How to Check Trains Between Two Stations -Seat Availability In IRCTC

Trains between two stations
By Tapas Pal Updated

Planning a vacation trip to your favorite holiday destination? Or need to go on a journey and wants to book train tickets between two stations and check for seat availability? Well, in this tutorial we will explain you the different methods to check Trains between two stations and seat availabilities for your journey. IRCTC now allows us to book tickets 4 months in advance. You need to act fast after you have made your travel plans because most of the tickets will be booked by passengers and if you are late you might not get your tickets booked and confirmed.

So the first step is to find out the trains between two particular railway stations. Being the world’s largest rail Network Indian railway has a variety of methods to check trains between two stations. There are two ways to check train availability in IRCTC.  Using the NTES mobile application or through IRCTC or Indian Railways website.

Trains between two stations using NTES

  • Download and install the NTES application from play store or windows store
  • Open the NTES application from your phone
  • From the Menu that appears, click on the trains between stations option
Check Trains Between Two Stations
  • Now you will be asked to enter from and to stations.
  • Enter them correctly and click on get trains

A complete list of the trains available between those stations will pop up in front of you now.

Trains Between stations using the IRCTC website

  • Log in to your IRCTC account using your username and password
  • click on Plan My Journey
  • Now enter the from station to station, journey date, and ticket type
Plan My Journey
  • Now press on the submit button
  • A complete list of available trains between these stations will pop up in front of you now.
Trains Between stations using the IRCTC website

Seat availability between stations

Now we will see the method to check seat availability In a Train between two stations. For that, you need to go to the Indian Railway Train Enquiry Page

  • Go to the Indian Railway Train enquiry page from your computer
  • Enter From and to stations
Seat availability between stations
  • Then enter the class you prefer to travel in
  • Enter the journey date
  • Now click on get trains
  • Now a list of trains which are available can be seen
list of trains which are available
  • Select the suitable train for your travel plan and select the checkbox
  • Now press on Get availability
  • Now a table will appear showing the seat availability information
Accommodation availability enquiry

It is also possible to check train seat availabilities between two stations using your Android device. There are a lot of mobile applications which helps to check train seat availabilities. Most of the online wallets also have a feature to check seat availability before you buy tickets. There are other applications like Indian ail Info, Rail Cal etc. to check seat availabilities using your Android device.

In this tutorial, we have clearly explained the process of checking trains between two stations and seat availability in trains between two stations through this tutorial. In case of any doubt of queries related to train and train seat inquiry tell us about them through the comment section below. We are happy to help.