Top 15 Technology Bloggers and Influencers to Follow

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By Tapas Pal Updated

Are you a technology fanatic? Do you have a serious passion for technology? Do you prefer to buy new technology products as soon as they hit the market? If the answers to all the questions above are “YES” then let me tell you one thing. No matter how much tech savvy a person you are, there are always some odds of you making mistakes. So why take a risk, when you have the option of getting some assistance. Yes, you heard that right. There are many technology bloggers out there, who write about new technology products, gadgets, apps etc as soon as they enter the market. So before investing your valuable money, you can just give a look at the blogs of these technology bloggers and then decide what to buy and what to stay away from. bellow I have shortlisted the names of some famous technology bloggers. take a look.

 List Of Some Popular Technology Bloggers

Amit Agarwal( @labnol)
Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal, is a famous name in the field of technology blogging. He originally hails from Agra, India. Agarwal opted for computer science engineering at IIT Roorkee and after successful completion of engineering, he had joined ADP Inc in Hyderabad. But being a ardent techie at heart, he quit his job after five years and in 2004 he became India’s first technology blogger. Amit’s blog Labnol is a highly appreciated blog, which offers reviews, how-to guides for new apps and gadgets. Amit also authors Digital Inspiration, for which he had received several awards. Some of his articles were published in magazines like The Wall Street Journal India, The Financial Express, CNN IBN, CNBC TV 18 etc. Therefore this can be a pretty useful guide for all the technology lovers out there.

Andrew Chen(@andrewchen)
Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen holds a B.S degree in Mathematics from University of Washington. Earlier he was the entrepreneur of Mohr Davidow Ventures, a silicon valley based firm. Currently he works at Uber where he leads the Rider Growth Team. He’s one of the well known technology bloggers.He writes about recent technologies, including mobile phones, metrics, growth hacking etc. Chen also works as an adviser to tech startups like AngelList, Barkbox, DropBox, Marcopolo, Tinder etc. What’s interesting is that he writes his thoughts in the form of essays.  His essays have been published in magazines like New York Times, Fortune and so on. Critics describe his writing as an exception among other blogs. So you can definitely give this one a try.

Ann Handley (@annhandley)
Ann Handley

Ann Handley is a Boston based expert in creating and managing content to build relationships for organisations and individuals. Previously she was the co-founder of ClickZ. Com. Presently she is working as chief content officer at MarketingProfs. She also describes herself as a keynote speaker, mom and writer. Ann Handley is a legendary name in digital marketing. One of her blockbuster article is,   Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide To Creating Ridiculously Good Content for Wall Street Journal. She has also co-authored the bestselling book Content Rules: How To Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, E-books, Webinars (And More) That Engage Customers And Ignite Your Business. This book was translated into nine languages including Turkish, Chinese, Italian and so on. Hence for any queries related to digital marketing and content writing, this blog is your go-to place.

Harsh Agarwal(@shoutmeloud)
Harsh Agarwal

Harsh Agarwal describes himself as a simple guy who loves to simplify complex things. Interesting, isn’t it? He holds a degree in Engineering from Sharda University. Before starting this blog, he was working for Convergys in India. Agarwal had turned down a job offer from Accenture in order to start his own technology blog Shoutmeloud. This blog includes tips on online marketing, directions for creating your own blog and ways to earn money from that blog, SEO and so forth. It also offers how-to guides related to marketing, sales and brand value. Notably this blog has got the Alexa rank of 574 in India and 4809 globally.

Anum Hussain (@anum)
Anum Hussain

Anum Hussain is a growth marketer for Sidekick by Hubspot. She is also a lecturer of Marketing at Isenberg UMass. Anum has been recognised as one of the rising marketing stars in 2013 and her name is a celebrated one in the field of technology bloggers.One unique thing about Anum’s blog is her comprehensive presentations. She releases some detailed presentations in Slideshare which covers marketing topics like social media, blogging, podcasting etc. These presentations are helpful in the sense, you won’t have to read long lengthy articles. You can just check the important points of a topic quickly. These presentations have large number of views, which speak for the popularity itself. So if you don’t have enough time to go through elaborated articles, then give yourself a break and check these presentations, made in a  distinctive manner and learn swiftly.

Anil Dash(@anildash)
Anil Dash

Anil Dash grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is an eminent American blogger, activist and technologist. Before being a blogger, he has worked for organisations like Village Voice and Expert Lab.Dash stepped into the blogging world in 1999.Apart from being an avid tech writer, Anil is also the CEO of Fog Creek Software, a New York-based autonomous technology company. He focuses on making an ethical and principled technology world through his writing. He had been an adviser to the Obama White House’s office of digital strategy. Anil is also part of some renowned organisations like Stack Overflow, Data & Society Research Institute, NY Tech Alliance. In 2013, his Twitter account was named as the best account on Twitter. Therefore, if you’re looking for a blog that’s not only a mere technology blog, but contains some cultural, thoughtful and sympathetic aspects of the technology industry, then this blog is the best option for you.

