10 Free RomUlation Alternatives To Download ROMs and Emulators

RomUlation alternatives
By Tapas Pal Updated

If you’re a gamer, then you definitely have heard about ROM (Read Only Memory) Emulation. ROM emulation is a process of fetching ROM to a storage medium, be it a hard disk or a flash drive. This process of ROM emulation is specifically handy for the gamers.

For a hardcore gamer, old games never lose their worth, no matter how many new games hit the market. Old games have a certain type of nostalgia which any game buff would cherish.

And in order to continue playing the old games, what you need is a site, which would bring you more ROMs. One such site, which has specialized in ROM emulation is, RomUlation. In case, RomUlation is not accurately serving your purpose properly, there is no harm in knowing about the RomUlation alternatives.

Emulation-Know a Bit More.

Emulation is a process by which you can recreate your beloved old video games and play them on your PC or mobile, without much hassle. The emulation process has two parts, one being the emulator and the other being ROM.

An Emulator is nothing but some written programs, which would refabricate your favorite video games on your PC. The ROM on the other hand stores the game data. That means they are the games that you download along with the Emulator.

RomUlation – An Overview

Official portal of RomUlation

RomUlation lets you play old classic games on your laptop, without any gaming console. They have more than 27000 gaming ROMs on their website.

This site works on points, i.e., as soon as you sign up in RomUlation, you would get 10000 free points credited to your account. And from thereon, downloading of every MB requires 1 point. If you download 100MB ROM, you would have to spend 100 points.

RomUlation is a freemium site. Though it has three premium plans, yet you can get various avenues to earn more points and continue downloading ROM without spending any money. In fact, if you’re a regular member, you would get 500 points credited to your account every day, until your balance reaches 50000 points.

You can always try their three premium plans for a better gaming experience. The plans would cost you $29.99, $19.99 and $9.99 respectively. The time durations are 6 months, 3 months and 1 month respectively. They accept both cards and PayPal. The last time I checked, there was a 25% discount going on.

Premium members can enjoy unlimited downloading, without any account restrictions. Though most of the users are happy with RomUlation’s services, still my suggestion is you keep track of some RomUlation alternatives.

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Top RomUlation Alternatives

In case you can’t afford the premium plans and the normal plan does not serve your purpose, there are always some free alternatives to RomUlation which you can try. Scroll on.

DopeROMS Romulation alternatives
Play Classic Games on DopeROMS

The first name in my list of RomUlation alternatives is, DopeROMS.

Like a typical emulating site, DopeROMS lets you play retro video games on your PC, laptop, and Mobile.

The best feature of this site is, it is completely ad-free. You can directly get ROMs and Emulators for Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation PSX and so on. Add to that DopeROMS has a very supportive customer support team which would guide you through every single step.

DopeROMS is also a free alternative to RomUlation, and they let the users contribute free ROMs in their site if only they are willing to do so.

Hence, for a huge stock of free ROMs, you need to visit their site now!

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CoolROM Romulation alternatives
CoolROM offers retrogaming on PC, MAC and other OS

The next name is CoolROM, which is one of the free alternatives to RomUlation.

Like any other ROM sites, CoolROM provides you thousands of free Emulator and ROMs as well. But where CoolROM shines brighter than other RomUlation alternatives is in its speed and safety. It is completely virus free, and their downloader works as an executable program, which makes it one of the fastest ROM downloading sites in the block.

They have a huge collection of retro classics like Atari 2600, Atari Jaguar, Gameboy Color, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, MAME and so on.

In fact, they have game screenshots and video tutorials to help you get ahead in the game.

If you are one of those gamers who get totally nostalgic over old games, then CoolROM is definitely your best choice.

Visit Website Here

Empuradise Romulation alternatives
Official portal of Empuradise

The third name in the list of free RomUlation alternatives is Empuradise.

Along with ROMs and Emulators, Empuradise provides you free video games, music, game related magazines and books, comic scans and even video game related movies and TV shows. Therefore, you can understand how enriched their collection is.

They have a lot to offer to the Game buffs. They have thousands of ROMs, ISOs, and Emulators, and each day they are increasing their collection further. The speed they provide is commendable, and their retro game collection is simply irresistible.

Their website is extremely user-friendly, with each section bifurcated into several subsections to help you out.

I can assure you that Empuradise would never disappoint you. So, sign up now.

Note: It is to be noted that, there is a minor difference between a ROM and an ISO. A ROM stores game data in the form of a cartridge, whereas an ISO uses the CD format.

