Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free! Know How

Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

When it comes to video streaming, people are all abuzz about Twitch, and a major part of the crowd frequently look for the ways to subscribe to Twitch channel for free! While you can only find the options for paid subscription, a free subscription is also possible! I am here to assist you in subscribing to your favorite streamer’s channel for free. So, let’s start from the beginning for the ones who are not much familiar with the digital video streaming site.

Introducing Twitch

From the past 6 years, since Twitch was launched in 2011, digital video streaming and watching have experienced a revolution. Though the digital video streaming platform only focused on the video games in its early age, now it involves some of the most useful categories such as Talk shows, Creative and cooking. Twitch is one of the most reliable sources where you can watch the live broadcasts and support your favorite streamer financially. Amazon took over the company in 2014 and right now it involves 17000 monthly earning streamers out of 4.7 million monthly unique users.

Mutual benefits for Streamers and Viewers

Mutual benefits for streamers and viewers

While currently, it functions more like a social network with the like, comment, share, chat and subscribe options, both the streamers and viewers are gaining unmatched mutual benefits from the site. Moreover, it has become the foremost place for the streamers to earn money through their passion and they are actually making their living out of it! On the flipside, viewers also come across amazing videos that keep on entertaining them. Subscription is considerably the best way both for the streamers to earn and viewers to support their favorite streamers financially!

What’s a Twitch Subscription?

When it’s about earning, subscriptions are the most popular way for the streamers to get hold of a monthly recurring payment from the subscribers. Subscription is the way how viewers financially back their favorite streamers where payment includes three tiers ranging from $4.99, $9.99 to $24.99. Viewers get digital rewards from the streamers such as an ad-free viewing experience, badges, access to exclusive subscriber-only Twitch chatrooms, and new Emote in return.

But did you know you can Subscribe to Twitch channel for free? Really! Yes, it is possible if you are an Amazon Prime member or using Twitch prime services which can be utilized in the same way like the paid version and involves all the added benefits.

Know how to subscribe to Twitch channel for free!

What is Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime - Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free

You can access Amazon’s large collection of exclusive free movies, TV shows, books, movies and songs with the paid premium subscription of the company. The premium Video, Premium Reading and Premium Music programs are parts of the benefits one can enjoy on Amazon Prime. Moreover, in addition to the streaming media, the Amazon prime subscribers can enjoy the unlimited cloud storage, a huge shipping discount on Amazon purchases, unlimited access to ‘Audible’ and a Twitch Prime membership on top of all that offers monthly rewards, ad-free video watching experience on Twitch and a great opportunity to Subscribe to Twitch channel for free!

Amazon Prime vs. Twitch Prime

Technically these two prime memberships are different from each other but subscribing to one unlocks another automatically! Twitch can also be represented as a part of Amazon Prime program similar to the Amazon Music. In a nutshell, Amazon Prime can be called the parent program of all the other prime programs under Amazon.

Procedure to Sign Up For Amazon/Twitch Prime

1. Log in to your Amazon account on the official Amazon website

Login to Amazon account - Subscribe to Twitch for Free
Amazon Log-in page

2. You will find Start your 30-day Prime free trial written on a yellow button after navigating to the official Amazon Prime page. Click on it

Start 30 Days Free Trial - Subscribe to Twitch for Free
Start Your 30-Day Free Trial

3. Enter your payment procedure, card details, and others

Select Payment Procedure - Subscribe to Twitch for Free
Fill details for payment on Amazon

4. You will be asked for a confirmation that you want to start your one month free trial of the program

Payment Confirmation - Subscribe to Twitch for Free
Amazon Payment Confirmation Page

Your one-month free trial will start right after confirmation and after its completion; you will be charged $10.99 on a monthly basis according to your chosen payment procedure.

Twitch users can take help of another way to sign up for Amazon Prime by visiting the official Twitch Prime page from the main Twitch website. This page also includes an offer of the free trial of Amazon Prime and will lead you to the signup page. Following method is same as mentioned above.

