Top 12 Remarkable Sites like Buzzfeed for More Entertainment

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By Soma Banik Updated

A fresh morning, a cup of hot coffee and a mobile feed full of Buzzfeed news, I could not ask for more just a few years back also. Founded in the year of 2006, team Buzzfeed has been delivering entertainment news, juicy gossips, fun and cool news for more than one decade, and they are amazing. There was a time when Buzzfeed was the one and only king of the digital world. But now the market is full of cooler sites, and the sites are powerhouses of entertainment. We are going to present here the list of top twelve amazing sites like Buzzfeed. So, are you ready to fly? Then buckle up, here you go.

Top 12 Remarkable Sites like Buzzfeed

mashable Buzzfeed like sites

Pete Cashmore created Mashable from his home in Aberdeen. And within a short span of time, Mashable became a household name. The brand has won a number of notable accolades and one of them was ’25 best blogs of 2009’.

Mashable is fondly called the ‘One Stop Shop’ for social media. Just like Buzzfeed, Mashable delivers trending news and entertaining contents. They have a wide variety of categories like Video, Entertainment, Culture, Tech, Social Food, Business, Science and few more.

Mashable not only has millions of readers but they also boast of having a huge number of followers on social media too. On Twitter, they have over 6 Million and on Facebook over 3.2 Million followers. Undoubtedly, Mashable is one of the best sites like Buzzfeed.

Do you want to explore few articles on Mashable?

popsugar sites like buzzfeed

PopSugar popped up as a personal blog and became an American Media and Technology company soon. From beauty to fashion, fitness, mom, life, food and many more – PopSugar offers all. This site like Buzzfeed was launched in 2006 by a married couple as a pop culture blog.

With diverse category and great blogs in its kitty, PopSugar is a great option and deserves to be among the best sites like Buzzfeed.

bored panda sites like buzzfeed

BoredPanda is actually a blog but basically more than the ambit of a blog. This blog offers visually appealing contents. This site like Buzzfeed literally covers every topic one could think of.

It has categories like Art, Photography, Animals, DIY, Illustration, Product Design, Architecture and a lot more. One can become a member on this site and can like or dislike a particular content. The articles are written very amusingly.

Overall, this site has got all the glitters like Buzzfeed. Explore at least one article and you will find out yourself that why we are considering it in the list of sites like Buzzfeed.

funny or die sites like buzzfeed

Funny or Die – The name says it all. This site like Buzzfeed is basically a video-based site rather than article based. This is a comedy video website and film/television production company. If you are extremely bored with your life and want some huge fun then this is an ideal site for you.

This site also focuses on trending and buzzing news. The videos are mostly user provided, while some are absolutely original.

The original videos have hilarious concepts and amazing star casts. Funny or Die exclusive videos feature Selena Gomez, Daniel Radcliffe, Hillary Duff, Jim Carrey and many more celebs. Those funny contents will definitely make your day. The link provided below would definitely give you an insight that why we consider it to be one one of the best sites like Buzzfeed.


digg buzzfeed like sites

Do you want to know ‘What the internet is talking about right now’? Then Digg is the answer for you. As the name says, this site digs up all the viral and trending news from the internet and presents before you.

Earlier it had a member-controlled home page where the members could upvote or downvote an article much like Reddit. After its re-launch in 2012, Digg’s home page is controlled by their staff. The staff members curate the stories according to the virality and trend.

Now, Digg has become a news aggregation site. This site like Buzzfeed is a den of interesting and trending articles. Before 2012, it did not have any share button. Now, readers can share a viral news on their social media handles. Overall, Digg definitely has a right to be in the list of sites like Buzzfeed.

college humor sites like buzzfeed

Another gemstone in the list of sites like Buzzfeed is College Humor. It is a comedy website based in Los Angeles that is owned by InterActiveCorp.

