Top 8 Reasons People Stop Watching Twitch!

People stop watching Twitch
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Right from the day, Twitch was introduced to us in 2011 and acquired by Amazon in 2014, it has seen tremendous growth and quickly has become one of the leading destinations to stream and view video game contents on gaming consoles, laptops, PCs, Smartphone, and Tablets. With almost 9.7 million active users on a daily basis, it is the highest priority of the individuals who are involved in the video gaming and want a platform to share and grow both their knowledge and earning through gaming broadcasts! But a few streamers often suffer from a concern, Why people stop watching Twitch!

Streamers often aim at making their full time living with their hobby via Twitch and become a Twitch Partner or Affiliate some day or the other! But one has to meet and maintain a certain follower count and viewing conditions in the journey to become a Twitch Partner and Affiliate. With 2 million monthly Twitch users streaming their gameplay and creative content, it’s not easy for a streamer to engage the viewers and convincing them to add the account to the follow list and tune them frequently in future. This task is extremely taxing both for a newbie and an established streamer!

Following are the reasons you are getting the same 1-2 viewers and not enjoying the same growth like others.

Reasons why people stop watching Twitch

There can be multiple different reasons why people are not watching your stream on Twitch. Here are the reasons I found applicable for everyone on a general basis.

Newly launched channel

New Twitch Channel - People stop watching Twitch

If you have a brand new channel, people haven’t stopped watching, rather they haven’t started yet! It’s not a Harry Potter movie and you don’t have a wand with a magic spell to increase your viewers and followers over the night! Yes, it’s the bitter truth. There’s no web application either to give you hundreds of live viewers instantly. You have to go on your own.

Building an active community isn’t a single-day job; it takes time. Moreover, you should take the initiative to be creative, disciplined and maintain a schedule. Your broadcasts should be worth the viewers’ time and the contents should push them to show up when you go live!

Tips: Rather than feeling low and blaming yourself for getting only 1 viewer, you should think about how you managed to grab the viewer and what attracts him or her. Work on the goods. The glass is half filled!

No Camera

why people stop watching Twitch - No Camera
Use your own photograph to get more visibility on Twitch

A viewer discovering the new streamers browsing through the Twitch website and applications is the usual method. Both the website and application display the thumbnails of live broadcasts that are the screenshots of the stream randomly taken by Twitch. Most viewers select which stream to watch based wholly on the thumbnails.

The drawback of the thumbnails is the similar images for a lot of broadcasts! Especially while browsing streams are related to similar subject or games, the possibilities of showing identical images are higher! So, what’s the way out to make your screenshot different from the others? The answer is: having your camera turned on!

Turning on your camera can actually make a big difference and lets you stand out from the crowd of other streamers resulting through the search results on Twitch. Furthermore, your face can be more humanly and it can help you to increase the live viewers and the follower base.

Tips: Place the footage of the camera and the layout box on the upper-right or the upper-left corner of the screen. Unless you do it, your picture will be covered with the stream title and description provided by Twitch on the bottom half.

Random Schedule

Random Schedule - why people stop watching Twitch
Following a regular schedule will bring more eyeballs to your stream

What if Game of Thrones or Narcos were broadcasted at random times? You love this TV shows but you could have hardly taken out time for these! Why? You have your own schedule to meet and it’s impossible to stay tuned to the channel all the day long no matter how much you liked it.

The same happens to your stream. Before you do anything relating to your stream, work on the schedule. A weekly schedule is immensely important to meet the level of fame and success you are eyeing at the moment. A random schedule won’t let the potential viewers take out a certain time to invest in your very own stream and it directly calls for harm to your stream.

Be audible about your schedule and stick to it! If you don’t let your viewers schedule their daily routine, no matter how good streamer you are or how interesting your stream is, it is definitely going to face a downfall. This is one of the prime reasons why people stop watching Twitch!

Tips: Sketch a plan of your daily routine, consider every possibility and set your schedule accordingly. Tell your audience about your schedule frequently, so that, they can come online! Choose a wise day to come online like a Sunday morning when most of the viewers will have plenty of time.

A Boring Streamer

reason to not watching Twitch - Boring Streamer
be proactive while streaming. Verbalize and be engaged in other activities

You, being a streamer are similarly responsible for the number of viewer along with the gameplay of the game you are playing! Yes, it is true. A great amount of Twitch users decide to watch a stream based on the streamers themselves! If you are lacking the attraction and not interesting enough to watch, viewers will simply move to another streamer (Read Your Competitor).

