Share selected text with Quoty Free WordPress Plugin

By Tapas Pal Updated

Social media engagement is a proven tactic to grow your site audience. Engaging your audience in social activities will increase your subscriber count in various social networks and strengthen your brand image. Today, we look at Quoty – a simple WordPress plugin to share selected text on popular social networks. It’s simple, easy and free.

Share selected text with Quoty

Quoty is a free WordPress plugin available in the official WordPress plugins repository. Once you download, install and activate the plugin, your visitors can start sharing any text on the page by highlighting them.

Once the user highlights a portion of text, they have the option to share it on popular networks. Currently Quoty supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and GooglePlus. The sharing options appear in a nice little popup.

This is a simple plugin with minimal settings. You can access the settings page by going to Dashboard > Settings > Quoty

quoty settings

You can enable or disable any of the five supported social platforms by checking or uncheking the related check boxes.

The other option is to specify a CSS selector. Sharing options will only be visible when the selected text has a parent with the specified CSS selector. If your theme is using any other class name than entry-content then you need to enter the proper CSS selector here.

And that’s all this plugin has to offer. Your users can now easily share the content they like on popular social network sites.

Did you find this plugin useful? What other sharing methods do you use on you blog? Let us know in the comments section below.