SpyPig A free email tracker

By Tapas Pal Updated

SpyPig Billions of emails are sent across the world each day. And a lot of you might have wished a hundred times that if you could only know whether the recipient has read your email or trashed it. Well, there is a free reading receipt service, SpyPig, which tracks your email. It notifies you when the recipient has opened and read your email. In this post, we are going to give a detailed guide to SpyPig.

What is SpyPig?

SpyPig is a simple, helpful and free email tracking system which works by using a tracking image, called as the SpyPig image.  You can get to know that your messages have reached to the destinations or not by embedding an image.

General steps to be followed

  • Create an account in SpyPig. Sign into your account and give your email address (the one on which you want to receive the notifications).
  • Insert the subject line to your message and select the image that you want to send.
  • Copy and paste the image before the timer comes to zero.
  • Type your normal message and send it to your naive recipient.

You can select anyone image from the available images – the blank image, the images with the pig face or the one that reads ‘I know you have read my email!’ You can also upload any image from your device.

How does SpyPig work?

When the recipient opens your email and clicks on the image, the image loads from the SpyPig’s server. The code that we paste has a unique identifier to the message. This allows the tool to send you an email when it has been read.

The sender and recipient must use an HTML-formatted email. The plain-text or rich-text formatted email does not work.

SpyPig generally works with all modern email applications: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Eudora and much more.

You can know the recipient’s IP address, the browser he/she is using, their approximate location, and other standard HTTP referral information.

The image downloads option is required to be enabled on the recipient’s device to get all these details. Once, the recipient opens the email and the image is downloaded, you will get the desired notification.

History of SpyPig

Christopher created the SpyPig in New York. Well, we are not aware of the reason behind the creation of this email tracking service. But as the Christopher said,

SpyPig was created for “all those paranoid individuals out there who can’t stand wondering all day if their very important email has been read or not.”

However, there are some pros and cons that you must take care of and to achieve a sensible decision.


  • Spypig allows you to know about the status of your email that you have sent to any friend, relative, interviewer or your colleague
  • SpyPig’s notifications from the recipient to the user may bring the peace of mind (or frustration, depending on the situation)
  • You may get a hint ahead of time as of what reply you will possibly receive for your message
  • It’s easy to use and helpful. Moreover, it eliminates the need for the user to confront the recipient for their response.


  • Manual copying and pasting of the SpyPig’s image for every email is needed
  • The whole tracking depends upon the way user access the email
  • You will not get the notification if the SpyPig’s tracking image does not download on the recipient’s device
  • Recipient is unaware of the tracking and does not get the chance to control the tracking
  • If the recipient decides not to view the image, SpyPig’s tracking will not work.
  • Spypig is not fully certified email.

So that was about SpyPig. You see how simple it was? But there are few things that you should remember.

If you are Gmail user, you may get an instant notification regarding the email. However, you should ignore the very first notification.

If you want to spy on your friends and others who pretend not to read your emails, you must remember to enable HTML emails for SpyPig to work properly.

You can add any image from SpyPig but the blank image works as the best tracking image because the receiver does not get to notice even if the script is added to it.

It is often more reliable to use SpyPig with the recipients you have emailed before. The unknown recipients’ firewall, anti-spyware, anti-spam software may put your emails in the blacklist and will not let the SpyPig’s image to download.


Spypig is the best, user-friendly and free email tracking service. You can generate and send a SpyPig along with any email you like.