19 Best Stagevu Alternatives To Watch Videos, And Movies

Stagevu Alternatives
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Stagevu is an online place to watch videos, movies, and HD TV shows. The website needs you to install DivX web player on your system to watch and entertain yourself on Stagevu. The DivX player enables you to watch videos in high definition and resolution mode. And the website lets you watch, download and share your movies, video clips and TV shows in high-quality DivX format. In order to get additional features like access to upload videos, select favorites, subscribe, make your list and comment, you will need to register on their website.


You don’t need to login if you only want to watch videos. And if you are concerned about the DivX player, then the website itself provides the download link of the web player. The video output format of Stagevu videos is AVI. And it is not the standard type of file for your all portable devices. In order to watch these videos on your smartphone or computer, you can simply convert them to suitable formats like Mp4.

Not just the download format is the problem. There are various limitations of using Stagevu. And this website is offline for more than one week now. This is why people need some best alternative which can take up the place of this website. If you are also one among those people, then you have landed on the right place. We are here with a vast list of alternatives of Stagevu, which provide you seamless video experience along with multiple other features.

List of some Best Alternatives of Stagevu

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and search for the perfect alternative of  your choice.

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YouTube is a staple of the internet. After more than a year following its creation, Google purchased the video service. The site has continued to enlarge its typically free service into the arena of online TV. The availability and effortless accessibility to this streaming service make it one of the greatest ways to watch TV online. Although it is lacking exclusive articles and unlimited viewing, YouTube’s original videos and many features make it a fantastic choice for a streaming TV service. No-doubt, YouTube is king and suitable as the replacement of Stagevu.

Youtube is available anywhere. It’s apps are observed on smart TVs, game consoles, Roku boxes and, naturally, smartphones and tablet computers. If you have paid for a certain episode online, you may observe it virtually anywhere you choose your device. Also, watching YouTube on your television is considerably easier if you have a Chromecast or even Google TV device.

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VIMEO is a video-sharing site where consumers are invited to share clips just like Stagevu. The site supports artistic expression and highlights a few creative videos in its user viewing picks, which arise when you log in. You can also follow other user’s posts throughout the site’s Feed Manager or create your webpage fairly private. Users possess a weekly upload limit 500 MB and one HD video upload with a free subscription. To upload and store more videos, users will need to buy a yearly $59.95 Vimeo Plus subscription.

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Stagevu Alternatives yidio

One can use Yidio to find complimentary TV displays, however similar to movies, the majority of them are simply links which take you to additional free websites since they aren’t hosted on the Yidio internet site. Yidio has all kinds of genres (around 40) at which it is possible to find totally free movies. A number of these are Comedy, Sports & Fitness, Western, Eastern, Classics, TV Movie, Horror, Drama, Kids & Family, Documentary, and Action.

Maybe not every episode of a series is necessarily available free of charge. However, you can filter the results to show only the free TV shows provided by Yidio along with other resources. Also, there are free movies linked to other sites. But a few of the movies require a subscription or payment to observe the movies, like the ones who are hosted on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and VUDU.

A free mobile program is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle devices that allows you to watch absolutely free movies and TV shows at Yidio on the go.

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metacafe Stagevu Alternatives

Not only a video-sharing site, Metacafe is also a video destination that divides the great stuff in the chaff and contains just the very best user-uploaded videos. Metacafe is one of the most popular video sharing sites on the Internet with, according to these, over 40 million unique viewers each month and is perfect alternative of Stagevu.

The videos here in Metacafe possess a strong emphasis on entertainment, also if you’re looking for a laugh or to have an eye on the latest movie or celebrity information; then this is the video sharing site for you. You won’t find the variety of different manners of video available like news, documentaries, or artwork home videos but exactly what the site does provide, it provides nicely with an easy-to-use interface plus a massive number of videos on display.

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snagfilms Stagevu Alternatives

SnagFilms includes a list of movies they urge you see, but there is also a section of this site for new and favorite movies so that you may remain up to date with what others are watching. The Snagfilms can also be taken as perfect alternative of Stagevu.


It has movies in a variety of genres. Crime, Sports, Documentary, Latino, African Movies, Drama, Kids & Family, Animation, Biography, Health and Food, Comedy, Faith and Spirituality, Politics, Romance, Thrillers, and many others are available. If you sign into this website following creating a free account, you may even add movies to some queue while you’re browsing through them so that you may view them afterward in one location.

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Popcornflix is an authorized website where you can see full-length streaming movies for free. It includes a great collection of free streaming movies in common and popular genres like Drama, Family, Comedy, Action, Romance, Nostalgia, Documentaries, Horror, and Foreign Films.

No registration is required, which means you will be enjoying your preferred movie or TV series in moments. But this video streaming service is ad-supported, which means you will need to sit through some commercial breaks during your movie. It is also possible to look for movies in the Popcornflix with their title or using the all of movies link, which reveals five movies in each genre on one single page that is easy to skim through. There is also a ‘New Arrivals’ and ‘Most Popular’ pages that reveals dozens upon dozens of those newest and favorite videos in Popcornflix.

