RaidCall –Experience the best Chat Room for Online Gamers

By Suman Ghosal Updated

Teenagers are well-known Gamers. The enjoyment to explore the outer world in a challenging environment is just beyond the imagination of a person who has no interest in the gaming world. It’s very much difficult to explain the height of excitement of a gamer. I am also a born gamer, and I would like to share my adamant in the topic of games. But, in this article, I am with you to share a review on the best chat platform RaidCall massively used in the modern world.

This is the age of online gaming where people interact with others all over the globe. So chatting while exploring the largest level of an exclusive game comes into consideration normally. Though there are some online games which allow the users to chat with each participant, there are exists a lot of games where this feature is missing. So if you are an online gamer, you definitely need a classified chat room to explore your gaming experience. Today we are discussing the features, advantage, disadvantage (if any) of the video as well as audio chat-rooms mostly used by gamers, called RaidCall.

What is RaidCall? –Small information about


In a single word, RaidCall is a classic and useful tool that simply allows the users to communicate with groups instantly. It offers the users a fast video chat as well as an audio communication. Here the user can search for their contacts; they can communicate with each other, video chat in a single small window while playing a multiplayer game. Actually, RaidCall acts like a normal conference call and it also has a video mode.

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It is the best choice for the gamer in the online gaming world which delivers a quality experience to the user. Actually, it offers a cloud service to the users and also allows them to free access. If you are searching for some excellent online cloud-based chat room, then you definitely try it once.

Key features:

RaidCall offers a lot of additional features which are unavailable in other software in the market. Here I am going to tell you why people choose RaidCall to communicate with others.

  • Its Free: It’s totally free to use. The service and the server both are free for all.
  • Quality: It comes with an amazing sound quality as well as the supper fluid audio experience.
  • User interface: It comes with an excellent user interface. And it is very easy to use.
  • Simple software: It’s very lightweight software which allows all types of devices to communicate. Its all about 1.5 MB to installation, and takes up to 10 MB of your dedicated RAM, and 0.77 to 1.555% of your CPU.
  • Powerful overlay: RaidCall is totally a flash-based application which allows the users to activate the chat engine every-time and everywhere even while the user is playing a high definition game.
  • Keep in touch with global friends: it allows the user to make a plenty of friends via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. You also can connect with some online global friends through the Raidcall.
  • Minimum Latency: the communication protocol of the RaidCall is nothing but UDP. So there is no delay in video call compared to the other VOiP systems that allow the TCP protocol. It comes with an advanced set of recovery algorithm which allows the users to experience a real-time video chat for the gamers.
  • Supports all operating system: currently works with all of the Windows operating systems. Now it is planning to let Android and MAC users chat with each other.
  • User Choice: If you are talking about the public reviews, RaidCall is the best application which comes with 434600 likes and 424242 subscribers. Which is really an outburst in the horizon of the internet.


Though there are a huge number additional features, unfortunately, people often face some problems while using this application. It makes people annoyed about the RaidCall. Here I’m going to point out some of their reviews.

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  • Unfortunately, some of the important features are missing in this application. The other competitors of this software already offer those key-features in their latest versions. But RaidCall is too lazy to upgrade itself.
  • There are some bugs in this application. Sometimes it hangs and slows your PC down.
  • Available only on Windows operating system.

How to select RaidCalll as your default voice chat application?

Basically, we use a lot of online chatting applications in our daily life. But if you want to make RaidCall as your default voice plus video chat application, you can do that easily. Let’s try,

  • Open the RaidCall software.
  • Go to the Menu bar
  • Click on the options button placed at the top right corner
  • Elect “System Settings”
  • head to the “Voice Settings”
  • select between “Push to Talk” and “Free Talk Mode”
  • Manually adjust the settings.
  • Press on the save button to validate your customization.

How it works?

Actually it works like the other online video chatting applications such as Skype, IMO. To experience the best video chat system you must use the RaidCall. First, you have to download the application and install it on your device. Select a group or you have the opportunity to create your own group where you can add some of your friends.

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While participating in your own group, you can also join into a public account. RaidCall allows the users to search for a specified person whom you want to add into your group. If you join a group, you are able to chat with the group members while playing an interesting game. It also allows the users to block an unwanted person who tries to diminish the environment of your group, kicking them off or filtering them within some customized restrictions.

So this is the full details of the perfect application to organized all of your friends/relatives in a single place on the cloud. And especially for the online game hunters, is the bomb application to make a video call at the very moment he/she probably faced the right challenge in the online game. Being a hardcore gamer, I have also used this application to endemically enjoy the shadow face of my competitor when he/she is badly wounded by my hero. I also use it for my teamwork related to my study. And I strongly recommended you to experience the best video chat application. Stay tuned. Keep chatting with the cloud ghost! Ha Ha Ha…