How To Trim Video In Windows 10 Using Photo App

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By Suman Ghosal Updated

Do you ever record a very funny punk video of your friends/buddies? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then definitely you have a need to trim the very video to share it with others. Now the question arises how to trim video in Windows 10 flawlessly.

Windows 10 is hugely used as an Operating System all across the globe. And that’s why I’m going to explain how to trim a video specifically in Windows 10.

The latest Windows version (Windows 10) allows the user to trim video simply by using the inbuilt Photo App comes with the operating system.

Though one can easily make it over with a third party application, but the trimming feature in Windows 10 Photo app is really very cool to make-over your video with Windows 10.

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Windows 7, XP and Vista users generally use the Movie maker Application or VLC to trim video. But now it is just matter of seconds to split or trim video in Windows 10 Photo App. This application doesn’t have any other business except playing or rendering a video clip.

You have to remember, the Photo app only allows you to experience a simple trimming tool which is mostly related to the photo editing and photo management application.

If you want to do more with your video, you have to install some third-party application.

Otherwise, trimming with the help of Photo App is the best option for Windows 10 user. Now I am going to guide you through the steps: how to trim your video without installing any third-party video trimming application.

Techniques to trim video in Windows 10 Photo App.

  • Go to the video that you want to trim.
  • Right click on the video
  • Go to “Open With >Photos & Videos”
How to trim Video in Windows photo App - Open video with photo app
Right click on the video icon and open with photos
  • It will render the video into a different new window. That new window will have an additional Control bar at the top of the Navigation Menu bar.
Navigation bar - Trim video in Windows 10 photo app
  • You can find and trim icon placed on 3rd or 4th position of the header navigation bar. Just click on the trim icon.
Trim Icon - Trim a video in Windows 10
Find Trim Icon from the Navigation bar
  • Now drag the two circular handle cursor lines to the start and the end timing point in which region you want to trim/split.
Set the limit of Trimming - Trim Video in Windows 10
Adjust the length of trimmed video
  • When you are done with selecting the range you trim, just hit the (floppy disk icon) “Save a Copy” to get your trimmed video apart from the original one. So your original video will remain unchanged.
Click on the save us button - Trim video in Windows 10
Click on the 'Save As' button above to save the trimmed video
  • You can easily find your trimmed video as well as the original one into the video directory you choose on your Computer.

So, this is how you can split or trim video in Windows 10 through the native-built photo app. It offers you the best and handy way to trim a video without installing any third party application.

Yes, there is a lack of important video editing features in Windows 10 Photo app available on the other application. But, it is an exclusive addition to the Windows 10 operating system to gives us a quick video trimming facilities.

I hope you will definitely try this video trimming feature available with your Windows 10 operating system in the next time when you need. If you have any strategic idea about any hack tricks related to Windows 10, please share with us. We’ll try to portray those through our articles. Till then, stay tuned.