Spam Arrest Review – How To Stop Endless Repetition Of Worthless Text

Spam arrest
By Suman Ghosal Updated

Nowadays, science is the every moment you feel around. And innovation is one of the best ways to improve the conceptual thinking on it.  From the discovery of fire to the age of the computer, science is modified several times and in every second it continues its journey to the eternal truth of the universe. In sixteen century its Leonardo Da Vinci first imagines the concept of wireless connection and today’s we are in the era of the internet.

The Internet is the best gift to the human kind. Modern science makes our lifestyle beyond the book`s story, maybe we are exactly lead the life “Where knowledge is free,….Where words come out from the depth of truth”.  Now all the times, as we think, human creativity has not flowed to the right track. Sometimes the best gift, the internet comes to us just like the big threat which is nothing but the productivity of dark side of human mind.

The Internet offers us a huge number of work options that passively or actively help to finish your desired task. Emailing is one of the vital works that you can use in several of the fields such as personal messaging, business purpose information sharing, internet authorization server Log In verification, registration in some online helping desk and a plenty of operation in the virtual world. Now you are a cyber-junky, right? And you become a little bit interested to know about the term you shared last week, Spam. Spam is the big threat of the internet and it becomes more dangerous day by day.

Now you may be grasped about the topic, you may ask me what the Spam actually is? Today we are with you to introduce the wrong application the internet bulk mailing. We are also discussing the filtering system existing already to protect yourself from these unwanted messages. Let’s start it with all the technical details that you have to know about Spam.

A Brief script on Spam Arrest, Spam filtering system- how does it work

What is Spam Exactly?

Actually, the word Spam means “Unsolicited Bulk Email” (UBE) when it applied to Emails means. The term Unsolicited means that the user or the authorization is not granted the verifiable permission to receive such type of messages. In other hands, Bulk implies that the emails are sent as a part of a massive collection of messages and all of it having substantively identical content.

what is spam

You can simply define Spam as the unwanted messages that sent to a large number of existing email addresses that eventually contain the same type of content or mostly the Advertising. A spammer usually sends the emails to a trillion of people through their mailing addresses, meanwhile, a very few of them interact or responds to this email. This message is considered as Spam to the existing people who do no need of it. The process is called email spamming.

The irrelevant messages come with the tag line losing the extra pounds, refinancing your home, instant loans, madi-calm, personal loans, car insurance, hair re-growth, astropeek, astrology advice etc. all are considered as the spam message. Defiantly spamming other people is not so cool. Spamming is considered as one of the most dangerous violence or cyber-crime according to the Federation Trade Commission of America.

Points to be noted

  • A message is recognized as a Spam only if it is both the Unsolicited and Bulk. Technically you can not consider a message as Spam if it only the Unsolicited or Bulk in nature.
  • Unsolicited messages are normal message.

Examples- first contact, job requirement emails, notification emails from the government, password changing setup confirmation emails for the third party forced to log in attempts, etc.

  • Theoretically, Bulk emails are normal emails in nature.

Examples- info mails from the channels you subscribed, important emails from banks or commercial fields, youtube channels, news channels, software update installation notification for your device.

  • The concept of Spam is totally relative in nature. It depends upon the relevancy of the recipient.

Technical definition of Spam – email Spamming

email spamming

An electronic message is called Spam if – 1) the recipient`s own context and identity are irrelevant because of the message is equally distributed to many other potential recipients, and

2) the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate, explicit, and still revocable permission for it to be sent.

Various types of Spam exist in the world of Internet

types of spam

Now a day Spam is a common word in the cyber world. Approximately 80 % of all emails in the mailing traffic is spam. So we clearly said that active correspondence through emails is impossible without spam protection. Basically, the coding language of spam is English but spam also exists in our world in several languages such as Chinese, Asian, Korean etc.

There is a different type of internet spamming. Here we classified spam depends upon its application over the cyber world:-

  1. E-mail Spam
  2. Usenet newsgroup spam
  3. Web search engine spam
  4. Mobile phone messaging spam
  5. Internet forum spam
  6. Junk fax transmission
  7. Mobile app spam for Android
  8. Wiki spam
  9. Social spam
  10. Spam in blogs or online content
  11. Instant messaging spam
  12. Online classified spam
  13. Television advertising spam

Additionally, the type of spam and its extension over the internet is a very challenging expects. All the online spammer constantly changes their spamming ideas and extend the dimension of their offers. Spammers are always searching for the new innovative way to reach the unalert user. So day by day the categories of online spam increases rapidly and which would be the biggest question mark in front of the basic concept of Internet. On the basis of target concept of the online spam, it can be classified into more distinguished categories:-

  • Health, medicine, and healthcare spam
  • It and Computer spam
  • Personal finance spamming
  • Educational spam
  • Political content spamming
  • Advertising junk emails
  • Adult spamming

And also the concept of spamming in the new style is growing with acceleration. Spam is today`s trends and the internet noise sometimes become loud with the single group of words “spam is everywhere

Why we have to wary about Spam

spam dender

Your email is very important. It exposes your bank details, organization, personal information, messages, and several essential things. And you can`t leave your life without those crucial things. Now spam is the big challenge for those of your personal crucial emails and sometimes it is the dangerous threat to your existing website which might harm your financial support.

In addition to draining our time with a massive flow of junk messages, spam is also run dry a lot of network bandwidth. Though some types of spam are harmless and we can delete or sent to your trash bin folder without any hesitation. But in today`s cyber world, maximum numbers of spam is coming as the virus or malware in nature. It is now possible for the black hat spammer to spoil your life via the internet.  They can hijack all of your personal information just by sending a simple spam link. They also trapped your website domain and can change any type of transaction flow to their own web.

