Train Chart Preparation Time For Indian Railways

Train chart preparation time
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Train chart is the final status of all booked seats for passengers showing whether the seat is confirmed or on a waiting list. The chart has the details such as passenger Name, Age, Gender allotted coach number, Seat number in the coach and Source station. It is very important for a passenger to check his/her booking status. Once you book a ticket you keep checking if it is confirmed or you have to wait for chart preparation. If the ticket is not confirmed till train chart preparation time, then you have to travel on a waiting list. So it is necessary to know the chart preparation time before the journey. There is a particular timing for chart preparation of ISRTC and with the help of it, you can easily check your current booking status.

Train chart preparation time

Train chart preparation time basically depends regarding the departure time of the train and the grade of the station. It also depends on whether train departure time is morning or evening and it varies with each train. Charts are normally prepared usually 4-6 hours before scheduled departure from origin.

What is a train’s chart?

It contains all the information of the passengers on the train that the railway needs to know. And that includes the name, age and gender of the passenger, departing and boarding stations, seat numbers of passengers with confirmed tickets and waitlisted tickets during chart preparation, final booking status of RAC/waitlisted tickets and so on. A person with confirmed or reserved train tickets need not bother about chart preparation. But if you are having an RAC ticket, you have to wait till chart preparation.During chart.

During chart preparation, the list of passengers is printed and pasted on respective coaches or boards in the station. Once the chart is prepared you will get to know if your ticket is confirmed or not. If you are still on the waiting list even after chart preparation, you cannot board any reserved coach. If your ticket got confirmed during the chart preparation then you will get your seat number in the chart.

Chart preparation time for morning trains

If the train starts in the morning (usually before 11 A.M.) the chart is prepared one day prior to the journey. Since it is done on the previous day, it is easy for the passenger to check the booking status.

Chart preparation time for evening trains

Normally it starts 4 hours before the departure of the train. For trains departing in the evening, charts are prepared 3-4 hours before its departure.

Chart preparation time for midnight trains

In such cases where the train departs at midnight, charts are prepared at 8 P.M. in the evening.

How will you know if the chart is prepared or not? This is an obvious question with an easy answer. All you have to do is to visit the Indian Railways website and check you’re booking status using your PNR number. There you will get to know all the details (whether the chart is prepared or not). You can check at once whether your ticket is confirmed using the chart prepared.

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