of PrevNext although, is known to a very few people. If you also are in that confused state, I am here to clear all those doubts for you today.
So buckle up as this guide is gonna take you through everything that you need to know about PrevNext.

What is Prevnext?

This term is usually a combined term consisting of two words namely previous and next. You might have seen the navigation buttons right at the bottom of a lot of sites which contain bulk of content within them. If not Navigation buttons, every site has boxes aligned at the bottom of every article through which you can jump to any page number of your choice.
Yeah! That’s where both Next and Previous buttons are present. But to be honest we can’t simply explain this term in a sentence. It is because PrevNext is used in different contexts.
For example, you might have seen the search results displayed by Google itself. At the bottom of the results, you’ll see the previous and Next buttons along with page numbers 1, 2, 3, 4…., and so on. This is where PrevNext came from.

Other Applications:

You may also find sliders (back and forward) on multiple sites like Amazon, Hotstar, etc. There, the images are displayed in the form of a reel where only one image is displayed on the screen at a time. You can simply toggle between different images by pressing these sliders. These sliders thus also perform the same function as what previous and next buttons do. So this was just the other context where it has its application.
Also, for Drupal, enabling the prevnext module assigns two different links to the previous and the following nodes separately. Simply Enable the node, regulate the links as from admin/config/user-interface/prevnext and move to the Manage Display option.
Got clear? I hope most of you are now clear with the concept of Prevnext.

How to Activate PrevNext on your site?

If you are using WordPress as the CMS for your website, you can easily activate Prevnext on it. All you need to do is to activate a Plug-in called CBX Next Previous Link and that’s it. This plug-in comes up with pre-bundled previous and next buttons. The installation procedure is same as how you install other plug-ins from the Dashboard.
There is another alternative to the plug-in discussed above. Smarter Navigation gives smarter means to navigate between contents. The previous and next buttons provided by this plug-in look extremely beautiful and catchy.

Final Words

Prevnext makes it ultra-easy to toggle between pages or images. That’s why these are implemented or are also set by default by various site developers to help users switch pages. I hope you guys got a fair idea what prevnext actually is and its field of applications. If you have anything to add, just post it right here in the comment section. Let others know more about it.
Stay tuned for more.