What is Twitch – Know All the Nuts and Bolts

What is Twitch
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Name me a person who doesn’t want to earn money or someone who doesn’t want to be entertained? Answers to both the questions are same, and that’s “Nobody”! We all spend our lives trying to find a better source of income and entertainment. What about a platform that can offer you both? Sounds impossible? It is possible with TWITCH!

What is Twitch?

What is Twitch

In the world of the video broadcast, Twitch created a humongous influence when it first stepped foot in the industry back in 2011. It is a widespread online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. At the beginning of its foundation, Twitch was totally focused on video games but with expansion, it has boosted its reach by involving streams assigned to music, artwork development, talk shows, and the occasional TV series!

With 2 million monthly unique users and 17000 earning users per month through Twitch Partner program (through which, streamers get added advantages like paid subscriptions and ad placements), Twitch has become one of the most reliable venues of streamers having the proper balance of creativity and interest on particular topics. Considering its popularity, Amazon took over the company in 2014 and it is still one of the richest sources of internet traffic in North America.

Platforms to watch Twitch

You can watch Twitch on the official Twitch website, Official Twitch apps for Android and iOS devices, Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game consoles, Amazon Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Google Chromecast and Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4. An account in Twitch lets users add channels to a follow list (similar to subscribing to a channel on YouTube) and take part in the unique chatroom of every stream. This is why an enormous amount of individuals are tending towards Twitch and also getting benefitted economically and increasing their know-how!

Twitch Partners and Affiliates!

If you are willing to make money on Twitch, you need to be familiar with these terms – Twitch Partners and Twitch Affiliates. You can find two types of Twitch accounts that will permit you for monetization of broadcasts, namely, Partners and Affiliates. You can become a Twitch Partner or Twitch Affiliate as well but need to maintain certain requirements revolving around the number of followers and the popularity of a stream.

Twitch Affiliates get an access to a form of mini-donations from viewers – Bits along with 5% of the game sale revenue made through their profile. On the flipside, Twitch Partners get all the perks along with video ads, custom badges, emoticons, paid subscription options and other premium perks which help any streamer to make a handsome amount of profit.

Can I really earn from Twitch?

Yes, of course! Everyone can earn through Twitch. While not everyone quit their day job, a few actually make their full time living (or more) through the online digital video streaming platform by streaming on the service through a incorporation of recurring paid subscriptions, micro-donations (Bits), constant donations (ranging from some dollars to thousands), affiliate sales, sponsorships, and advertisements! But one has to be dedicated enough to reach the level of success.

How to find Twitch streamers?

Twitch prefers to show the streams on the front page of their website and applications. Another widespread technique to find new Twitch channel is by browsing the categories. The categories are available on every platform ranging from websites to mobile apps. It is an easy method to find the live streaming videos categorically. You will find Games, Popular, Communities, Creative, and Discover as the categories to explore. The categories can be found on the browse section on the main site but you may not get every category on the official Twitch apps!

You will discover some of the most popular streamers quite active on the famous social networks like Twitter and Instagram which makes these two social networks the worthiest alternatives to locate new streamers to follow! If you like to follow streamers based on their personality and other interests, social media can be extremely fruitful while the particular information would have been undiscovered if you had searched them on Twitch directly. The keyword recommendation for Twitter or Instagram searches involves ‘twitch stream’, ‘twitch streamer’, and ‘streamer’.

Is Twitch only a Video Game streaming service?

Despite Twitch’s commencement as a video game streaming service, currently, it has a broader approach with an array of different live streams eyed to appeal to a larger and contrasting audience. Let’s have a look at various categories of Twitch which are similarly popular as the video game category is!

  • IRL (In Real Life): This is arguably the most well-liked non-gaming category of Twitch where streamers simply chat with their viewers in real time.
  • Talk Shows: This one has become one of the most popular non-gaming categories with its tremendous utility. Here viewers can come across live panel discussions, professionally produced shows and podcasts.
  • Cooking: Yes, you have guessed correctly! This category contains cooking and food shows.
  • Creative: Audience, watching this category, is totally different than the individuals, watching streams of the other categories! Those who are a bit more artistic come to the category where programmers, artists, cosplayers, animators, and designers share their creativity with the rest of the world. If you are artistic in mind, you are reading the most suitable category for you.

