Putlocker.is All you need to know

By Tapas Pal Updated

Putlocker.is is an online portal/website which lets users stream entertainment media such as films and other TV series online. Originated in the United Kingdom under the URL Putlocker.com, this site was listed among the top 250 most visited sites worldwide by Alexa. Also, in January 2012, the site received a total of 800,000 visitors a day and thus banged the Internet like a pro. But Putlocker never had an easy way throughout its journey. It has been blocked multiple times on report of some leading associations like Picture Association of America on the threat of Piracy. Most recently, the site ran under the URL Putlocker.is but unfortunately, it is now taken down.


Despite being seized up for so many times, Putlocker is right now at its highest. It has secured such a large no. of potential traffic due to its extra-simple interface and highly functional files. From films to all the popular series episodes, it has everything to engage you as its next fan assured. It’s thus more like an online file hosting index, 24/7 up for public service.

Since the site is no longer up, here are a few alternatives to Putlocker.is

Top Alternative sites to Putlocker.is

Since it shows no signs of coming back, we have a list here some of the top alternatives to the subject. You can, therefore, use any of these sites to watch/stream your favorite movie/ TV series. So, let’s  start.

1 SolarMovie

SolarMovie is no doubt the best alternative to Putlocker.is. It has a highly refined movie list and provision to apply filters for finding the best stuff online. The interface is same as Putlocker.is. You can simply search your result through the search bar or can scroll down the list if it is the latest release. So bookmark SolarMovie right away to archive the best feel for yourself. In fact, it would be wrong if SolarMovie will continue long as such sites are more likely to be taken down by the authorities.

2 Niter

This is another website where you can stream movies online for free. Niter’s interface is same as Netflix (or almost same). Navigation and Menu look highly stylish and attractive. Also, while streaming it takes care that least ads pop up on your computer screens. Searching is simple and reads words instead of the entire search entry. Therefore, finding the very exact stuff is a lot simpler at Niter.

3 Vumoo

It is same as Putlocker.is and is among the top alternatives to the latter. You can simply achieve the stuff you want to watch on a few clicks. The admins update this site regularly. So you get the very latest media there as soon as it is released. It runs under vumoo.li and Vumoo.at URLs. So bookmark them and enjoy the stuff you want.
Note: Online movie streaming sites (especially the illegal ones) may have malware or Trojans which can steal important details from your system. So be sure that you are using such sites under a paid antivirus. The rest is very easy.

4 Talk Talk TV

This site gives a free access to over 7,000 movies/ TV series and contains even the latest media as well. This site is legal unlike the ones discussed above. As it is genuine, it does not necessarily need an Anti-virus to prevent frauds or Trojans from taking access to your system.

Is Putlocker.is safe?

Many users have reported that Putlocker.is starts downloading malware and Trojans as soon as they click on the website. “Trojan.Gen.2” is the Trojan which initiates itself to enter into the user’s system. Users even reported that they never wanted to leave a negative rating to this mind-blowing site but as it is a too big risk to be with, they had to report it faulty in ratings. So if you have a good Antivirus, you can use this site in the ultra-safe mode. Failing to have an Anti-virus may even corrupt / crash your system.

Is Putlocker.is Legal?

Putlocker is no doubt the best website to stream thousand of movies and shows online. Many countries still believe that this is a breach of laws with a relation to the copyright. Also, since it has been taken down multiple times already, the strongest probability is that it is illegal. Before taking down, the site used to receive millions of unique visitors each day. Moreover, because Putlocker sends in faulty programs and virus sometimes, it is not a completely safe portal to be with.

How to open Putlocker.is using a VPN?

You never know if you keep visiting such sites, your ISP or copyright protection groups may contact you. This is done to ask you a report for your online activities which are mostly suspicious (in this case). Your ISP has the power to keep a check on what you are doing online all the time. So it is important that you maintain your own level of privacy. This is possible using a VPN (Virtual Private network). VPNs not just maintain a security/privacy level but also unblock the blocked content online.

Here’s how you can open Putlocker.is using a VPN:

First of all the best VPNs to access Putlocker.is are:

• GhostVPN
• TorGuard
• PrivateInternetAccess
• Hidemyass
• Cyberghost
• Ipanish

Follow these steps to bypass such blocked sites

Step1: Download and install a trustworthy VPN from the list shared above.
Step2: Run VPN to bypass your browsers for any blocked content online.
Step3: Open your browser and type Putlocker.is in the address bar. Hit Enter to enter the website.
Step4: Stream any media file as per your choice and relax as your connection is now private and completely secured from any third-party intervention.

Final Words

Putlocker is (was) no doubt the best site where you can stream all the latest and most popular movies and TV shows online. There are however certain aspects which make using it safely a big doubt. Since it may take you through certain risks, make sure that you are using a VPN to operate it. Also, keep an antivirus to block any malware or Trojan from entering your system. So this was all about Putlocker. I hope you guys liked it.

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