Survey Bypass- A Way To Upgrade Your Browsing Experience

Survey Bypass
By Tapas Pal Updated

Have you heard about Survey Bypass? You might have not. But how many times has it happened to you that you were surfing something in the internet and suddenly you see a pop up window that asks you to fill up a lengthy form? Or that you were about to download a Pdf or an image or some important files that you found after a lot of surfing, but instead of letting you download it right away, the website engages you with a form which is pointless and time consuming?.Well! I’m sure this has happened to almost everybody. Sometimes you get so irritated that you just feel like setting the computer on fire! And sometimes you just fill up the form any way with an annoyed mood. But have you ever tried to know why these pop ups appear? Or have you ever tried to find a way to terminate these absurd things?

If you’re as ridiculed and exasperated as I am with all these irritating, never ending forms, then let me tell you that there are solutions to this problem. You have the option of Survey Bypass.

But let me first explain the reasons of these surveys.

What Are These Online Surveys That Require Survey Bypass Option?

Before knowing in details about survey bypass, you must know about these online surveys. Like why they happen? What’s the main reason behind them and all that.You might have observed that these online surveys generally occur in sites that share download links of important documents, or movies or software. The sole purpose of these surveys are to make money. They kind of blackmail the users. These websites almost force the users to fill up their survey form. Once they fill it up in need of downloading a particular file, the websites get paid. Sometimes you don’t even get to download the file of your wish even though you have filled up their survey form. Instead you end up downloading some other unnecessary file. Also these forms demand some private information, which if revealed, brings the user at risk. Like if they get your phone number or your email id, they keep disturbing you with spam mails or calls.  And honestly, you might have faced that kind of trouble already and that’s probably why you are going through this article.

Why Survey Bypass  Tools Are Required?

These online surveys leave us angry and furious. These surveys not only affect the users’ browsing experience but also risk their privacy. Hence it’s totally essential for the users to be aware of the bypass survey tools.

Some Tools For Removing Online Surveys

Here are some tools that could be really helpful for the purpose of survey bypass.

Bypass Survey
Bypass Survey

Bypass survey is a free and easy to use tool that removes the online surveys. You just have to enter the URL of the site in this application and the online survey will be removed from that site automatically. It’s that simple. To add to that you can enter additional site URLs and request them to remove surveys from them. It also comes with features like URL encryption, allowing of cookies, crossing out of scripts etc.

ShareCash Survey Killer

This is a hugely used survey remover which is free of cost and light weight in nature. But its drawback is that it can only be used on Sharecash surveys, which makes it out of reach for many.

Following are the steps of using this survey remover:

ShareCash survey killer App>enter ShareCash URL>download>save the file.

Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher is another important tool that helps you to bypass the online surveys. It has a user friendly and easy to use interface that transforms all URLs.You can upload files in Mediafire as well. Add to that there is no registration process required to use this tool.

Survey Remover Tool
survey remover tool

This is another survey removing application that can block or remove any online surveys easily and at free of cost. Hence you don’t have to be bothered with the trouble of filling online survey forms, and you can download your desired files with ease.

Browser Extensions For The Purpose Of  Survey Bypass

A browser extension is a plug-in that extends and enhances the functionality of a web browser.

Apart from the above mentioned survey removing tools, there are some browser extensions, which also help in blocking or removing the online surveys.

Following are some of those extensions:

XYJ Survey Remover Tool For Google Chrome

This extension was made with the aim of removing scams forever. Once a survey website is detected this extension blocks it right away, irrespective of the fact that from where it is detected. The process of installing is also very simple. You just have to enter the URL which is bothering you with surveys and the sites would be blocked instantly. This survey remover tool can be used in all survey mediums. It detects the surveys itself and blocks them quickly.

Redirect Bypasser For Mozila Firefox

This bypasser detects surveys itself, blocks them and redirects the user to his or her desired web page. This is an easy and hassle free extension applicable to Mozila firefox users. This bypasser can handle dynamic contents very well.

Are These Survey Remover Tools Safe?

Now a question might arise in the minds of the users that, are these survey remover tools secure?

That’s a pretty valid and reasonable question because there is a possibility that these tools would exploit the private data of the users. But that’s not what they do. Trust me when I tell you that these tools are completely harmless and they are only developed to give you a comfortable browsing experience.

Moreover these survey blocking tools are free of cost. Their intention is to provide us with a hassle free, interruption less web surfing, nothing more.

These online surveys affect us enormously. The biggest sufferers are probably the students who fail to download study materials, e-books and other required files essential for their learning purpose.

Therefore these unnecessary surveys are to be stopped as soon as possible. I earnestly hope that this article was helpful enough for you to gain some knowledge and you would positively implement this knowledge and get rid of those frustrating surveys. And always remember, the purpose of internet is to explore not to suffer.

Happy Browsing!

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