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How SpeedOf.Me Works
By Subhas Das Updated

SpeedOf.Me In the present scenario, it is very important to ensure the speed of your internet as good speed is essential for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and similar ones. The faster the speed, the faster you will be able to upload or download stuff. Good speed also enhances the picture and sound quality of what you are watching or listening to. Internet speed test is something which gives you the information regarding how much bandwidth is available to you at that particular time. By doing an Internet speed test we can find out whether we are getting enough bandwidth from our ISP for what we are paying for. We can also find out if our ISP is engaged in reducing the bandwidth through the network which is called bandwidth throttling. A large number of websites are now available for doing internet speed tests. SpeedOf.Me is one such website which works unlike most of the other similar websites.

Most of the internet speed testing websites employ Java and Flash for speed testing. Unlike these websites, SpeedOf.Me works via HTML5, which is built into your browser instead of via one of those third-party plugins. SpeedOf.Me was designed in December 2011. Since it directly tests bandwidth from the browser, it is certainly more accurate and reliable. Since it uses HTML5 technology, it can work in almost all browsers. And so, bandwidth test can be done on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. It is a lightweight website which doesn’t require the installation of any application for its working.

How SpeedOf.Me Works

A good server is to be selected before starting speed test. There may be variation in how each browser reacts and may affect the precision of the test result. If you have not chosen a proper browser then you may experience issues during tests.

Bandwidth is basically the amount of data traveling along your line while speed refers to the rate at which data is traveling. When it comes to testing the download speed, it is done by downloading a sample file of 128 kb size (Sample files have a fixed value of sizes varying from 128 KB to 128 MB). If this file takes less than 8 seconds for downloading the next sample is taken. Otherwise, it proceeds to upload test. If the sample takes more than 8 seconds that will be accepted and it is this file among all other downloaded samples that are taken for calculating download speed.

It is calculated using bandwidth graph and download duration. Upload test is also done in a similar way. A small sized sample file is uploaded and increased gradually till it takes more than 8 seconds to upload. This incremental mechanism is done for thorough and accurate testing.

The greatest advantage of using SpeedOf.Me is that it does not require any third party plugins, but only a proper browser which supports HTML5 very well. If the browser supports number of HTML5 features, then the result would be more accurate and precise. Test results can be saved as an image or PDF file. The smooth running is also one of the notable features of this website. Once the test is started, using CDN technology the best server is selected automatically by SpeedOf.Me. It benefits from around 88 super servers called PoP. There are a large number of PoP locations extending in 5 continents which are North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Despite all these unique features, there exist a few cons for SpeedOf.Me website. The graphics of the website is not pretty attractive like those of the similar websites. And also, the units in the results cannot be changed according to the user’s desire.

Speedof.me is Lightweight, so it runs quickly and smoothly intelligently determines the best testing servers. Over 59 servers are located across 5 continents. Results can be shared and saved as an image or PDF file.Uses HTML5 in place of Java or Flash. Works with both mobile and desktop. Browsers keep a history of test results can download a second-by-second detailed speed report.

The graphics of speedof.me aren’t as attractive as similar speed test sites.Can’t change the unit displayed in the results (e.g. megabit vs megabyte) No option to register for an account to keep a longer history of results


Speedof.me is as easy as tapping or clicking Start Test and waiting for the results. All the work is done behind the scenes.

Some of the Internet speed test sites download small chunks of data and maybe some viruses get along as well and then extrapolate the results to tell you how fast without any problem you can browse your network can upload and download files. SpeedOf.Me is different in that it keeps testing the connection with larger and larger file samples until it takes longer than 8 seconds to complete no matter how fast or slow.

And with all the best facilities provided by the speed of me, there also comes the fact that, you can’t change the results of a scan to display speeds in megabytes instead of megabits which are not supposed to be a determining factor when choosing a good interest speed test site though!

Speed of me is extremely easy to be used and by using this you can get the best of what you give and use downloading even the largest files with short time and putting them into small units within few seconds which make things smoother

Not everything about SpeedOf.Me is perfect though. For example, you can’t build a user account to keep track of past results like the popular Speedtest.net website lets you do. This means if you want to store your results over a long period of time you’ll have to download them to your computer

And once the results are shown, you can toggle either test on or off to focus on one or the other. Also, when printing or saving the results, you’ll get an exact copy of what you see on the chart, which means you can print the upload results alone if you wanted to do so. You can also select any part of the results and zoom closer to the chart for more clarification. Doing this enables speedof.me to save results within a specific time frame. If you have any doubts or queries on the speed testing website speedOf.me mention it below in the comments. We will rectify it immediately.