Twitch Subscription – Everything You Need to Know

Twitch Subscription
By Abhirup Ghosh Updated

Making money through gaming still sounds like a fairy tale and most of the people you meet, don’t consider gaming more than just a fun part of their life. But the reality is entirely different! Individuals from the different parts of the globe are not only earning money through the ‘Fun Part’, they are actually making their full time living from it. If you take Johnathan Wendel as an example, you will discover, people are not only earning their living but making thousands of dollars and more only by playing games. You just need the right direction and Twitch Subscription can show you the right path!

What’s Twitch?

Twitch is the best platform to transform your gaming passion into a scope for earning (People are making their full time living on this platform!). Twitch has been introduced in 2011 as a digital video streaming platform that’s entirely focused on gaming and with its expansion, it has stretched its arm to artworks, TV shows and much more. Amazon has acquired the digital video streaming platform in 2014 considering its popularity, so, you can calculate its acceptance!

While approximately 17000 Twitch users are earning a handsome amount monthly by streaming on Twitch, you can add up your name to the list! How? Twitch prime subscription is the answer!

What is Twitch Subscription?

What is Twitch Subscription

Like many other earning options on Twitch, subscriptions are a payment given to the Twitch Partners and Affiliates on a monthly basis made by the viewers to support the favorite channels. An array of premium perks like special emoticons (Emotes) are provided to the subscribers which can be used in a chatroom of a stream while the streamer gets a recurring source of income which lends them a hand to pay their living expenses and streaming. Subscriptions are considered to be one of the most efficient sources of income on Twitch.

Subscription vs. Following

The question must have appeared to your mind. Following a channel on Twitch is basically like following on Twitter and Instagram. When you follow a channel, the particular channel gets added up to your follow list and it will be displayed on the front page of the Twitch apps and website when it’s live. Moreover, following on Twitch is totally free of cost!

On the flipside, subscribing a channel on Twitch offers you the same facility in addition to some premium perks. Furthermore, it is a way for the viewers to support their favorite channel financially by the regular donations per month. So, the basic difference between subscribing and following is whether you want to provide a channel financial support or not!

Twitch Subscription advantages for viewers

You may consider the subscription facility only advantageous for the streamer from a viewer’s viewpoint but that’s not true! Despite the fact that the majority of the viewers opt-in to the recurring monthly payment procedure only to support their favorite channel and streamer, there are notable benefits for the viewers as well. Most of the benefits differ from one channel to another, so, it’s always preferable to read the whole channel page before subscribing to it. Ensure, you are aware of what you are getting. Following are the benefits of a viewer.

  1. Emoticons: The specially designed emoticons are called Emotes which are uniquely made for each Twitch channel and only available for its subscribers. You, being a subscriber, can use one channel’s emotes in any other Twitch chatroom. In a nutshell, more subscribers denote more available unique emotes. Emote creation completely relies on the streamer, so, it’s quite clear that the number of emotes will vary from one channel to another.
  2. Badges: Badges are one of the best outcomes of Twitch Subscription. The badges are the special icons to display alongside the subscriber’s name in the chatroom of the respective channel. The default badge for every channel is a ‘Star’ icon that is customizable by the channel’s creator (i.e. streamer). Streamers also enjoy and possess the freedom to add custom badges that can be changed according to a subscriber’s loyalty such as how many months he or she is subscribed to the channel. It is a reward for the subscriber’s loyalty along with an encouragement for the potential subscribers.
  3. Special Alerts: You will discover a special share button appearing in the chatroom after subscribing to a particular channel. A subscriber can create a special alert for the other viewers by pressing the button during a live stream! The alert will be all about the brand new subscription or renewal of the same along with the subscriber’s Twitch username and the time span they have been subscribed for with the channel. The subscriber can send a customized message to the streamer for the viewers to read.
  4. Exclusive Chatroom: A sub-only chatroom created only for paying subscribers is something that is worth Twitch Subscription. Twitch Partners and Affiliates have the authority to create the chatroom only accessible to their paying subscribers! These chatrooms are created to prevent the chaos of endless comments made by thousands of followers; all at once! This can be fruitful for the popular channels but you will not find this special chatroom on every popular channel as it completely depends on the streamer.
  5. Exclusive Competition: Lots of Twitch streamers arrange special competitions for their paying subscribers or provides additional facilities to them in the ‘open to all’ contests. The prizes of these kinds of competitions range from small objects like a mug or a T-shirt to expensive gifts such as video games and consoles!
  6. Ad-free Experience: It’s not very certain! While some streamers choose to offer their paying subscribers with a rewarding facility of ad-free viewing where the subscribers don’t have to go through the annoying pre, mid and post-roll advertisement during a stream, some of them consider keeping the advertisements.