Is Twitch a social network?

The variety of features introduced by Twitch since its launch has helped it develop itself from merely a basic streaming media site to a platform that closely relates to a social network like Twitter or Instagram!

You can find the entire feature on Twitch resembling the popular social networks. You can follow and DM (Direct Message) each other on Twitch. Moreover, the unique chatroom in each stream adds more flavor to its social networking functionality where Twitch users can connect to one another. The famous Pulse feature fundamentally behaves like the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ timelines where you can post your status updates, plus share, like and comment on other’s posts.

These features are available for the official mobile apps of Twitch which makes it a direct competition for the other social applications. So, is it okay to call Twitch a Social Network? Undoubtedly!

What is TwitchCon?

What is TwitchCon
TwitchCon - Yearly Conference by Twitch

This is an annual convention organized by Twitch that runs for a period of three days in either September or October. The aim of TwitchCon program is to celebrate the streaming and video game culture all over the world but it acts as a platform to acknowledge the successful Twitch Partners and promote the new services of a company to the users.

You can discover discussion panels and workshops to meet and greet popular Twitch Partners at TwitchCon along with the special parties with drinks and live music. Tickets for TwitchCon cost around $85 averagely on a daily basis and you can enjoy the various events starting from the midday to evening. It’s okay for the children to attend the events but the children under 13 years of age are needed to be accompanied by an adult. In a nutshell, TwitchCon is more age restrictive than the other video game conventions like PAX or Gamescom.

The first two events of TwitchCon were held in San Francisco and San Diego in 2015 and 2016 respectively. While the first TwitchCon has managed to gather over 20,000 attendees, the second convention had approximately 35,000 people attended. The latest TwitchCon was held in ‘Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center’ earlier on 20-22nd of October 2017.

Connection between Twitch and Amazon

Connection between Twitch and Amazon
Twitch and Amazon collaboration

After the launch of Twitch in 2011, Amazon has taken the ownership back in 2014 considering its popularity. However, the change of ownership couldn’t affect the Twitch. Moreover, there have been a few revolutionary changes which made Twitch more reliable than before. With the introduction of Bits (A digital currency purchased with Amazon payments used as the micro-donations) and Twitch Prime.

What is Twitch Prime and what does it do?

What is Twitch Prime
Free Subscription gets unveiled with Twitch prime

You may have heard about Amazon Prime subscriptions. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, automatically, you can enjoy the Twitch Prime service which comes along with it. Twitch Prime membership is also for both Twitch and Amazon. So, it’s safe to say that the Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime work as a cross-promotion.

Twitch Prime members are provided with ample of beneficial services such as ad-free videos, free DLC (Digital Downloadable Content), video game discounts along with a free subscription that can be used to support any Twitch partner of their choice. Twitch Prime is now available in all the major regions of the world, so, be a member of Twitch Prime today!

Competition of Twitch

If one has to name the most popular video game streaming and watching platform along with the related content, Twitch is surely going to come on the top! This is due to the fact that Twitch is the first platform which focused entirely on dedicated video game streaming. But the credit of success can also be given to them owing to the innovations they have made to help the users making money through streaming.

When it comes to the competitors and threats, Microsoft and YouTube will be acquiring the first two spots without a second thought! YouTube is making its own place in the video game streaming market which started in 2015 with the launch of YouTube gaming initiative. On the other hand, we have Microsoft that can be truly called the biggest rival and threat of Twitch. Microsoft took over the video game streaming channel Beam earlier in 2016 and renamed it as ‘Mixer’ which is directly incorporated by Microsoft into the Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles.

You may also find several smaller streaming services like Smashcast but YouTube and Mixer are arguably the most lethal threat to Twitch with the humongous user base and size of the companies.

Final Words

The above information is all the nuts and bolts you need to know about Twitch. If you are a gamer, artist, or cook and like to be connected with people similar to your taste, then the platform can be the worthiest destination for you. With every small detail on Twitch, now you can jumpstart your journey on the leading digital video streaming platform.