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ROMNation Romulation alternatives
Official portal of Romnation

ROMNation is one of the free RomUlation alternatives which has a nice collection of ROMs and Emulators. But what keeps it behind the other names in this list are the unnecessary ads.

Apart from that, ROMNation is a user-friendly site. Its stocks include Amstrad ROMs, Atari Jaguar ROMs, Nintendo Game Boy ROMs, Nintendo NES ROMs, Oric ROMs and so forth. If Ad pop-ups don’t bother you much, you can give ROMNation a shot.

Visit Website Here

Rom Hustler
Rom Hustler Romulation alternatives
Official portal of Romhustler

Another place where you can play the retro games and relive your nostalgia is the Rom Hustler. It is one of the free RomUlation alternatives where you can find ROMs, Emulators as well as screenshots and visuals of different games. Their site scores are high in terms of user responsiveness.

In both ROMs as well as Emulator sections, there are alphabets in order to help you in searching the name of the game you’re looking for. Apart from that, various other filters are there as well.

Rom Hustler has a vast collection of PSX, GBA ROMs, NDS ROMs, etc.

For more queries visit their website.

Visit Website Here

RomsMania Romulation alternatives
Official portal of Romsmania

RomsMania is the next name in this list of RomUlation alternatives. RomsMania is one of the best alternatives to RomUlation when it comes to old games.

Their collection includes some rare games like Pokemon – Fire Red Version, Super Mario World, Pokemon – Ruby Version, Donkey Kong Country, Dragonball Z and many more. Is there anyone who has not played these games at least once in their childhood?

You can play these games on your PC, MAC or mobile phone. Their collection of consoles is also noteworthy. It includes Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo, Nintendo DS and so on.

The gamers who truly want to re-experience their childhood reminiscence, RomsMania is your best option.

Visit Website Here

Vizzed Romulation alternatives
Official portal of Vizzed

Vizzed has been created by David Auchampach with the vision to offer the retro games to the game buffs, as well as to preserve those retro classics.

Vizzed is a free RomUlation alternative which has something to offer for everyone in the family, starting from kids, the teens and also the adults. Vizzed lets you socialize with other gamers in the form of their chat room facility.

They also offer facilities like Vizzed Board, Vizzed Game Music Room, etc. When you’re entering the Vizzed retro game room, you’re basically renting the digital versions of those games, and if you desire, you can download them as well.

All the games are free on this site. Also, they have a strong privacy policy, so you don’t need to worry about your personal information getting leaked. Vizzed is quite versatile in its offerings, some of its services include, Vizzed game room, Chat room, Virtual Bible, Retro game room, Emulator, Radio, Widgets and many more.

If playing Retro games is your passion, then you can definitely try this site.

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Romworld  Romulation alternatives
Official portal of Romworld

The next free alternative to RomUlation is Romworld. Romworld specializes in SNES ROMs, but you can also get ROMs for other systems (SEGA, MAME, etc.) as well as emulation benefits here. In the Emulator section, you can download mainly three types of Emulators, which are, ZSNES, MAME, and Gens. In-fact ZSNES can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, and Dos. Their game list is also a long one comprising of some really cool games.

For more queries, visit their official website now.

Visit Website Here 

Gameboy Advance Roms
Romulation gba
Pursue the memory of Nintendo Games with Gameboy Advance ROMS

Gameboy Advance Roms site does not only offer you free ROMs and Emulators for Nintendo games but also provides you with tutorials and information so that you can have a smooth gaming experience.

Gameboy Advance is one of those RomUlation alternatives, whose offering does not limit itself to ROMs and Emulators only. They offer you many free Gameboy games, Gameboy Advance(GBA) Flash Cards and so on.

The GBA Emulator lets you play Nintendo games in systems like Windows PC, MAC, Linux, etc. which are normally unauthorized to play such games.

GBA ROMs on the other hand stores the game data.

To play some stimulating Nintendo games, you must sign up for this site.

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FreeROMs Romulation alternatives
Download ROMS and emulators completely free from FreeROMS

The final place in this list of RomUlation alternatives is occupied by FreeROMs. From the name, it is clear that this site offers you ROMs for free. Their list of free ROMs includes Atari, Gameboy Advance, MAME, Nintendo 64, NEOGEO and so on. For each ROMs, you would get a large number of games to choose from. So, try now.

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This was more or less my list of some free RomUlation alternatives. You can give them all a shot.

So, Keep gaming!