All Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Cheats and Codes 2018

KOTOR 2 Cheats

Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Cheats and Codes are in high demand among the gamers throughout the world. The engaging gameplay, shivering twists, turns and exciting missions of the game needle a gamer to strive for completing each mission and focusing on the next. In order to fulfill the missions and turning a tough mission into a simpler one, most of the gamers often look for the KOTOR 2 item codes, and cheats. If you are one of the individuals looking for the cheat codes for Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, get any and each cheat of KOTOR 2 here.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by LucasArts, Knights of the Old Republic II is the second installment of BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic. The game is played form a third person view featuring a real-time combat. One can create a new character of his choice or let the game do it automatically. The main game also includes a few minigames such as Pazaak (card game) and Swoop Bike Racing. I am going to provide all the KOTOR 2 Cheats available in the game including the minigames.

General KOTOR 2 Cheats Mode

The cheat codes are an incredible way to maximize the XP and experience. So, know how to proceed with the cheat codes.

Note: You have to edit the game file in this procedure, thus ensure you have kept a backup file of the game before editing.

1. Open the game directory and locate the “swkotor2.ini” file. Once found, open the file with a text editor like ‘Notepad

Enable KOTOR 2 Cheats step 1
Locate swkotor2.ini from the game directory - Enable KOTOR 2 cheats

2. Write “EnableCheats=1” under the game options

Enable KOTOR 2 Cheats step 2
Open swkotor2.ini with notepad and write EnableCheats=1 under game options

3. Now, launch the game and open the console by pressing tilde (~) key

4. Get the list of Console Commands by pressing ‘Tab’. You can also enter the following cheats after pressing the ~ key. For example, ~ heal (to heal a character)

Important Note: Every cheat codes written below require to be preceded by “giveitem” to get the desired outcome.

Primary KOTOR 2 Cheat Codes


Heal selected character’s health and Force pointsheal
Set Computer Use skillsetcomputeruse <1-99>
Set Demolitions skillsetdemolitions <1-99>
Set Stealth skill

setstealth <1-99>

Set Awareness skillsetawareness <1-99>
Set Persuade skillsetpersuade <1-99>
Set Repair skillsetrepair <1-99>
Set Security skillsetsecurity <1-99>
Set Treat Injury skillsettreatinjury <1-99>
Set Strength attributesetstrength <1-99>
Set Dexterity attributesetdexterity <1-99>
Set Construction attributesetconstitution <1-99>
Set Intelligence attributesetintelligence <1-99>
Set Wisdom attributesetwisdom <1-99>
Set Charisma attributesetcharisma <1-99>
Add experienceaddexp
Add indicated number of levelsaddlevel
Press W or S to move faster; repeat to disableturbo
God Modeinvulnerability
Restart mini-games, if you loserestartminigame
Turn darkness into brightnessbright
Add Light side pointsaddlightside
Add Dark side pointsadddarkside
Press M to show entire maprevealmap
Get additional creditsgivecredits
Spawn indicated itemgiveitem
100 Med Kitsgivemed
100 Advance Repair Kitsgiverepair
100 Computer Spikesgivecomspikes
100 Section Spikesgivesecspikes
100 Armorgivesitharmour
All limited use items never expireinfiniteuses
Show exact location on mapwhereami
Travel to indicated mapwarp


Implant Class 1

Reflex Packagee_imp1_01
Pheromone Packagee_imp1_02
Cardio Packagee_imp1_03
Strength Packagee_imp1_04
Response Packagee_imp1_05
Fitness Packagee_imp1_06
Skils Packagee_imp1_07
Health Packagee_imp1_08
Physical Boost Packagee_imp1_09
Mental Boost Packagee_imp1_10

Implant Class 2

Retinal Combat Implante_imp2_01
Lornan Implante_imp2_02
Biotech Implante_imp2_03
Power Implante_imp2_04
Alacrity Implante_imp2_05
Insight Implante_imp2_06
Skills Implante_imp2_07
Durability Implante_imp2_08
Physical Boost Implante_imp2_09
Mental Boost Implante_imp2_10


