tfw – The feel when

By Tapas Pal Updated

We are the generation who type tysm for thankyou so much and idk for I don’t know. Tfw is a famous internet slang language for the words “that feel when”. This is a short form for the stated words. Nowadays the internet is full of short forms of big words like ‘LOL’ meaning laugh out loud or ‘ROFL’ meaning rolling on floor and many others and if not these then there always are the emoji’s. It is believed that these short forms are originated because of the younger generation on various social media platforms especially Facebook and twitter who are too lazy to write the full sentence to express their feelings.

Tfw is quite a popular word which is not at all grammatically correct but no one cares. Various people use this slang to express an emotion or a feeling that the person experiences and thinks that it may be relatable to other too and posts it online. In other words tfw is posted when the event is too relatable to the people. Many times in social media contests the companies just put tfw at the beginning of the sentence and leave this as an open ended question and expects the public to complete the sentence by using their creativity and imagination and are awarded for that. There is no such fixed definition or meaning of the word.

Still not clear? Below are a few sentences where the word tfw is used: –

  • TFW you delete a whole hand written unsaved document.
  • TFW you put your cereal in the bowl and find out that you have no milk.
  • TFW your girlfriend says goodbye to you on a chat and remains online for the next four hours.
  • TFW you fall and hear a shatter and wish it is your leg and not your expensive iPhone.

The above example should have given you a kind of idea in which this slang is used. If there is a doubt please ask it in the comment section below.


Apparently, this tfw meaning is quite relatable to people as it expresses day – to – day happening, activities or things that occur with the majority of people almost daily, this is the reason that they are quite famous and are gaining more fame day – by – day. Usually, it is put at the beginning of the sentence and with a line of a relatable event but this too keeps it open ended to quite an extent by which the people can interpret it differently.

Many times ‘the feeling when’ is used in completely different sentences which are not at all experienced before or are not relatable to the public that is being quite specific about a particular person or an event etc. but turns out to be extremely funny. This triggers the imagination of the people making them laugh. This was first discovered on Facebook and is now all over the twitter platform with Instagram and snapchat not far behind in this race.

TFW Origin

Usually there is no origin source or date which can be traced when it comes to social media trends. You can start a hashtag or a ‘@’ now and it may be trending the next hour with its origin unknown. But in the case of tfw it is supposed that it was originated by the meme page ‘I know that feel, bro’. This meme page posts various hilarious posts on social media platforms and is present across all such platforms with its dominance on Facebook. Their Facebook page has the display icon of two hugging men with near tears and a sympathy look on the face of one of them. They started out in 2010 with a new trend of tfw and instantly became a hit. There are various posts about it on their Facebook page.

Many other such meme pages have played a significant role in making this famous like feels good, feels good man etc. and as stated above the young generation is the one because of which this slang became famous and spread like a wild fire over the social media platforms.

Tfw is used in various ways by different pages. Apart from the traditional text nowadays it is accompanied with a picture of even a GIF to explain the situation in a better way and make the reader feel more relatable.

TFW Other meanings

Other than ‘that feel when’ tfw has other meanings too, the list is as follows –

  1. The f**k what – this is an abusive use of tfw and is not used as much.
  2. Thanks for watching – You can see this use of tfw after shows and videos especially on YouTube, this method is used to appreciate the viewers of the video.
  3. Travel for work – Often used to denote the travelling done for business purposes.
  4. Tactical Fighter Wing – This is a branch of aviation which deals in strategies and plans for defending and attacking.

With the introduction of emoji’s in the social media market and on their respective apps too where there is a face emotion for every situation ‘tfw’ is still working wonders and provides relief to the people who are tired of seeing emoticons. They have a light meaning and can be easily related too, no matter of their grammatical error in the sentence it is still loved by the people and put smiles on their faces.

This was all for the tfw meaning explanation and origin. Now you can try out your hand at them and visit your social media accounts and start a new tfw. You can also check out various other such slang short forms like LMAO etc. on the internet.

If there is any doubt or query or you just want to discuss it in the comment section you are more than welcome. We will be happy to help you out. Comment down other full – forms of slangs like this and let’s see who has the funniest full – form.