Testmynet Review – Detect Your Internet Speed

By Tapas Pal Updated

Testmynet is an internet speed testing website that has been in the business for about twenty – two years (as of 2017). The site is offering free testing of your internet download as well as upload speed.This website is one of the most user – friendly websites and offers data without the need of installing or updating any old or new plugins which is a rare thing to find in any other such software. Plus it also shows a number of statistical figures as well as graphs which completely explains your speed as well as other important things like average on comparison etc. which are not provided by its competitors.The software page is quite easy to find on the internet. You just need to type TestMy.Net or testmynet in the search bar of the search engine and you will find it at the first link of the results.

The data of the test is shown in a graphical method which is clear and understandable to every person irrespective of the knowledge about such technical terms. Moreover, the software also provides you the speed tests of your Internet provider (ISP) tested in different locations and cities as well as allows you to store them which can come in handy in the future. You can also compare your data with other speed tests that are provided by testmynet itself of other ISP’s etc.

Testmynet- A Pocket Application To Test The Speed of Your Internet Connection

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  1. The biggest difference that the software has when compared to others is the method for checking the speed. While others use Flash or Java, testmynet uses HTML5, this gives it an advantage of being able to run on desktops as well as mobile phones. Plus there is no need of plugins which may discourage the users.
  2. Mercury Speed tests that are provided by the same let the users test the speed of their connection and any website of their choice.
  3. There are multiple options to save your test results too. They can be saved in a form of a photo (PNG image), a URL that is generated by the website as well as can be exported in the form of a CVS file.
  4. There are two separate speed testing options that are the ‘upload’ and the ‘download’ speed tests. The user can also test them in a combined form which tests the both simultaneously and provides a combined report.
  5. The users can choose and adjust their file size for the upload and the download tests which are from 100mb and 200mb respectively.
  6. The database storage on the software page lets the people compare their data as well as see a wide range of tests results from other cities, ISP’s and notice their speeds etc.
  7. The user can set any default server from North America, Asia, Europe and Australia or can choose all for a test that is called a Multithread Test.

Merits and Demerits of testmynet


  • TestMy.Net runs independent speed tests and is not at all affiliated to any ISP in any way. Therefore the users can be sure to get bias free data.
  • The software uses HTML5 over Flash and Java.
  • The results can be stored in their inbuilt databases as well as in the computers of the user.
  • The results are extremely simple and clear to understand.

Demerits: –

  • The site lacks an attraction that is it is not as attention seeking as other competitors who lure their customers by providing over the top graphics.

The most important fact that provides this software an edge over its competitors is the use of the advanced method for speed testing. The use of HTML5 over other Flash and Java led competitors enables testmynet to minimize or finish the buffering that occurs between the plugin and the browser and whenever the buffering occurs the results are not as accurate as the site promises to deliver that is there can be a slight deflection in the test results that you receive from other plugin enabled websites.

Another advantage that HTML5 gives over the plugins is that the site can even run on mobile phones which are not the case in most of its competitors. You can also search and read the merits of HTML5 over Flash and Java on the internet.

Plus TestMy.Net strongly stands on its statement of no ties with any particular internet service provider (ISP) this reduces the bias percentage to negligible and shows a true picture to the client over the so – called promised speed by their provider.

The provider may provide you a false intentionally trimmed or edited internet speed which may be completely fake and the actual speed may be nowhere near the promised one.

The site is very easy to operate and understand and anyone can use it. The results are provided in graphical as well as in a statistical form which is very clear and can also be compared to other speeds and test by other users from different cities or countries stored in their database.

After testing our internet speed in testmynet we were able to arrive at these conclusions.

  1. The result provides you with three figures which are your internet speed, your speeds rank in percentage compared to other in the city (e.g. 61% slower than average internet speed) and lastly it also gives you a percentage figure of your speed on an average when compared to the country’s average internet speed.
  2. The data of the result is one hundred percent human – friendly and can be easily read and understood by anyone.
  3. You may not compare the charts and graphs with others as the site also does that for you and provides the above – stated percentages.

So, overall we would rate testmynet (TestMy.Net) a 9.2 out of a possible ten and would strongly recommend you to try it out yourself. It’s the best among similar websites available in the market. If you have any queries or doubts about testmynet let us know about it in the comments section below. We will help you out immediately.