In the world of spam, fishing is one of the dangerous things. Have you ever receive an unsolicited email from some unknown person who claims that he is willing to pay you million of dollars but what they only need from you, the basic information about you. Sometimes you also see that they need to access your bank account. That the spam no doubt.

Consequently, already there are many organizations, private software Provider Company as well as some individuals who have deep knowledge on it and they try their level best to protect the web from the evil effect of spam. But because of the internet is public, there are really insufficient options to destroy the dangerous effect of black hat spamming. Nowadays it is impossible to prevent the effect of junk mails.

Spam Arrest – Take Control of Your Inbox

email security

Spam is the big threat for today`s cyber world. And email spamming is one of its major parts over the last decade. People say the one and the only way to prevent yourself from being spammed is to avoid the internet. But you know it`s impossible to spend a little second without internet. Some of the global organizations are set up a few techniques to protect the cyber-world from the effect of spam over the internet. Many of them provide us the online operational software to protect your inbox from receiving continuous bulk emails. Those online software comes with paid/non-paid version that gives you spam filtering service is known as the spam arrest application.

Spam filter:- Spam Arrest

spam filter

Actually, spam Arrest is a computer program that is used to detect the unwanted junk emails and prevent the third party from sending such type of bulk messages. Whereas spam arrest is a very helpful albeit a bit aggressive junk email filtering service that looks for certain principles on which it bases judgments. Like other types of filtering service, it requires some basic maintenance, sometimes your personal requirements to detect what are the exact spam files for your inbox or your website domain. Spam arrest users to delete all the detected junk mails or the malware from your email folder. But it can`t work until you download a valid software or you have to access it through spam arrest`s online 1GB web-based email filtering service.


  • Spam arrest can delete all type bulk messages you ever receive from any unwanted party.
  • 100% of automated spam is detected and blocked by this program
  • One can get a new ultimate secure email address ( while protecting your old 1 &1 existing mailing address.
  • Access your email using your favorite IMAP/POP3 compatible program.
  • You can use your email from anywhere using its powerful webmail features.
  • A fixable and comparatively easy web based interface helps you to access your inbox in a comfortable way
  • Without the installation of any additional software, you can use your email from any web browser.
  • It provides SMTP features (a slandered protocol that automatically added the very person or the organization to your wishlist so that they can reply without any automated delectation.
  • You can protect up to 5 different existing email inbox into only one spam free inbox.
  • You can customise your white-list based on email reception from sender email, sender domain, mailing list and more.
  • An antivirus protection provided to the user for extreme protection.
  • Industry-standard SPF technology that prevents the Phishing e-mails.
  • Auto-reply features for the user when they are away from their device.
  • Mail box forwarding service to your mobile or wireless device makes your inbox handy.
  • 1 GB of online storage including your emails storage.
  • Auto back up of all the important messages from your mailbox.


  • Spam Arrest does not distinguish to challenge only email sender whose mail is not a spam.
  • The anti-spam features sustain from the problems that are very much familiar with response/challenge filters.
  • If you approved some third party mailing address to make it messaging you, then in further case it may make you spammed.

How Spam Arrest Works?

Now it is possible to Set up the Spam Arrest protection on your email-box and define the level of spam you receive to block them forever. It is also possible to customise your Spam Arrest by farther choosing of Custom settings.

Now may be there exist a question on your mind that how the spam filter like Spam Arrest works? What the actual steps it follows to detect all the spam messages in the very second you install the online application! Today we are with you to define it step by step.

What you have to do at first

  • First, you have to install the Spam Arrest online program to your mailbox containing net browsing device.
  • Successfully enter your existing email address that you want to clean up first.
  • Enter a Spam Arrest particular password to keep it only to yourself.
  • Customised the spam blocking options you want to get from the program.
  • Insert more email address (up to 5 different addresses) that you want to protect.

What Spam Arrest do

  • First, it fetches new emails from up to three POP and IMAP accounts every two minutes
  • Automatically removes mail from blocked senders
  • Every unsolicited mail sender got a challenging message which they can be used to authorize.
  • Spam arrest offers you to authorized the senders manually
  • The email address was given by the Spam arrest and the 1GB of free online storage offers you to ultimate protection of your important emails.
  • Spam arrest offers you a bit slow web-based email service to use it.
  • After deleting of spam messages it blocks the spammer or the automated spamming software for ever to send bulk junk mails.
  • Detection of the spam messages definitely depends upon the user spam blocking optimization to the settings panel.

Do you think Spam Arrest is the Ultimate solution for the Bulk cyber world?

Unfortunately, the spam filtering service like as Spam Arrest is not without challenge. It also suffers from the complication of challenge/response architectures. The challenging mails can be irritating or puzzling to particular senders and the massive real objection to legitimate bulk mailers. Unknowingly If you once approve a black spammer to send you only one sample of the bulk message, the spammer will easily find the gateway to spamming you without any problem. This is the biggest drawback of Spam faltering organization exist in our earth. So Spam arrest is not out of the challenge from the sentence—“Spam is everywhere”.

Hay! I spammed you through this content! HA HA HA!  Just kidding. So this is our evening times, we hope you enjoy the article. Be alert from being spammed. No more today. In the next article, we discuss some more about the different spam killers available on the market. Stay tuned. Baa Bye…