13 Sites Like PrimeWire Ag – Continue Watching Movies Online

Sites like PrimeWire Ag - Is PrimWire Unblocked
By Tapas Pal Updated

What’s better than watching your favorite movie online? Watching movies online is the best thing movie lovers like to do. The main advantage of online streaming is that no time is wasted for downloading and no need to delete your essential files to download a movie. There are lots of online websites available to stream online videos including fake and real ones. But which one to trust? We saw the huge response PrimeWire ag was getting. But nowadays, individuals are more likely to know about the sites like PrimeWire ag.

Perhaps you aren’t getting what’s going on! I’m speaking about one of the most reliable online movie streaming sites: PrimeWire or PrimeWire ag, and how people are recently looking for other websites like PrimeWire ag since individuals are facing issues with PrimeWire getting blocked. I’ll discuss every nut and bolt about PrimeWire ag and the alternatives to PrimeWire ag that will essay the movie streaming site in a better way to you.

What is PrimeWire ag?

PrimeWire is every movie lover’s bookmark. A handy website which provides its users with an index of all popular movies from various video hosting websites and lets it users watch these movies online. One of the best features of PrimeWire ag is its categorized arrangement of movies. Other impressive features include search option in their vast movie archives, Filterable and sortable list of movies which come along with additional information to watch them online.

When everything seems fantastic, then why are people looking for the sites like PrimeWire ag? I’m quite certain that this question must have appeared to your mind. Well, PrimeWire ag was blocked in the UK in May 2016 by order of High Court. Moreover, MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) reported the site as a major threat for piracy! From then PrimeWire ag is on the topic with different domains. People are concerned whether the site is still blocked or is PrimeWire unblocked by now.

Unfortunately, PrimeWire ag has not been unblocked yet. So, the PrimeWire users may feel the need of the other alternatives to PrimeWire ag. And here I am to let you know about the worthiest.

Top handpicked Sites like PrimeWire Ag to Watch Online Videos

1) Hubmovie.cc

HubMovie - Sites Like PrimeWire Ag
One of the HubMovie domains: HubMovie.CC

We included Hubmovie.cc first on the list because it’s totally worth it. Hubmovie.cc is the best method to watch your favorite movies and TV shows online. Hubmovie.cc is a very simple website which is completely free of cost. Hubmovie.cc doesn’t require any registration for its users to stream movies online. The website doesn’t show any popup ads or produce any fake links. A hundred percent trustworthy app to view movies online for free. The only drawback of the app is that it mostly provides only one streaming option. So, what say? Can Hubmovies.cc be the answer to the sites like PrimeWire ag?

2) Alluc

Best Sites Like PrimeWire Ag - Alluc
A working domain of Alluc: Alluc.La

Alluc is different from Hubmovie.cc. Alluc is more like a search engine which provides tons of online streaming links to its users. Alluc is a free website and doesn’t waste your time with unnecessary advertisements. When you input your favorite movie in the search bar, Alluc searches the internet and gathers information and video streaming links about the film, and makes them viewable from the website itself.

Alluc also provides suggestions based on what others have searched on the website for. The best part about Alluc is that users don’t need to go through multiple sites in order to access video streaming links. Alluc brings all available streaming links on one page as your search. And all the advantages make Alluc one of the best sites like PrimeWire ag.

3) Terrarium TV

Alternatives to PrimeWire Ag - Terrarium TV
Logo of Terrarium TV App

An application which supports Android, Kindle and Chrome Cast. Terrarium TV lets Android users stream or Download their favorite movies online. The major feature of the application is that it can stream videos online in 1080p. Terrarium TV also has 1080p video download feature too. The application is free and available In Play Store. So, technically Terrarium TV cannot be considered as one of the sites like PrimeWire search result, but the app can be way more effective than the rest.

4) Streamza

Similar websites like PrimeWire Ag - Streamza
Official Website of Streamza

Streamza is more like a BitTorrent site which offers its users access to thousands of Torrent files on your Desktop or Mobile. Streamza is available on your iPhone, Mac, and Windows. Streamza acts as a simple BitTorrent remote in your hands. Streamza is able to fetch any kind of Torrent content from the World Wide Web for you. If you have created an account on Streamza, it’ll store your torrent content on your account safe and sound. Streamza also lets you share your Torrent content with your friends. Moreover, this is a completely free service.