Popcornflix has additionally two entirely separate websites called Popcornflix Kids and FrightPix. They both seem nearly identical to popcornflix but just have movies for kids and terror films, respectively obviously.

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vidlii display yourself

VidLii provides a platform for consumers to upload videos freely. You may upload anything from social comment to satire. Learn more about the community, upload videos, and display yourself. Join VidLii today, if you only need a feeling of nostalgia or you also wish to be a part of this amazing website because it is developed from a person of the website, rather than a team member. I will say this site is amazing and has excellent potential for being called another YouTube or stagevu.

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Veoh Watch Movies Online For Free

Veoh is different compared to other websites which enable you to stream free movies online since you won’t find recently released Hollywood films, you will find old classics, documentaries, and other forms of movies. You will find full-length episodes of many TV shows. At Veoh, similar to film, you can sort by popularity and people who were most recently added, in addition to filter out the videos by speech.

Videos can be sorted by popularity, date added, length, and title. They may also be filtered by language, subtitle language, and length. Also, there are some entire length complimentary TV shows in Veoh which are mainly a portion of animated series and information casts, among other forms.

Lots of the videos in Veoh are uploaded with other users, which mean it’s supposed that either the uploader possesses the rights to the video or the video is in the public domain. The majority of the videos in Veoh are the standard definition, but a few allow you to select for higher quality.

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VideoBam enables users to upload, watch and share videos online. And unlike the other video sharing communities like Youtube and Vimeo, VideoBam is totally private until a link is shared.

Uploads may be done anonymously without any accounts or users may login via Facebook. Uploaded videos can be shared via links, thumbnails or embedded directly on a website or website. Encoded videos can be viewed across many devices including iPhone, iPad tabs, and many mobile phones. The Videobam design is fantastic, I love it as the site is simple but still quite elegant. Its design helps the user to navigate with the available options with ease and I will see Videobam becoming one of those on-line market leaders within the free digital video hosting industry.

Currently it appears like it is 100% totally free accountable for uploading video content with no spammy advertising which similar kinds of sites force on their users.

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Dailymotion is a video-sharing website based in France on which users may upload, watch and discuss videos. It is one of the biggest video programs in the world, offering a mix of content from customers, independent creators, and premium spouses. Dailymotion is available all over the world, in 18 different languages and 35 localized versions featuring local home pages and local content. Like YouTube, Stagevu is also a perfect replacement of Stagevu.

Dailymotion permits users to navigate and upload videos from searching tags, stations, or user-created groups. The research system additionally introduces outcomes based on other users’ searches. According to the site, the maximum size of a video file is 4 GB. The length of the video files is also limited to 60 minutes, except for motion makers and Official Users.

There are Dailymotion video-sharing applications available for Windows Phone, Windows 10, iOS and Android mobile operating systems, and most lately the PlayStation 4. To produce the app even more attractive to PS4 consumers, the Dailymotion offering concentrates on gaming video content. This includes live streams to receive instant access to the very popular gaming broadcasts.

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Vidme described as a cross between YouTube and Reddit, provides seamless uploads which may be submitted to various categories within the system, including gaming, animation, movies, and entertainment, which function as Subreddits of types. The Vidme claims its latest round will aim to produce characteristics that assist creators to earn more money via the system, including a recently-rolled out tipping attribute that reveals the titles of donors more prominently (and of which Vidme requires a 5 percent cut). The organization is also developing new non-pre-roll advertisement formats.

Every new account comes with 50 credits, with a credit utilized each time a new video is uploaded. After you run out of credits more can be obtained, but this attribute will not be rolled out until the close of the summer, and additional credits are currently free. Anyone that you wish to split the video with will require VidMe accounts too.

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This one is little different since it is the somehow controversial site. LiveLeak is a video sharing website which allows users share and post videos. The site aims to shoot reality footage, politics, war, along with other world events and combine them with all the power of citizen journalism. “YourSay” is a section of this site where users share and upload their own videos, like a vlog. And unlike the YouTube, the vlogs on LiveLeak are more political and therefore are famous for debate.

LiveLeak now has multiple categories including Syria and Ukraine, in which graphic articles regarding various conflicts could be viewed.

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MediaGoblin enables users to create a profile, upload media one at a time. One can insert descriptions, tags, and licenses for the contents of their portfolios and this is a unique feature of MediaGoblin. More technically-minded users may follow the directions for setting up their own MediaGoblin servers. But this basic functionality is being extended quickly.

Actually, MediaGoblin is a free software media posting platform that anyone can run. It is possible to think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. One can install this software on any host to make a video upload site, if just for you, to get a group of individuals, or even for public use along with also the source code of your backup may be modified to meet your specific requirements.

