10 Best TeamViewer Alternatives of 2018

By Tapas Pal Updated

TeamViewer is a universal name in the field of remote desktop access.  The remote desktop service that this software provides is extraordinary without any doubt. This software helps to access one’s desktop when they are physically not present around it. Also, it can be used to assist others in their desktop related issues. For software developers and Datacenters, it is an essential tool as well. But TeamViewer has its alternatives.

Though TeamViewer is an unblemished software, still it’s never wrong to have some knowledge about some alternative software which can work as team viewer alternatives. Also, TeamViewer is not always an easy tool considering the fact that it does not provide enough simplicity and ease to the users. To add to the fact, the business version of TeamViewer comes with charges.

This article, therefore, focuses on the TeamViewer alternatives and how they can be useful.

10 Best TeamViewer Alternatives

Here I represent a list of TeamViewer alternatives.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection
Windows Remote Desktop Connection

This is one of those TeamViewer alternatives which is a free remote desktop connection and comes with Microsoft Windows operating system. This can be easily used by configuring the settings in “control panel” of the computer. This tool is appropriate for users who are only beginning to use the remote desktop system, and this software is not capable of multiple PC control at once.

This software is fast and easy to use. It’s great for beginners. It can be used both on Windows and MAC platforms.

Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop

It’s clear from the name that this remote desktop application is an instrument from google chrome. This is free of cost application which can be downloaded and configured through the “extension” option in the google chrome webpage.

This is a good alternative to TeamViewer, largely because it’s free of cost. Also, this tool can make a good harmony among different mediums like windows, MAC, Linux etc. It’s easy to use and free to download.

This is one of those TeamViewer alternatives which has a firm and strong security base. Chrome desktop can also be used in fifty-two different languages, making it a great substitute for TeamViewer.

Real VNC
Real VNC

Real VNC( Virtual Network Computing) has both paid and free versions. Although it’s a bit difficult to set up, yet it’s satisfactory for the users because it’s capable of connecting multiple remote computers at a time.

Real VNC is a bit tricky to configure, but once configured, it gives reliability to the users with some of its unique features like encryption, collaboration with multiple computers at a time, chat features etc. It can be used on multiple platforms like Windows, MAC OSX, Linux, Ubuntu etc.

This is one of the free TeamViewer alternatives when it comes to private users and chargeable for enterprise users.

Log Me In
Log Me In

Another fine alternative to TeamViewer is Log me in. It’s a paid application that comes with high security.

Though Log me in is a paid application yet it’s a good choice because it comes with several affordable plans. Also, the security this application provides is worth the money. Hence this is definitely a nice substitute for team viewer and highly recommended.

Join. Me
Join. Me

This is one of those TeamViewer alternatives which is prepared by Log me In. It’s an easy application that does not involve any complexities. Join. Me offers both free and paid versions. Due to its reliability, it is entrusted to a large number of educational institutes and companies around the world.

It’s easy to use with features like countless recording, audio, meeting rescheduling, up to 250 participants etc. It’s available on Windows and MAC platforms. It’s a user-friendly and fast application.

Though the basic version is free, the updated and advanced version comes with charges.

Ultra VNC

Another tool based on VNC framework is Ultra VNC. This is a free application prepared for the purpose of remote computer access.

Ultra VNC is completely free application, which makes it striking to the users. Also, it provides fast access to remote computers and rapid file sharing. It can be used only on windows platform.

Web EX
webex TeamViewer alternative

Web ex is a free application that is multi-tasking in nature. Other than conducting meetings, it connects remote computers as well. It comes in the form of the desktop as well as mobile applications.

Web ex is satisfying for the users, firstly because it’s free. Also, it provides many distinctive features like chat, fast file sharing, video conferencing, mark up tools, recording meetings etc.

It can be used on Windows, MAC OSX, Linux as well as in the form of mobile applications.


Mikogo is one of those premium TeamViewer alternatives which is great for both individuals as well as business purposes. This is a browser-oriented tool and great for remote computer access.

Though costly, Mikogo comes with a lot of features like sharing of documents, free mobile app, video conferencing, file transfer, chat and much more. This is a  browser-based software and hence there is no requirement of downloading.

Mikogo is easy to use software that can be used in MAC, Linux, i-phone and android versions. Therefore, though expensive, it’s worth every penny.

No Machine
No Machine

This one is an uncomplicated, secure and fast application that can very well be used as a replacement for TeamViewer. It comes in both free and paid versions.

The biggest benefit of No machine is that it lets you watch videos, images etc from the remote PCs. It comes in two versions, where the private version is free and the enterprise version is chargeable. It works platforms like Windows, MAC, Linux etc.


Splashtop is a good TeamViewer alternative which has a version for everyone, like individuals, business organizations, IT departments etc. Different groups have different plans according to their convenience. Which makes it a user-friendly software.

Splashtop is an easy to use, user-friendly application that has different options and plans for everyone. Though it is chargeable, still it has some trial plans that helps the users to choose the appropriate package for them. This software also offers a high-security base which makes it trustworthy. This software is also available in the mobile application format.

The TeamViewer alternatives mentioned in the above list are equally effective and efficient as team viewer, if not more. There are both paid and free applications. The readers might give them a try as there is no harm in trying.

And please let me know through your comment how you enjoyed using these team viewer alternatives.