5) Shaanig

Shaanig - Best sites like PrimeWire Ag
A domain of Shaanig: Shaanig.site

Shaanig lets its users watch movies online anytime anywhere without any registration or fee. One of the most reliable sites like PrimeWire Ag, Shaanig also provides an online directory to make searching for your favorite movies easier and faster. Shaanig doesn’t have any irritating popup ads nor doesn’t need any registration. So, now you don’t need to check if PrimeWire is unblocked or not, just visit Shaanig.

6) TUBE+

Tube Plus - best PrimeWire Alternatives to stream online movies
Tubeplus.bz: A working domain of Tube +

Watch the latest movies, TV Shows and other videos online for free with TUBE+. This online video streaming site also has a huge movie archive which will surely have most of your favorite movies. TUBE+ is also known as the world’s biggest video streaming website. If you want trouble-free video watching experience, and looking for the reliable sites like PrimeWire ag, TUBE+ is perhaps what you’re trying to find.

7) Movie4u

Best sites like PrimeWire for online video streaming - Movie4u
Available Movie4U domain - Movie4u.ws

Movie4u is a high-quality video streaming platform which lets its users view Movies and TV shows online for free. Browse through their huge movie and TV show collection and view them online without any issues. The website is completely free and doesn’t require any registration in order to use it. The website doesn’t create any confusion by showing popup ads. So, Movie4u may be the endpoint of the sites like PrimeWire ag search.

8) MovieZion

Online movie streaming websites like PrimeWire Ag - MovieZion
onemoviezion.pro - MovieZion website domain

MovieZion promises online movie streaming service which is hundred percent advertisement free. The site doesn’t require any registration, charge or Credit Card details. MovieZion can be accessed by any of your internet supporting device from Android devices to Xbox. MovieZion also lets you download your favorite movies for free. The website also provides information about latest releases and stream their trailers for you online. Have you got your answer to the sites like PrimeWire?

9) MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher - Best PrimeWire Alternatives for online movie streaming
an available MovieWatcher domain: moviewatcher.is

MovieWatcher is an online video streaming website which is totally free. The specialty of MovieWatcher is that it not only streams movies online but also provides a very detailed information about the movie. From actors to the reviews, MovieWatcher provides all info about each and every movie, they bring in front of you. So, if you’re kind of a person, like to know more about the movie you watch, MovieWatcher may be a flexible solution for you.

10) Vumoo

Vumoo - sites like PrimeWire Ag to watch movie online
Available domain of Vumoo: vumoo.li

Vumoo is a free online video streaming site which doesn’t require any registration fee or no need to create an account to use it. The website is completely free and user-friendly. Vumoo also lets it users download movies for free. The website has an optimal user interface which will make you addicted to the site. Do you still care for PrimeWire getting unblocked or not? I don’t think so.

11) Megashare

Megashare - finest sites like PrimeWire Ag for online movie watching
Working domain of Megashare: megasharesc.com

A simple and free website which streams online movies, Megashare also lets its users download movies for free! Megashare will never irritate you with popup ads or register now messages. Megashare has a huge archive of Hollywood movies which every movie lover will love to watch. They updated their database astoundingly fast. And when you get all these facilities with an option to download the movies, what else does it take a site to be among the best sites like PrimeWire?

12) ZMovies.CC

Zmovies.CC - Best sites like PrimeWire to watch online Movies
Website of Zmovies - Zmovies.CC

This website brings you online movie streaming in a different way. Everything in this website is sorted and prepared according to different movie genres. Let it be Action, Comedy or Horror everything is sorted and arranged in order for you. Select your favorite and play them right away. One of the best interfaced online movie streaming websites.  So, forget about searching repeatedly whether PrimeWire ag is unblocked when ZMovies.cc is there as a replacement.

13) Nettwix

Nettwix is a free site of Netflix and one of the best sites like Netflix
Nettwix.com: A free site of Netflix

Yes, as the similarity in the name, Nettwix is the free version of Netflix. With moreover the same interface and features this website is a Netflix killer which has all the super cool TV shows and movies that Netflix also has! This website is really a money saver and you don’t have to waste a single penny to use this website. Free, no registration charges and no ads at all. Don’t waste any more time, and bookmark Nettwix.com right away. So, it doesn’t matter if PrimeWire is unblocked or not. You have the free version of NETFLIX!

[Caution: Some of the above sites may not be legitimate depending on the regions. So, be cautious before visiting.]

There we go! This is the list of the most deserving sites like PrimeWire ag I found for you after immense research. I hope that all of these websites will be really useful and helpful to you. Let us know other online movie streaming websites which you are familiar with but still not on this list in the comments section below.