Implant Class 3

Bio-Antidote Systeme_imp3_01
Nerve Enhancement Systeme_imp3_02
Reaction Systeme_imp3_03
Advanced Combat Systeme_imp3_04
Bavakar Strength Systeme_imp3_05
Cardio Power Systeme_imp3_06
Skills Systeme_imp3_07
Numbnes Systeme_imp3_08
Physical Boost Systeme_imp3_09
Mental Boost Systeme_imp3_10

Implant Class 4

Strength D-Packagee_imp4_01
Immunity D-Packagee_imp4_02
Perception D-Packagee_imp4_03
Enhancement D-Packagee_imp4_04
Immortality D-Packagee_imp4_05
Quickness D-Packagee_imp4_06
Skills D-Packagee_imp4_07
Universal D-Packagee_imp4_08
Physical Boost D-Packagee_imp4_09
Mental Boost D-Packagee_imp4_10

KOTOR 2 Cheats for Droid Utility Items

Droid Optimized Interfaced_interface_01
Droid Stabilization Subroutined_interface_02
Droid Machine Interfaced_interface_03
Droid Lockout Bypassd_interface_04
Droid Parabolic Guidesd_interface_05
Droid Motivator Boosterd_interface_06
Droid Durability Upgraded_interface_07
Droid Agility Upgraded_interface_08
Droid Wisdom Upgraded_interface_09
Droid Exchange Interfaced_interface_10
Droid Remote Interfaced_interface_11
Droid Anatomy Libraryd_interface_12
Droid Scavenger Upgraded_interface_13
Droid Source Ripperd_interface_14
Droid Systems Upgraded_interface_15



Survey Gear100_mask01
Neural Banda_helmet_01
Breath Maska_helmet_02
Rakatan Banda_helmet_03
Stealth Field Enhancera_helmet_04
Bothan Perception Visora_helmet_05
Sonic Nullifiersa_helmet_06
Interface Banda_helmet_07
Targeting Visora_helmet_08
Shielding Visora_helmet_09
Spacer’s Sensora_helmet_10
Regal Visora_helmet_11
Meditation Banda_helmet_12
Bothan Sensory Visora_helmet_13
Arkanian Blindersa_helmet_14
Combat Sensora_helmet_15
Multi-Spectral Target Assessora_helmet_16
Consciousness Helma_helmet_17
Rebreather Maska_helmet_18
Das’skar Hunting Maska_helmet_19
Force Maska_helmet_20
Sith Maska_helmet_21
Stabilizer Maska_helmet_22
Matukai Meditation Banda_helmet_23
Target Assessora_helmet_24
Circlet of Saresha_helmet_25
Bindo’s Banda_helmet_26
Enchanced Shielding Visora_helmet_27
Force Shielda_helmet_28
Absorption Visora_helmet_29
Force Focusing Visora_helmet_30


KOTOR 2 Cheats for Sensors

Droid Motion Trackerd_tool_01
Droid Upgrade Slotd_tool_02
Droid Surveillance Upgraded_tool_03
Droid Advanced Upgrade Slotd_tool_04
Droid Reference Databased_tool_05
Droid System Fortificationd_tool_06
Droid Fighting Upgraded_tool_07
Droid Perception Sensorsd_tool_08
Droid Memory Upgraded_tool_09
Droid Warfare Upgraded_tool_10
Droid Battle Upgraded_tool_11
Droid CERSd_tool_12
Droid CESSd_tool_13
Droid CEPBd_tool_14
Droid Mico-Opticsd_tool_15



Insulated Glovesa_gloves_01
Exchange Casual Glovesa_gloves_02
Taris Survival Glovesa_gloves_04
Accuracy Glovesa_gloves_05
Gamorrean Gauntletsa_gloves_06
Exchange Work Glovesa_gloves_07
Czerka Defensive Gauntletsa_gloves_08
Detonator Glovesa_gloves_09
Unarmed Accuracy Glovesa_gloves_10
Infiltrator Glovesa_gloves_11
Jal Shey Perception Glovesa_gloves_12
Gamorrean Warglovesa_gloves_13
Eriadu Strength Amplifiera_gloves_14
Karakan Gauntletsa_gloves_15
Bothan Precision Glovesa_gloves_16
Sith Power Gauntletsa_gloves_17
Gamorrean Power Gauntletsa_gloves_18
Nagai Combat Glovesa_gloves_19
Kubaz Scoundrel Glovesa_gloves_20
Automation Glovesa_gloves_21
Jal Shey Meditation Glovesa_gloves_22
Echani Accuracy Glovesa_gloves_23
Zeison Sha GLovesa_gloves_24
Dominator Gauntletsa_gloves_25
Nikto Soldier Glovesa_gloves_26
Ossluk’s Glovesa_gloves_27
Disruption Glovesa_gloves_28
Improved Automation Glovesa_gloves_29
Lightning Glovesa_gloves_30