The site is full of funny images, articles, videos, and links. College Humor maintains a very funny tone in their writings and contents. It has categories like Videos, Comics, Love/Relationships, Movies/TV, WTF, Life, Food etc. The tagline is really catchy, it says ‘The Funniest Stuff on the Internet’.

College Humor has a very popular YouTube channel that publishes award-winning sketches, animations, music videos etc.

Are you already curious to know about them? Visit their website to get your daily dose of entertainment.

cracked sites like buzzfeed

If you love entertainment news with a touch of humor, then Cracked can be your choice. The site like Buzzfeed is popular as America’s Only Humour Site.

It was initially launched in 1958 as a magazine; in 2005 it was launched separately as a website.

Humour is the key here, this site gets around 300 million page views every month. Not only great articles, the website also includes videos, forums, monthly image manipulation competition like Photoplasty, Pictoplasty and many more attractive things. Cracked has a forum where members are all very active.

Moreover, if you are a creative and funny content writer or love to write humorous contents, then Cracked is offering you a job! They openly call for writers throughout the year. If you can nail down the opportunity, then definitely they would pay you for that. Cracked has every element to be on the list of sites like Buzzfeed.

So, are you excited enough to check their site?

little things sites like buzzfeed

Life is all about little moments and little things. Little Things is the exact Buzzfeed like site that portrays everything meaningful related to our life like Food, Parenting, Pets, DIY, etc.

Little Things believes in the power of positivity. This site publishes meaningful, engaging contents and gets around 50 million visitors each month.

This site has an amazing visual appeal which immediately catches the eyes. The contents are really entertaining and thus, Little Things can definitely be a star among the sites like Buzzfeed.


9 gag sites like buzzfeed

9Gag is a Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website. This site is quite popular in its niche and has millions of followers on all social media platforms.

9Gag has an amazing visual appeal. The type of contents and GIFs published on the cover page are extremely eye-catching.

They have a wide variety of categories like Travel, Classical Art Memes, Photography, Food, Crafts, GIF, Video, etc.

Do you want to spend some good time? This site is undoubtedly one of the best sites like Buzzfeed which can provide you the quality time you’re looking for.


diply sites like buzzfeed

Diply is a social news website published by GoViral, that is based in London. It is counted among top 100 most powerful websites in the world and among top 20 in Canada.

This Buzzfeed like site delivers entertaining and engaging articles, videos and news that can initiate social conversations. Categories like Funny, Entertainment, Life, Videos and Inspiration makes this site quite clean and intellectual. The interface looks very polished, unlike other websites of the same niche.

Diply is a one-stop solution, a full package of entertainment contents. These stellar features make Diply one of the best sites like Buzzfeed.

bright side sites like buzzfeed

Are you a creative person who loves creative writings? Then this site is exclusively for you. Bright Side is all about creative and inspirational contents.

The articles are well curated and amazingly narrated. We would suggest you have a look at their ‘About’ section. The amount of love that has been poured into the writing, that is incredible.

They publish around 15 to 20 articles per day. The site is full of positive vibes. And any reader would definitely love that. If you are looking for beautiful engaging contents daily, then you must consider Bright Side.


vice sites like buzzfeed

Vice is a popular print magazine and the website mainly focusses on culture, arts, and news topics.

This site gives its viewers two options namely Read and Watch, which is commendable. Because the visitors either may watch a video or may read an article. They have categories like Politics, Entertainment, LGBTQ, Drugs, Photo, Magazine, etc. LGBT is something that rarely finds a place in a website category.

The contents are all quite intellectual and somewhat different from many. Vice definitely stands out to be one of the best sites like Buzzfeed.

Over the years, Buzzfeed has become a popular household name. They have some distinctive features that make them unique. But these 12 sites are also great alternatives to Buzzfeed in every way possible. We are pretty sure that our readers would love the suggestions. Thank you for reading. Want some more articles like this in your mailbox? Subscribe to Layerpoint for more.