Top 10 TogetherTube Alternatives 2018! Explore Finest Sites like TogetherTube

TogetherTube Alternative
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

There’s no such feeling like watching a movie with friends. But we don’t get the feeling quite often because of the busyness we go through on a daily basis. But what about an application that has the potential to bring us back together even from a far distance? TogetherTube [official website] is one of the most well-designed web applications that come with the drop-down menus. You can easily navigate in TogetherTube and don’t have to go through any necessary registration procedure like other sites. Despite these remarkable features and facilities served by TogetherTube, a few individuals still look for the TogetherTube alternative.

Users can vote for their suggested videos, and the video with the majority of votes will bump up to the playlist. This is indeed a great feature for the video lovers, but a slow internet connection can ruin the whole enjoyment! You’ll come across the lags and buffers appearing with the poor internet speed. These sorts of inefficiencies and much more drawbacks are the whys and wherefores of the large daily basis queries for the alternatives to TogetherTube. Let’s discover some worthy contenders to replace the common video watching web application.

Top TogetherTube alternative to Watch Videos with Friends


TogetherTube Alternative - Uptime
Watch videos together from long distance through Uptime

Distance should not be an obstacle between you and your friends having fun. Well, Uptime offers the facility to provide you the right amusement you deserve. This unique website permits its users to create a place of their own to share and watch movies with friends. More than one can access and enjoy the same video sitting in different locations, even from overseas!

You can access every sort of entertainment in the platform through YouTube videos, online games, chatting, watching latest movies and what not! You need an iOS Smartphone and a login ID to enter into the world of amusement. Google account is also eligible to get into the site. So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends to Uptime and take a tour of the magnificent TogetherTube alternative.


Alternatives to TogetherTube - Syncplay
Syncplay offers great synchronization while watching videos from long distance

When the topic revolves around the sites like TogetherTube, Syncplay makes to the list despite not being a website! Syncplay, however, is a downloadable program that lends a hand to your device in simonizing the common media. This plays the pivotal role in an uninterrupted video watching experience with friends at the same time.

Syncplay keeps the common media player well-synchronized; thus users can access videos or music with friends. The most overwhelming part of this program is its privacy parameters which are really rare with the other alternatives to TogetherTube. Vimeo, YouTube and Browser extension files for Firefox and Chrome are supported in Syncplay.


TogetherTube Alternative - Rabbit
Rabbit offers a great privacy in chatroom of long-distance video watching

If you want privacy in your video sharing room, then Rabbit is the perfect TogetherTube alternative for you. It offers an exclusive privacy to watch a private video with your beloved one. Moreover, you can also get access to the web-service like a public room in this online interactive video streaming site. After the completion of some simple registration protocols, you’ll automatically be redirected to the chat and video sharing room. Create customized playlist, add friends or family members and get connected to some of your favorite video links in Rabbit. The up-to-the-minute features will allow you to enjoy any ceremony or use it for the study purpose!


Rave - Sites like TogetherTube
Rave searches and gathers the best videos to watch together

Say goodbye to the tedious and annoying time of searching the desired video link! Oh yes! Rave puts an end to the hassle with its unreal feature of searching and providing the exact video content. After registering and logging in to the official site of Rave, an auto-generated video sharing room will turn up. Rave offers the rarely found playback synchronize technology which is quite a today’s technology. The website is accessible on Windows, Android, and iOS devices. So, real-time movie watching experience got wings with Rave, one of the most beautiful sites like TogetherTube.


Watch2gether - Alternatives to TogetherTube
Watch2gether possesses a great collection of videos to watch for you and your friends

To get rid of your daily tiredness, Watch2gether is a feasible option. If you’re looking for a TogetherTube alternative to enjoy streaming videos with friends and family members, Watch2gether can show you the right avenue with its collection of trending movies and videos. You can get involved in a conversation with your friends in the chatroom offered by Watch2gether right after registration. You can create a chatroom and invite your friends there. Moreover, you can you can also shop from Amazon through Watch2gether! If you want to cherish your old memories, don’t do anymore delay and tune to Watch2gether.


