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Is Softonic Safe
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

“Safety starts with Awareness. Awareness starts with you.” – Bernie Inman. This quote is relevant to every aspect, especially to the modern internet world. Currently, half of the world’s overall population use the internet, and most of the internet geeks download tons of software on their Smartphone, PC, and Tablets.

The software and applications may make any job easy for a human being, but a negative outcome also appears with the increasing use of internet and gadgets. Presently, the damages caused by Malware are threatening the internet safety in a big way. With the improvement of other technologies, Malware is also getting too smart to detect. And the millions of the day-to-day downloads of various software and programs causing the damage only augmenting.

Today, you can discover any kind of applications and software in the portals such as Softonic. But many individuals are dreaded to download from Softonic, owing to a single question: Is Softonic safe?

What is Softonic?

Is softonic safe - what is Softonic

Softonic is a Barcelona based application and software discovery portal and established in 1997. Presently, the portal gains over 100 million users on a monthly basis and enjoys a massive 6 million downloads daily. Despite its huge popularity, current Softonic review is turning to be an obstacle in its glory. The viruses detected in the downloaded files of Softonic are questioning the site’s authenticity and reliability. The old and new users are facing a serious concern, ‘is Softonic safe to download?’

Is Softonic Safe? Allegations on the Portal

Softonic has walked 20 long years with pride and a great collection of apps and software, but in recent time, the installer is facing fierce accusations from numerous online communities and users. The portal is blamed for the abrupt modifications of free and copyrighted third-party software. Moreover, communities and individuals are pointing fingers at them for adding Malware, Adware, and viruses to the apps and software.

Nevertheless, Softonic didn’t suppress and worked on growing their storage of free application and software despite this firestorm of criticism. Today, Softonic has approximately 1,60,000 software titles to download. Many online creators advise the users not to download a software from Softonic and recommend downloading from creator’s own site.

Softonic Review – Based on the Site’s Resources

Before answering to your primary concern is Softonic safe, and providing you the data gathered from recent online feedbacks of the users, let me tell you what the portal service contains as per the resources.

According to the official page, the main motto of Softonic is delivering the virus-free software and making the downloading completely safe. The installer has developed an impressive collection of more than 1,60,000 software titles in its prolonged 20 years of systematizing world’s software. Now, the portal claims to remove the Malware and viruses permanently from the corrupted software. Despite the incredible step of this massive development of the Softonic software and application discovery taken by the portal, some people, nonetheless, never stopped reporting about the adware and malware threats. Let’s jump to the user feedback and statistics to get some precise information.

WOT Data

Softonic Review - WOT
WOT shows 85% trustworthiness and 86% child safety for Softonic

If you ask, ‘Can I trust Softonic?’ or ‘Is Softonic safe to download?’, you’ll never get a negative answer from WOT (Web of Trust)! You’ll discover 85% trustworthiness for Softonic rated by the users which is quite a high rate for an installation portal. The main twist in the rating is you’ll discover more negative feedback than positive ones despite the good ratings! Users have reported about the annoying Adware and Softonic virus.

Google Safe Browsing

Is Softonic legal - Google Safe Browsing
Softonic is totally safe according to Google Safe Browsing

Google Safe Browsing is the tool developed by Google to detect the Malware and viruses in a particular website content. If you run a test on on Google Safe Browsing, the result will tell you ‘No unsafe content found!’

Virus Total

Is Softonic legit - Virus Total
Softonic is regarded as clean site by Virus Total and gets only 4 malicious votes

Virus Total also runs a survey on the incorporated site on its search bar and informs you whether the site is safe. After you enter the website URL of Softonic and search, you’ll see a green ‘Clean Site’ result for almost every software from Softonic. So, no Softonic virus is detected on Virus Total, only 4 Malicious votes can be found!

Norton Safe Web

Is Softonic safe to download - Norton Safe Web
Norton Safe Web doesn't find any threats on Softonic but community rating seems the opposite

Similar to the above three virus detecting tools, Norton Safe Web also listed in the category and reports if anything goes wrong with a site. When Norton analyzes Softonic for safety and security measures, it doesn’t detect any issue associated with the site. It delivers zero Computer Threats, zero Identity Threats, and zero Annoyance factors.