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vevo Stagevu Alternatives

The Vevo website gives you access to tens of thousands of videos from artists signed to 3 of the big four record companies — Sony, Universal, and EMI. When the site started it quickly became one of the most visited music sites online. An iPhone program for your service has been available for quite a while, but Vevo has now finally found an Android one, too. Vevo is perffect alternative of Stagevu.

It’s been worth the wait since the program gives you the ability to stream about 25000 music videos onto your phone from approximately 7500 artists. The program is also neatly designed and even enables you to search by voice; therefore finding the videos that you would like to play is fairly straight forward. It works on 3G in addition to Wi-Fi, which means that you may use it when you are out and about, however, the video quality may be improved, especially in the high-quality mode.

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Viewster is an authorized free online movie website which has tens of thousands of Hollywood and independent movies in addition to a limited variety of complimentary TV shows. It’s quite simple to navigate through TV shows and movies in the Viewster since you may scroll through these on the site.

The greatest way to view the streaming videos at Viewster is by celebrity. The genres you can Pick from including Anime, Action, Thrillers, Crime & Gangster, Martial Arts, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Music & Musicals,  Korean Drama, Documentary, Animation, Sci-Fi, Classics, Romance, LGBT, Festival Darlings,  War, and Western. No registration or obtain is required to enjoy the online content in Viewster, but you will need to view some advertisements.

While Viewster has lots of movies to see, they are fairly new to the TV display stadium, so there really isn’t an enormous selection of shows here. You’ll find mainly foreign television displays and lesser known shows in the United States. You could also filter the results by speech so that just English, French, German, or Spanish films have been displayed on the site. Viewster includes a free mobile program which Android and iOS users may download.

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Crackle is a website which reveals streaming full-length and uncut free online movies, original programming, in addition to complimentary TV shows. If you do not need to watch whole length films at Crackle, then you may even find clips and trailers to view, in addition to information on movies which are just about to become available.

Crackle also includes free streaming TV indicates which includes complete episodes of comedies, anime, action, crime, experience, and sci-fi series. It’s possible to watch quite a few original Crackle series here which you won’t have the ability to see everywhere else.

Even though you will want to sit through some commercial breaks during the movies and watch at Crackle, an incredible selection of programming, in addition to a good video quality, will make you coming back again and again. You need not to register with Crackle to have the ability to stream the movies and TV shows.

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If you are searching for a more stagevu alternative, BitChute is a people-powered video streaming website. To sponsor a video, it requires the help of the internet browser-based client WebTorrent. WebTorrent uses peer to peer file sharing within the BitTorrent network. At this time, BitChute has limited features. However, it needs to develop into a stage freer than websites like YouTube.

Instead of utilizing central servers, BitChute utilizes WebTorrent, a system which enables people to talk about videos directly from their browser. They make it without letting you configure or install anything. Essentially this implies that the site’s customers become hosts of these videos they are watching, which slams BitChute’s hosting prices into the earth.

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With the thousands of free movies and complimentary TV displays, the website also make it really simple to navigate to your films and episodes that you know you will like. It’s tough to find a great movie or TV series to see if every one of the videos are in the merged list or if there is only a search function but no section for music genres. Luckily, Tubi TV organizes all of its videos into different categories and many these.

You can also filter movies by popularity, rating, date added, etc., like any other movie streaming websites, encourage. There is also a full-screen button, video quality adjuster, scrubber bar for fast forwarding and rewinding, and button indicators showing if an advertisements/commercial will reveal.

The Tubi TV mobile program is extremely similar to this website, which is terrific. Don’t confuse between 2, since the design is similar and all the very same genres are located on both.

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This is a premium alternative of Stagevu. Hulu used to have any free content however they do not offer that anymore. Hulu is a streaming content website where you can view online movies in addition to TV shows. Lots of men and women utilize Hulu as a streaming content provider after ditching their cable service or as a supplement to their existing cable.

If you do not need to spend time browsing via a genre in Hulu, you can view sections. They are deviced as the movies and displays from many popular, newly added, the team picks, and people in the Criterion Collection. Your subscription will help you get unlimited access to every thingof Hulu’s content. Which includes total series of TV shows, movies, and Hulu Originals. You can cancel or switch your programs at any time.

Hulu’s video player enables you to perform all of the ordinary player functions including watching the video full-screen. There are a few additional features here though including a 10-second rewind button. And the options to reduce the webpage’s background lights or see the video in a pop-up window.

Final Verdict

No doubt, Stagevu was a great video sharing and streaming website. But, websites in the above list are also great. Searching the best out of the list is based on the state of mind. Because, every user has its own demand, need, and taste. And so the choices differ. But in our opinion, Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Popcornflix are the perfect alternatives of Stagevu which fulfill all your requirements.

If you are using some other alternative and want some other websites to the list, then you can write us in the comments section.