How to Record a Screencast Using YouTube

Record Screencast
By Ankur Mishra Updated

Have you ever thought of recording your screen? I bet yes since you are reading this article. Screencasting is a simple process and many people and companies use screencasts to sell products and provide video training to viewers. I use it too to produce some tutorials. I remember when I started screencasting, I had to fetch the whole web to find free tools for screencasting. Are you looking for a free tool to get started with screencasting? Yes, I bet it twice because we all like free stuffs.

There are several good and free tools that can help you for screencasting but YouTube screencasting is the best (to my concern) because:

  • It is free (obviously)
  • I don’t need to download any software
  • And you can easily share your recordings online (since it’s YouTube)

I will show you the five easy steps  to record a YouTube screencast.


Sign-in into your YouTube account (If you don’t have one, sign up for a Google Account then sign-in to YouTube.) Click the upload button on YouTube which is at the upper left corner and chose Events under the Live Streaming menu. If this is the first time you are doing this then you need to verify your phone number before enabling streaming.

youtube screencast



We are now on the “Create Even page”. You can give a title to your YouTube screencast, set the privacy to whatever you want (Unlisted or Private) then you click on the “Go Live Know” button.

screencast title



You will be redirected to Hangouts on Air page after clicking on the “Go Live Know” button. You can click on the camera icon to toggle webcam on or off. You can also turn the microphone off or on using its icon.


Done with the above steps and ready to start the YouTube screencasting so click on the screen share button in the left toolbox and select the window you want to record on your desktop. Please note that if you are using multiple virtual desktops for YouTube screencasting then this method will record only active program windows on the current desktop.

Hangouts on Air page


This is the last step to start your YouTube screencast. You just have to click on the Start Screen Share button then click on Start Broadcast to start recording your screen with YouTube. Remember that this is a private session on YouTube so.

This video will be recorded in 720p HD and I recommend that you should record it with a 16:9 ratio. The video can be downloaded easily to your Google Drive account and obviously shared in YouTube. You can now share your YouTube screencast with the whole world. You now know how to produce a good and free YouTube screencast.