Top 10 Google’s Hidden Features That You Need to Know Before You Die

Google’s Hidden Features
By Tapas Pal Updated

Do you really know about Google? You might be thinking, is this a question to start with. But I assure you that after reading the post, you would not be surprised with the question. Google is by far the most used search engine, but apart from that their developers have given us a chance to play with it too.  Here in this post, we will talk about 10 such playable Google’s Hidden features.

1. Flip a Coin

This is one of my best Google’s Hidden Features That i use frequently. Are you confused about two things to choose from? Google provides you a feature named ‘flip a coin’. To try it first type ‘Flip a coin’ in the search box and then click on I’m feeling Lucky, and Google will tell you if it’s a head or a tail. And believe me, Google’s coin is not biased.

2. Roll a Dice

You and your friends are ready to play Ludo or some similar game, but find that the dice is not in its place. But, here comes the hero named Google came to your rescue. Just type “roll a dice” on Google and it will tell you the score on a dice. Isn’t it too good of Google?

3. Askew

Just type “Askew” in the Google search box and alas! The whole page has tilted. This feature was developed for freaking out your friends who don’t know about this. So, just plan when you are trying this trick on your friends.

4. Zerg Rush

Feeling bored of the normal search results and don’t have anything to play with? Just Type ‘Zerg Rush’ inside the search box and click on “I’m feeling lucky”. Google would start playing with your search results. It would generate small creatures “o”, to destroy your search results.  But you can protect the results by clicking on the o’s. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

5. Atari breakout

In our childhood days, we used to play an arcade game called Atari. For years, it was not seen and many of us were missing it. This time, again the Super Hero Google came out with a version of the classic Atari game. You can also play it on Google, by typing “Atari Breakout” into the search box. Killing time with Google was never easy like this.

6. Google PacMan

We are talking about classic games, and Pacman lovers are the most loyal towards their game. Google’s version of Pacman is one such try to support their loyalty. Enter ‘Google Pacman’ inside Google’s search box and be ready to play the game around Google’s logo. Pacman lovers can thank us for discovering this.

7. Google Gravity

Are you frustrated with the positioning of the logo and the icons on Google’s pages? Google understood your feelings and provided an option of organizing them at your will. You just need to type ‘Google Gravity’ in the search box and click on “I’m feeling Lucky”. Each of the icons and logos would fall down at the bottom of the page. Now you can place and throw them anywhere you like. Don’t just rush to try it, read our whole post first.

8. Dinosaur Game

All those games and features above were on Google’s page and needed the internet connection. But what if your connection is off. And you need to kill your time. Google took care of this also and gave a Dinosaur game on Google Chrome. If you really love the game just disconnect your internet and play as much as you want.

9.  Do a Barrel Roll

We were talking about positioning. But have you ever thought if the page gets flipped by 360 degrees. Just type ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ in the Google’s search box and click on I’m Feeling lucky and boom, the complete page gets flipped by an angle of 360 degrees.

10. Google Orbit

Google’s engineers are really awesome. They keep thinking and one day someone might have thought about the solar system. And they implemented it on Google for users to have fun with it. Firstly you need to type ‘Google Orbit’ in the search box and then click on I’m feeling lucky again to see the contents of the page swirling and spinning on the movement of the mouse pointer on the screen.

We have just completed a set of tools or Google’s Hidden Features, and it’s time to check out each one of them. I’m feeling lucky text is going to be clicked so many times that you might really start feeling lucky.