Wavelength - TogetherTube Alternative
Wavelength behaves like the social medias more than you can imagine

Wavelength is more like a social network besides an online video streaming website. The multimedia content of the site is easily accessible to all the users. You merely need to complete a few simple steps to register on the site and automatically a chatroom, and a video sharing room will appear. The personal chatroom can be used for personal purpose together with publicly! Chiefly, the college folks are the primary users of Wavelength. Anyone can get access to the public URL of the chatroom provided by the moderator. One can play both the audio and video files in this video streaming platform. All these jaw-dropping features make Wavelength one of the stimulating alternatives to TogetherTube.


Sites like TogetherTube - Showgoers
Showgoers offers best Netflix videos for you and your friends

Are you a Netflix maniac? Looking for a platform to watch Netflix movies and videos? Then make yourself comfortable in Showgoers. It is the online video streaming platform with an array of new opportunities. Not only can you tune to your favorite movies and videos on Showgoers, but you’ll be capable of sharing those with friends and beloved ones.

Register on the site initially and you’re good to go. Simultaneously synchronized videos and audios help you watch videos and listen to audios with friends. Moreover, browser extensions like Firefox and Chrome can also be added to the site to add extra value to its awe-inspiring service. This worthy TogetherTube alternative has a personal chatroom to offer you where you can invite your friends and have a blast while watching videos from different corners of the world.


Alternatives to TogetherTube - SimulChat
SimulChat will even allow you to play Chess while watching videos

Whenever one feels the void of the sites like TogetherTube, SimulChat arrives seamlessly into mind. One of the prime alternatives to TogetherTube, the site is filled with exciting features besides online video streaming with friends! You can have a chat with your friends in the chatroom while streaming videos, share video links and even play chess. All these features get unlocked right after the registration process gets completed. On the other hand, the customized chatroom can add a fun flavor to your video watching experience, and you can make the chatroom public with the extensive features of SimulChat.

MyCircle TV

TogetherTube Alternative - MyCircle TV
Enjoy videos with your friend circle with MyCircle TV

Does it bother you texting to friends while watching a video? Definitely, it does. Here’s the solution, Register with MyCircle TV, finish a few simple steps, and discover a whole new definition of the TogetherTube alternative. Yes, MyCircle TV allows you to have a chat with your friends on the go; vocally! Furthermore, the alternative to TogetherTube supports any and every kind of video and audio formats including h264, AVC, MPEG4, .flv, and AVI. You can upload the content on the website with a restriction of 5 GB. So, you can enjoy the short and long videos with friends without any hassle. The only thing you need to do is, registering for MyCircle TV.


Gaze - Sites like TogetherTube
Not only online video watching together, Gaze offers a Video Chat feature

Are you into a long-distance relationship? A video chat seems to be the only option left to stay in touch! What about a web-based platform that can offer you the exact feature along with interactive video streaming? Yes, Gaze is the website which can be named as the perfect TogetherTube alternative for the long-distance relations.

The video calling feature of Gaze adds a spark to your relationship. So, now you can watch your beloved one along with watching a movie with him or her! Go through the simple registration procedure and enjoy the movies with friends on the customized virtual room (auto-generated after registration). Moreover, the link to your chatroom can also be shared anywhere from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter! All these incredible features make Gaze one of the worthiest sites like TogetherTube.


Spending quality time with family and friends is something we all cherish, but our daily busyness holds us back from that utmost pleasure. While the internet has treasured the humankind with its inspirational capabilities, watching the same video with friends from a far distance has also become possible with the above tools and sites like TogetherTube. I’ve noted down the 10 worthiest replacements of TogetherTube. Now it’s your turn to pick the best TogetherTube alternative for you.