AVG Threat Labs

Is softonic safe - AVG Threat Labs
AVG threat labs rates Softonic safe with 12 malware from 275 compromised pages

AVG Threat Labs is also considered to be one of the most exceptional tools to detect the malicious content on a website. When checked in the site, the results were quite positive with a Safe Rating! They found 12 malware among 275 compromised pages. The small number of negative user feedback made the site come up with the positive outcome for ‘Is Softonic safe to download’ query!

You may be thinking why the Softonic review generated from the popular sites doesn’t indicate any symbol of Softonic virus despite numerous complaints and negative feedback from users! Let’s take a quick glimpse of the probable reason.

Reason for Positive Softonic Review by Websites Despite Negative User Feedback

When I found this sort of contradiction in the search results, I decided to dig more! I was surprised to know the results and the reason of positivity in spite of the negative feedback. After checking multiple online resources that contain reviews of Softonic, I discovered something worthwhile. The reviews dating back to 3-4 years are more favorable than the recent ones. So, it can be said, with time, Softonic has degraded concerning malware, virus, and adware in the software. The review sites and online forums such as Quora, How to Geek and Velocity Reviews seem positive about Softonic even before a couple of years ago. The reviews present in WOT at that time span are on the same wave.

Let’s take a glance at the reports made by users that put weight on the negative part of the question Is Softonic safe?

User Reports on Safety Issues of Softonic

I’ve tried to jot down the most troublesome issues regarding Softonic. So, let’s check out what problems users are fronting while using the installation portal.

Causes Malware while Promises to Protect from Malware

Softonic Review - Causes Malware itself
A user reports Softonic itself causes malware while claiming malware-free software

Rather than a safety against Malware and Adware, a majority of the users consider Softonic as the source of those. Reportedly, whenever an end-user tries to download his/her desired software from Softonic, automatically other unwanted programs (even viruses) get downloaded. If your device detects the virus and deletes it, the downloaded program stops work accordingly! Users need to go through a lengthy procedure to clean their device once located the malware from a downloaded software. Lack of antivirus can cause lethal damage to user’s device.

Outdated Program

Is Softonic legal - Outdated Program
According to a user Softonic provides outdated software

You may download a particular program from Softonic knowing you’re accessing the updated version of it. But once installed, don’t be shocked if find the downloaded program version to be outdated. There are various complaints about the outdated version of a program on Softonic. So, is Softonic safe? I doubt it.

Take Control of the Device

Is Softonic legit - Take Control of Device
Softonic takes control of device according to users

Another significant concern users go through with Softonic is the control that Softonic takes over after it is downloaded and installed. According to some users, they can’t get back to the internet after installing particular program from Softonic. The possible reason is the app space is entirely taken up. Sometimes the program turns itself into the homepage of the device!

Annoying Advertisements

Is Softonic safe - Annoying Advertisements
Unnecessary advertisement is a big drawback of Softonic - User review

Many negative feedbacks have been discovered regarding numerous advertisements displayed on Softonic. The aggressive advertisements and popups make the downloading experience pretty bothersome for the users. If you want to get rid of these irritating ads, Adblockers may do wonders.


Is Softonic safe to download - Downgrading
Softonic downgrades the device systems including OS - reviewed by a user

Some of the Softonic users complained about their device’s software downgraded after downloading or installing a program from Softonic. Since the installation portal takes control of a device as mentioned earlier, it has the potential to downgrade a software. A user, for instance, reported his Vista OS downgraded to XP!

So, these are the main concerns and threats related to Softonic, according to the users. Well, the portal has got some positive feedbacks as well. In their opinion, Softonic is quite delightful.

Is Softonic safe to download - Positive Review
A user finds Softonic good to use and trusts the site

Leaving some of the positive Softonic reviews, most of the ‘Is Softonic safe to download’ answers are firmly negative. The most dreadful problem users face regarding the installation portal is its unwanted auto-download of cookies, Malware, and threatening programs. Softonic wasn’t receiving the flood of negative review until one or a couple of years. In my opinion, Softonic needs to work extremely hard to get the things back into shape.

It ultimately depends on you whether you’d like to pursue with the download on Softonic. But make sure you don’t step into any trap in the form of clickable ads and additional programs while downloading.