Nomi’s Armbanda_band_x01
Vao Armbanda_band_x02
Ludo Kressh’s Armbanda_band_x03


KOTOR 2 Cheats for Shield

Telos Mining Shield100_fore01
Energy Shielda_shield_01
Mandalorian Melee Shielda_shield_02
Arkanian Energy Shielda_shield_03
Echani Shielda_shield_04
Mandalorian Power Shielda_shield_05
Echani Dueling Shielda_shield_06
Verpine Prototype Shielda_shield_07


Droid Special Weapons

Droid Neural Pacifierd_device_01
Droid Repulsord_device_02
Droid Flame Throwerd_device_03
Droid Toxin Emitterd_device_04
Droid Neural Scramblerd_device_05
Droid Ion Strikerd_device_06
Droid Molten Cannond_device_07
Droid Carbonite Projectord_device_08
Droid Plasma Throwerd_device_09
Droid Bio-Assault Sprayd_device_10
Droid Carbonite Emitterd_device_11
Droid Ion Blast Mark Id_device_12
Droid Ion Blast Mark IId_device_13
Droid Ion Blast Mark IIId_device_14
Droid Multi-Spectral Emitterd_device_15



Clothing (Variant 2)g_a_clothes02
Clothing (Variant 3)g_a_clothes03
Clothing (Variant 4)g_a_clothes04
Clothing (Variant 5)g_a_clothes05
Clothing (Variant 6)g_a_clothes06
Clothing (Variant 7)g_a_clothes07
Clothing (Variant 8)g_a_clothes08
Clothing (Variant 9)g_a_clothes09
Clothing (Variant 10)g_a_clothes10
Clothing (Variant Czerka)g_a_clothes11


KOTOR 2 Cheats for Misc. Clothes

Armored Flight Suitarmoredflightsuit
Dancer’s Outfitdancersoutfit
Miner’s Uniformmineruniform



Padawan Robea_robe_02
Dark Padawan Robea_robe_03
Baran Do Novice Robea_robe_04
Matukai Apprentice Robea_robe_05
Zeison Sha Initiate Armora_robe_06
Jal Shey Neophyte Armora_robe_07
Jedi Robea_robe_08
Dark Jedi Robea_robe_09
Norris Robea_robe_10
Jal Shey Advisor Armora_robe_11
Gray Jedi Robea_robe_12
Jedi Knight Robea_robe_13
Dark Jedi Knight Robea_robe_14
Matukai Adept Robea_robe_15
Zeison Sha Warrior Armora_robe_16
Jedi Master Robea_robe_17
Dark Jedi Master Robea_robe_18
Baran Do Sage Robea_robe_19
Jal Shey Mentor Armora_robe_20
Ossus Keeper Robea_robe_21
Natth Cowlinga_robe_22
Arca Jeth’s Robea_robe_23
Aleema Keto’s Robea_robe_24
Sylvar’s Robea_robe_25
Darth Malak’s Armora_robe_26
Jolee’s Robea_robe_27
Thon’s Robea_robe_28
Crado’s Robea_robe_29
Nomi’s Robea_robe_30
Handmiden’s Robea_robe_x01


Light Armor

Khoonda Militia Armorkhoondamilitiaarmor
Light Combat Suita_light_01
Combat Suita_light_02
Heavy Combat Suita_light_03
Mandalorian Combat Suita_light_04
Zabrak Combat Suita_light_05
Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suita_light_06
Echani Light Armora_light_07
Massassi Ceremonial Armora_light_08
Manadalorian Heavy Suita_light_09
Zabrak Battle Armora_light_10
Ubese Environmental Suita_light_11
Echani Shielded Suita_light_12
Reinforced Fiber Armora_light_13
Zabrak Field Armora_light_14
Ulic Qel Droma’s Mesh Suita_light_15
Atton’s Ribbed Jacketa_light_x02
Electromesh Suita_light_x08
Mira’s Ballistic Mesh Jacketa_light_x09


