Best ps4 Games For Kids 2017- A Gift To Your Little One

ps4 games for kids
By Subhas Das Updated

Gone are the days when the kids used to play video games on a typical video game set. With the increase in technology now every child wants the best and like this, a new demand arises that is the demand for a ps4. After the purchase, a major topic of discussion between the parents is the type of games that their child will play on the play station. They do not wish him to play violent aggressive games or fighting games, neither do they want racing games. It I a major topic. The most suitable ps4 games for kids are the ones which are gentle, does not have a bad impact on the minds of the children and are a little informative too. So, today we have come back with a list of the top nine ps4 games for kids.

ps4 games for kids- Offer A Fun To Your Little One

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends games for kids ps4

The famous family game Rayman Legends is fun and amusing to play even for the senior citizens. All of the family members irrespective of their ages can play this multilevel game which has to offer so much on a single platform that the game never stops to surprise. It is loaded with tons and tons of levels designed with vibrant colors which are accompanied by music. Yes, music is played in the background as you cross different levels which have increasing difficulty as you continue to win.

You can collect a number of things and elements like coins, power ups, superpowers and much more and not to mention with every win or with every cross of a level you get to unlock new characters. This games really gets our adrenaline going as we are completely unaware as to what we might face on the next turn.

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions ps4 games for younger kids

As much as the kids loved the LEGO movie which had Batman and other stars in the start itself, this game is loved at the same level or maybe more. LEGO’s are a favorite pastime of children but all the physical building is a thing of the past, now we have its video game. The game lets the kids digitally play with LEGOs the same way they play in the real life.

Another fact which really makes it a hit is the fact that you can add a new franchise to the game as you go. The franchise includes The Simpsons, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and many more.


knack ps4 games for kids

Knack is an action game that is most suitable for the pre-teen age of a child. This game features an unknown organism that constantly moves and eats everything around it as it goes. Soon the organism is able to control fire and water etc. Though this game does not a vast variety of levels or to that extent sense, but it is a fun game and keeps you occupied for a long time.

Little Big Planet 3 (Creative game)

Little Big Planet 3 games for ps4 for kids

Little big planet 3 is quite a creative game and encourages children to be developers and is trying to create a generation of creators. The game portrays the kids as Sack boy who is the main hero of the game.

Furthermore, sack boy had to save the world and to do this he constructs a whole new world around him with the help of which he turns out to be successful. You can make the game more interesting by downloading new stickers and costumes for the character. Also, the game is fully customizable meaning that you can customize it according to your wish.


Hohokum kids games for ps4

Hohokum is a laid back game which does not have any levels or characters, nor there a way to win. But the game is famous because it is miles away from any kind of aggression or violence that may affect the minds. The game features a kind of kite which is controlled by you and it flies through different backgrounds and skies which are very creative. This game helps your kid to explore his artistic mind set.

The only drawback that exists is that there is no physical copy of the game. You can pay online and download the Sony exclusive game online itself.

Hasbro Family Fun Pack

Hasbro Family Fun Pack ps4 games for kids

Were you born in a time when the only entertainment you had was playing board games and are now really jealous that the younger generation got all the technology? Then this game is for you.

You can play this on the ps4, the children will be really excited when they will see you put a game disk in the receiver and will gather around to play hoping to be action or a zombie game. But no! Surprise! The game is a pack of four to five board game like monopoly etc. which are piled up digitally. HAHAHA you got your revenge.

Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live fun ps4 games for kids

Guitar hero live is another game which was ignored by the new generation in spite of its attempt to make a comeback in the previous year. The game was quite famous five years ago but with evolution in the gaming world, this game was put to a side.

This ps4 games for kids is a little advanced as compared to its versions in the previous years. It lets you play guitar along with a virtual band who are also playing the music of the song that is played on the screen simultaneously. It can prove to be a real pastime.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars new ps4 games for kids

Now, do we have to give an introduction to this game? Really? We all are aware of this amazing, mind blowing game released by Rovio entertainment and was a big hit as soon as it came out. The ps4 games for kids, which had a variety of series ranging from normal to star wars to seasons etc.

The game star wars is set up in the space but the concept remains the same, we need to aim birds at the pigs who are either simply open or are put at some congestive places which are hard to get but this is the fun. Playing the round again and again in order to clear the round and reach the next one is really entertaining plus it helps us to use our brains to solve the round.

Sky landers: Superchargers

Sky- landers Superchargers good ps4 games for kids

The game is basically hard to describe. It is a toy game which lets you collect various cars, air vehicles, water vehicles etc. You can place your toy at the portal of power and the game lets’ play as the character of the toy in the game. It is an interactive game and has received good reviews. If you want some best ps4 games for kids, this is the best application.

So, this was our list of the top 9 ps4 games for kids. If you have some suggestions about the same please let us know about it in the comment box below and we will add them to the list.