10 Smart Reddit Alternatives To Watch Out For

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By Tapas Pal Updated

The Internet is a place for discovering innovative and magnificent contents. The more you browse, the more you get to discover.

But alongside that, it is also a fact that internet is a vast platform.

When you Google something, rather than finding your desired piece of writing, most of the times you end up finding articles, which do not even match your search criteria. Therefore, in spite of being a helpful platform, sometimes internet or more specifically Google, upsets us.

But, you know what, there are options to dodge all these bulk contents, and reach your desired subjects, right away, without much hassle.

One such option is to subscribe to Reddit. Official Website 

You might have heard about Reddit. Yes, it is one of those sites where you can get an update on anything and everything, without much look out. It gives you a quick update on the latest happenings in politics, movies, sports, technology, fashion and everything else you are interested in. Add to that, you can participate in any discussion that is going on in any topic, and you can express your opinion liberally.

Reddit has a huge number of subscribers, in fact, you might already be a subscriber to Reddit.

But my concern about writing this article is that Reddit has recently been criticized for technological errors by a lot of users. Also, it recently faced a huge decline in its user base due to some racist remarks of some users.

Therefore, truly speaking, Reddit is not what it used to be.

But, don’t you worry. If Reddit has degraded itself, then there are many such sites which can work perfectly, as an alternative to Reddit.

So, don’t limit yourself. Read about these Reddit alternatives which would flawlessly serve your purpose.

Some Reddit Alternatives You Just Can’t-Miss


Quora is one of those cool Reddit alternatives, which does not only let you express your opinion but also enriches your knowledge. Basically, here users are supposed to interact in the form of questions and answers. This format brings out some really apposite answers to a lot of tricky questions. In this process, every user ends up learning something new. Quora has an easy user interface as well. All these features are slowly taking Quora to the supreme position. If you don’t just pass your spare time on the internet and want to enhance your knowledge as well, then Quora is your best choice.


Voat, launched in 2014, is a better and refined version of Reddit. Its user interface is exactly same as Reddit. There are some Reddit users who have left Reddit for its aggression, but they are still not over the nostalgia. For them, Voat is like their second home. Voat offers them all those things that Reddit could never give them. Also, users can discuss anything they prefer, except illegal matters. Even Voat gives you an opportunity to earn by posting quality contents.

If you are an ex-Redditor with still some homesickness left for Reddit, then you might become a Voater, trust me it won’t disappoint you.


9Gag is like the meme heaven. Though not a direct Reddit rival, still it has its own set of followers. A Hong Kong-based online forum 9Gag was started previously as a general website. But it is the hilarious contents that it produce, makes it a hit among users. Funny can never go out of the craze, and 9Gag is the biggest evidence of that. Also, users get to post their own memes, which is another reason of 9Gag’s fame. So if you are a fun-loving person, then you know where to go, right?


4Chan is one of the most admired Reddit alternatives. It is an image board where users can anonymously post images, comments etc. It was first launched in 2003, with the motive of posting pictures and discussing animes. But today it has become a popular forum where conversations are made on various topics, like politics, sports, music, literature, video games and so on. 4Chan also has a separate adult segment where grown-up contents are published. So you can definitely give it a try.

Hacker News

Hacker News is a social news website, which primarily focuses on technology and entrepreneurship. It was launched in 2007, by Paul Graham. This site is a hit among techies, geeks, young entrepreneurs because of its straightforward user interface and quality contents. After you register with this Reddit alternative, you can share your own story, comment on others’ story and also “upvote” on others’ comments. In fact, if your content is good enough to fetch a cool 100 upvotes, then it would be posted on their front page. Therefore, if you are tech freak at heart, this site is your go-to option.


Hubski is one of those Reddit alternatives, which was literally trolled at one point, due to its similarity with Reddit. It has the same user interface like Reddit and Voat. But one fundamental point of difference is, here posts are ranked on the basis of the number of shares, and not on the basis of upvotes and downvotes. It has an automatic screen designed for different users, logging in from different screen sizes. Also, it offers some cool attributes like comment tagging, account muting etc. If you have left Reddit, but still not over it, then Hubski is a nice option for you as it is almost like a clone to Reddit.


Slashdot is one of those Reddit alternatives, which calls itself a place for nerds.  Launched back in 1997, Slashdot is a social news website for tech geeks. It publishes new and pioneering stories about science and technology. Slashdot has some fresh features like Ask Slashdot, Book reviews, Geeks in Space and so on. So this is another happening place for the tech nerds.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is an outstanding place to find new products. Product Hunt was founded in 2013. Products are arranged here in four categories, namely technology products, games, books, and podcasts. Technology products include mobile apps, hardware etc. Games include different types of games for both Mobile and PC. The site holds a voting system, based on which it is decided that which product would be ranked first. So, if you have adequate knowledge about products in the market, then you can make your own list. Also if you need suggestions about what to buy, and what not to buy, then too this site is a top-notch option for you.


Digg is one of the most apt Reddit alternatives, which is mainly a news aggregator. They post all the latest updates about each and every top news in the world. So if you are obsessed with news and like being updated all the time, then Digg is a website you can try.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is largely a question and answer based site where you can find diverse subjects like cooking, gaming, dancing, photography, fashion and the list goes on and on. If you possess interest in miscellaneous fields and want to know more about them, then go and sign up for Stack Exchange.

Now the real question is that will you actually be able to leave Reddit?

Reddit has acquired a place in our hearts, and it can be difficult to give that place to some other website. Most of the users tend to hold on to Reddit because they are more comfortable with their old shelter and they are scared to adopt a new and better substitute, even though they know that Reddit has lowered its standards.

In my opinion you must give chance to these new websites, because if you won’t try, then how would you know which site better suits your needs?  So, give them a try.

And if you know about more such Reddit alternatives, then don’t forget to let me know about them through your comments.