Note: Only a Twitch Prime membership enables you to subscribe to Twitch channel for free! Don’t forget to link both your Amazon and Twitch accounts prior to sign up for the Prime membership! Moreover, if you already are an Amazon Prime subscriber, linking your Twitch account to it is enough to unlock the Twitch Prime.

Method to connect Twitch account to Amazon

Connect Twitch and Amazon - Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free
Know how to attach Twitch and Amazon accounts

To unlock the amazing paid features on Twitch such as Bits and Badges, it’s necessary to connect your Twitch account with Amazon account. Following are the procedure.

  1. Stay logged in to both the Amazon and Twitch account from the same web browser
  2. Click on the Connect your Twitch account link on Twitch website
  3. Follow the entire information and click on the purple Confirm button. Your accounts are connected now!

There’re no requirements for connecting your accounts multiple times. Once you connect your accounts to the web browser, automatically the connection will be activated on other devices such as Xbox One or iPhone.

How to claim Free Twitch Subscription

Right after the 30-day free monthly trial ends and Twitch Prime users start paying their monthly subscription charge, the free subscription is automatically granted to the user.

Note: Twitch Prime users cannot subscribe to Twitch channel for free during the trial period. Once you commence with your paid Prime membership, you can redeem your free subscription by following the method below.

1. Navigate to the Twitch channel you are willing to subscribe on a web browser

Go to a Twitch Channel - Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free
Enter into your favorite Twitch Channel

2. Click the purple ‘Subscribe’ button that’s located in the top-right corner of the screen

Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free
Click on purple Subscribe button on top

3. A small box will appear with various subscribing options. Within the box, you will find a Prime option. Click on it

Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free
Click on Prime option

4. Now, start your free Twitch subscription for the particular channel by clicking on the Subscribe Free button.

Subscribe to Twitch Channel for Free
Hit Subscribe Free Button

Caution: The free Twitch subscriptions don’t renew automatically as the paid ones do. You need to renew your free subscription manually.

How to renew?

Renewing the subscription is tremendously important to support the streamer and enjoy the broadcasts uninterruptedly. Since the renewal of free Twitch subscription doesn’t work automatically, a Twitch Prime user has to visit the subscribed channel in a web browser and re-subscribe it manually in every 30 days! The procedure of re-subscription is identical to the method taken to subscribe a Twitch channel for the first time. Your subscription streak will continue till the subscription is renewed within 30 days of the expiration.

How to cancel a free Twitch Subscription

Not liking the broadcasts of the streamer who was your favorite once? Want to cancel your subscription? It’s simple! Just wait for the end of 30 day subscription period and don’t renew it after 30 days. From the following month, you can use your free subscription to support another streamer.

Switching from a paid subscription to free

Want to switch from your paid subscription to a free one without interrupting the subscription streak? Well, it can actually happen. Know how:

  1. Open the official Twitch website from your browser and visit the Subscriptions page
  2. Click on the purple Payment Info button to the far right of your selected channel’s profile
  3. By clicking Don’t Renew button you can cancel your paid subscription, however, the subscription will be active for the rest of the subscription month and will be expired right after the last day of the subscription.
  4. After the expiration of the current paid subscription, you may Subscribe to Twitch channel for free using the free subscription as the usual method. Your subscription streak will continue if subscribed within 30 days of previous subscription’s expiration date.

How much money does the streamer get from the free Twitch Subscription?

The free Twitch subscription is valued $4.99 which is the lowest tier of all the tiers offered by Twitch. There is no difference between a paid and free subscription. So, the streamers get the usual 50% of the subscription fee which is approximately $2.50.

Final words

Visualising awesome broadcasts, supporting your favorite streamers and enjoying the premium features on Twitch are now priceless with the free Twitch Subscription! Yes, you need to pay for the premium membership but the access to unlimited movies, songs, music, and books is always worth the payment. In addition, you can help your favorite streamer each and every month without spending a single penny! So, don’t do any more delay, get the premium membership from Amazon or Twitch and enjoy the unmatched access to the online video streaming!