Ben Thompson(@benthompson)
Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson has an MBA degree from Kellogg School and an MEM degree from McCormick School of Engineering. He is a Taiwan based writer and technology analyst. Thompson has worked in organisations like Apple, Microsoft and Automattic. He is the founder of technology blog Stratechery. Thompson is a technology blogger, who gives a special concentration on strategy and business. His articles generally evaluate the latest trends in technology with specific focus on business. So, if you want to know about latest tech products with  every minute details or if you want to learn about the basics of business and strategy, you can give this blog a read.

Corvida Raven ( @corvida)
Corvida Raven

Corvida Raven is a technology writer and public speaker. She has a major in Computer Science from Hampton University. Corvida is the founder of blog Before getting recognition in the field of technology bloggers, she has worked for Intel and General Motors as a social media adviser. Apart from being a technology writer, Raven also writes about educating social media. Being a black woman, she has raised her voice against the issue of humiliation and domination of black people.  Her was awarded as the best technology blog in 2008. Sheis also the recipient of  the 2012 Women Interactive Digital Vanguard Award. Her writing is fresh,insightful and critically acclaimed.

Danny Brown( @dannybrown)
Danny Brown

Danny Brown is an Ontario based technology writer who has worked for organisations like BlackBerry, IBM, Orange, Microsoft, Vodafone, Dell etc.Danny Brown’s blog is a must read because it emphasises on being a better businessperson, a better marketer and finally a better human being. His writing style is simple and comforting. Brown has the ability to explain complicated topics in an easy and effortless manner. He is the author of books like The Little Book Of Inspiration, The Parables of Business and Why Simple Works. These books would teach you the basics of business and marketing in a concerned way. Danny is the recipient of multiple awards and titles.

Jenn Herman ( @jenns_trends)
Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is originally from Canada. Currently she lives in San Diego. She has a Master’s in Forensic science, but her passion lies in technology and social media marketing.  She has started Jenn’s Trends blog in 2013 which eventually gave her international recognition. Jenn’s blog has won the award of Top 10 Social Media Blog for three consecutive years that is 2014, 2015 and 2016. She has also featured in Inc. Com, iBlog magazine, SteamFeed blog and so on. If you want to stay updated about recent trends in social media marketing and want to know about their detailed implications, then this blog is a must try for you.

Jon Loomer(@jonloomer)
Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer has a degree in Philosophy from Cornell College. It is his passion for English literature that dragged him towards being a writer. In 2005 he was hired by the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was in charge of content and marketing.  Later he launched in 2011. Loomer’s blog is widely known for advanced Facebook marketing and advertising. Hence if you’re curious to learn about Facebook advertising, you can absolutely follow his blog.

Mari Smith ( @MariSmith)
Mari Smith

Mari Smith is a top social media strategist, who is known as Facebook marketing specialist. Originally from Scotland, she is also known as the “Facebook Queen”. Currently she is based in San Diego, USA. Mari Smith has been called as “Small Business and Facebook Marketing Expert”, “Top Social Media Power Influencer”, “Pied Piper Of  The Online World” and so on. She is the author of The New Relationship Marketing. Her writing pattern is informal and captivating, which attracts the readers instantly.

Paul Thurrott (@thurrott)
Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurott is an award-winning, author, podcaster and technology blogger. He has over 25 books to his name. Paul is based in Pennsylvania. He is the creator of Paul has written how-to articles on software like Microsoft Surface, Windows 8, Windows 10 and so on. Paul Thurott is the host of Windows Weekly where he reviews and previews about new technologies and applications. Though his writing is not very unique, still his articles contain lot of information. Hence you can definitely subscribe his blog to stay updated.

Tamar Weinberg(@tamar)
Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg is a well known social media strategist who focuses on customer satisfaction. She holds a degree in Computer Science from Columbia University. Currently she works as a community manager in NameCheap. The name of her blog is Techipedia. Tamar is a social media strategist and blogger who loves to write about internet, social media and technology. She has been listed number 18 on NxE’s Fifty Most Influential Female Bloggers. Tamar has authored the book The New Community Rules: Marketing On The Social Web. She is one of those technology bloggers, for whom customer satisfaction is of prime importance. This makes her blog  popular among the readers.

Tim Soulo (@timsuolo)
Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo, another well known name in the field of technology bloggers. Tim was a professional DJ. But once he figured out about his keen interest in marketing, he left that career and became a marketing consultant. His blog is named as Bloggerjet. Once he realised that most of the blogs don’t deliver what they had actually promised for, Tim started his own blog Bloggerjet. He believes in staying loyal to the readers. His writing style is unceremonious and cooperative.

I hope you find the ideal tech blogger whose writing would give you the proper direction to fulfill your tech dream. My best wishes for all the tech freaks out there. And don’t forget to comment.