Even if nobody’s talking or watching you on the Twitch chat, it’s important that you verbalize your thoughts during a stream. Talk in a way as if there’s a viewer on chat, so that, when a viewer actually appears to your broadcast, they find an active streamer, rather than an individual staring at the monitor doing nothing! The best way to perform the task is by sharing your thought process verbally as you’re playing a game. Stuck on a puzzle? Shout the solutions loud!

Be proactive! If you have live viewers watching the stream, never forget to welcome them, ask about their day, the place they are watching from, and if they have played the same game. This creates a friendly environment and assists you to build a rapport with the viewers.

Tips: Ask a friend to jump into the Twitch chat. So you will have someone to talk rather than talking aimlessly. Buy a headset, so that you can be audible to your viewers in a better mannerism.

Offensive Content

why people stop watching Twitch - Offensive Content
Don't use a content that can offense a viewer. Be politically correct

This is one of the prime reasons why people stop watching Twitch! Though Twitch is an open platform compared to its rivals providing similar services and permits swearing during the broadcast. But a streamer should never consider it as an open place to say anything just for its allowance, especially if the streamer wants to increase the viewer amount and number of followers!

Your average adult viewers won’t be a trouble while using coarse language but it can turn out to be troublesome and a serious issue with the underage viewers and adults watching the stream with their kids. Which parent would want their own children to hear and learn the coarse languages?

Furthermore, you should stop using the languages considered sexist, racist or homophobic on your stream. Remember, a good follower base is always made by multiple individuals with different choices, cultures, tastes, preferences, and complexion. Thus you should always aim at using contents that please each and everyone. This is entirely dependent on your choice but a little self-censorship is always a wiser choice if you get a greater amount of viewers.

Tips: Replay your previous broadcasts, watch them and consider a viewer’s perspective. Think about whether a father with his child, a girl or someone from the minority can be offended by the content.

Repetitive Gaming

Repetitive Gaming - People stop watching Twitch

Individuals behind a majority of the ‘why people stop watching Twitch’ searches possess a common issue most of the time! What’s the issue? They forget that they are playing for their audience, not for themselves. Giving their own preferences the priority over their audience’s likings cost them a huge amount of viewer reduction.

Investing more than an hour to solve a particular puzzle can be exciting for the streamer being able to overcome the odds but it simply annoys a viewer to watch a boring puzzle game to solve for an hour. They will simply leave your channel and look for other dynamic players for an exciting gaming experience.

Tips: 15 minutes should be the maximum limit of time to spend on one game. If you are stuck in a game, play in a different mode or change the whole game.

Eating While Streaming

Eating while Streaming
Eating while streaming looks extremely unprofessional

Eat at your own risk! What? Can’t I even eat if I’m a streamer? Obviously, you can, but not while streaming. It has become a phenomenon to eat in front of a camera and doing nothing. Thanks to the social media! The social eating can sound good at first as it has gone viral on the social media but this trend can backfire and can turn out to be the reason why people stop watching Twitch! The viewers used to with watching other video games and talk shows may turn off and even push a few fans to unsubscribe!

A little disconnection may occur between the streamer and the viewer while eating during a live broadcast and the disconnection may lead you as a streamer to lose one valuable viewer or more! Some viewers will be completely fine with it but a great chance is there for your viewers to get annoyed and ponder it unprofessional. So, will you be eating from the next streaming?

Tips: During a long stream, you can certainly take a 15 minutes break. During the interval, make sure you have turned off your microphone and played a video or your favorite pictures from the gallery which will engage your audience and build a sense of community for your Twitch Channel on the other hand.

Lack of Promotion

Lack of Promotion - Why people stop watching Twitch
Be wise to promote yourself and your Twitch channel. Lack of promotion can ruin your viewer list

An obvious reason why people stop watching Twitch! Promotion of your channel doesn’t certainly denote to spam your channel to others. Promotion signifies how you introduce your channel to the new viewers. If you miss to watch other people’s streams or don’t contribute to their streams for your own growth, you are way far from the proper promotion of your channel that leads to fewer viewers.

Not just the streamers, but most of the marketers mess this particular point. They believe criticizing someone else can bring profit to them whereas this mentality will only lead you to the sheer downfall where you don’t want to be! Establishing a good relationship with the established streamers is one of the best ways how you can promote your own channel!

Tips: Think about being real. Ask the established streamers formally, share your problems, and show them how bad you need this platform. Your real emotions will work in convincing.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, streamers who create their own channels on Twitch are passionate about gaming. They have fun while playing the games and interacting with individuals possessing the same passion like they have. But Twitch is one of the best money making platforms and you should keep certain things in mind before commencing your journey. A professional approach can convert your fun into a great way of earning. So, make sure you don’t make the above mistakes!