Medium Armor

Military Suita_medium_01
Light Battle Armora_medium_02
Echani Battle Armora_medium_03
Cinnagar War Suita_medium_04
Sith Battle Suita_medium_05
Bronzium Light Battle Armora_medium_06
Verpine Fiber Mesha_medium_07
Krath Heavy Armora_medium_08
Powered Light Battle Armora_medium_09
Krath Holy Battle Suita_medium_10
Exar Kun’s Light Battle Suita_medium_11
Heavy Cinnagar War Suita_medium_12
Verpine Fiber Ultramesha_medium_13
Electromesh Armora_medium_14
Jamoh Hogra’s Battle Armora_medium_15


KOTOR 2 Cheats for Heavy Armor

Battle Armora_heavy_01
Heavy Battle Armora_heavy_02
Echani Heavy Armora_heavy_03
Durasteel Heavy Armora_heavy_04
Powered Battle Armora_heavy_05
Flex Heavy Armora_heavy_06
Mandalorian Battle Armora_heavy_07
Mandalorian Heavy Armora_heavy_08
Verpine Zal Alloy Mesha_heavy_09
Mandalorian Assault Armora_heavy_10
Corellian Powersuita_heavy_11
Iotran Braceman Armora_heavy_13
Felenar Armora_heavy_14
Matrix Armora_heavy_15
Mandalore’s Armora_heavy_x01


Overlay Upgrades

Heat Shielding Mark Iu_a_over_01
Armorply Plating Mark Iu_a_over_02
Sound Dampening Overlay Mark Iu_a_over_03
Ablative Plating Mark Iu_a_over_04
Energy Shielding Mark Iu_a_over_05
Ballistic Shielding Mark Iu_a_over_06
Bonded Plates Mark Iu_a_over_07
Heavy Bonded Plates Mark Iu_a_over_08
Heat Shielding Mark IIu_a_over_09
Armorply Plating Mark IIu_a_over_10
Sound Dampening Overlay Mark IIu_a_over_11
Ablative Plating Mark IIu_a_over_12
Energy Shielding Mark IIu_a_over_13
Ballistic Shielding Mark IIu_a_over_14
Bonded Plates Mark IIu_a_over_15
Heavy Bonded Plates Mark IIu_a_over_16
Heat Shielding Mark IIIu_a_over_17
Armorply Plating Mark IIIu_a_over_18
Sound Dampening Overlay Mark IIIu_a_over_19
Ablative Plating Mark IIIu_a_over_20
Energy Shielding Mark IIIu_a_over_21
Ballistic Shielding Mark IIIu_a_over_22
Bonded Plates Mark IIIu_a_over_23
Heavy Bonded Plates IIIu_a_over_24
Heat Shielding Mark IVu_a_over_25
Armorply Plating Mark IVu_a_over_26
Sound Dampening Overlay Mark IVu_a_over_27
Ablative Plating Mark IVu_a_over_28
Energy Shielding Mark IVu_a_over_29
Bonded Plates Mark IVu_a_over_30


Droid Planting

Droid Impact Armor Mark Id_armor_01
Droid Modular Plating Mark Id_armor_02
Droid Impact Armor Mark IId_armor_03
Droid Desh Platingd_armor_04
Droid Impact Armor Mark IIId_armor_05
Droid Modular Plating Mark IId_armor_06
Droid Modular Plating Mark IIId_armor_07
Droid Agrinium Armord_armor_08
Droid Dura Plating Mark Id_armor_09
Droid Quadranium Armord_armor_10
Droid Dura Plating Mark IId_armor_11
Droid Diatium Platingd_armor_12
Droid Energized Armor Mark Id_armor_13
Droid Energized Armor Mark IId_armor_14
Droid Energized Armor Mark IIId_armor_15


You have just read the first half of the cheat codes of Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic II! There are more to explore in our continuation article for KOTOR 2 Cheats.

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