Subscription Benefits for Streamers

A streamer can only enjoy the stupendous income facility of Twitch if he or she happens to be a Twitch Partner or Affiliate. These are the statuses rewarded by Twitch to the streamers who have been maintaining a regular and loyal viewership and broadcast actively.

Subscriptions are tremendously important to the streamers with its monthly recurring income policy that can snowball over months with more viewership, engagement, and subscription.

Affiliate Subscription vs. Partner Subscription

While Twitch Partners comprise more and improved features than Twitch Affiliates from a general viewpoint, the subscription feature is more or less identical and works similarly for both the account types.

The only difference you can find between these two regarding the subscription is Emotes. Twitch Partners can create more emotes than the Affiliates which is, considerably, an added advantage.

Cost of a Twitch Subscription

You can find three stages of the monthly recurring subscription options on Twitch. At the initial stage of the feature, the default subscription charge was $4.99 but Twitch has added two more tiers from mid-2017 which cost $9.99 (worth 2 subscribers count) and $24.99 (worth 6 subscribers count). Viewers and streamers can come across new Emotes with the additional subscription payments. Viewers can pay monthly, in a 6 months interval or in bulk.

How much does a streamer get from the subscription charges?

Streamer's share from Twitch Subscription
Twitch streamers get half of the Twitch Subscription amount

Officially a Twitch Partner or Affiliate receives 50% of the total Twitch Subscription charges which means you, being a Twitch Affiliate or a Partner, will earn approximately $2.50 from $4.99 subscription tier. But there’s a twist! If you happen to be one of the popular streamers on Twitch, they will upgrade and negotiate the plan by providing you with anywhere from 60% to 100% of the total subscription fee to encourage you and keep you on the platform.

Procedure to Subscribe to a Twitch Channel

You have to browse the official Twitch website from your computer through a web browser to subscribe a channel. It’s notable that subscribing through any of the official mobile app or gaming console application is impossible. Moreover, only the channels run by Twitch Partners and Affiliates will appear with a subscription option. So, let’s take a tour of the subscription procedure on Twitch.

  1. Click the purple subscribe button located at the top-right corner, above the video player
  2. You’ll see a small box appearing with options to choose between subscribing via Twitch Prime or by making a payment
  3. The default monthly subscription fee will be set at $4.99. Click on See more sub-options to get additional payment options of $9.99 and $24.99. After clicking any of the options, a list of perks will be displayed.
  4. After selecting the amount, click on ‘Subscribe Now’
  5. Following clicking on ‘Subscribe Now’, you will find payment options for Credit Card and PayPal. If you are looking for more options, click on More Methods. This will display a wide array of payment options ranging from Bitcoin, Gift Cards, and Cash.
  6. Twitch Subscription process will be initiated right after you proceed with the payment.

Unsubscribing from a Twitch channel

Subscriptions on Twitch can easily be canceled just by choosing not to renew them further. The canceled subscription will, however, remain active during the remainder of the paid period but will be automatically ceased during the next payment. You will not be able to manage the subscriptions through any apps just like the subscription. Let’s take a glance how to unsubscribe a channel on Twitch.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu located at the top-right corner of any page on Twitch once you are logged in.
  2. Click on the Subscriptions option which should be within the second last group of menu items
  3. You will be redirected to a page where all your subscribed channels will be displayed. The unsubscribed channels displayed on the page will ask you to subscribe and support the channel if you like them.
  4. Your subscribed channels will show all the information including their header image, subscription benefits, and channel emotes. Click on a text link called Payment Info on the far right of all the information.
  5. After clicking on the link, you will come across a popup box where all the information regarding the subscription will be displayed including the next date of renewal and the chargeable amount. You will also find a Don’t Renew link. Click on it
  6. At the next step, you will be led to a new confirmation page where you can give your feedback (optional). You need to click on the purple colored Don’t Renew button to cancel your subscription.

Note: you can restart the subscription after cancellation but it has to be done within 30 days in terms of maintaining the subscription streak. Subscription after 30 days of cancellation will erase all the histories with the particular channel’s subscription.

Changing the Twitch Subscription Amount

You already know the how the subscription charges vary from $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99. You can easily change the amount of subscription at any point in time. The changes of charges will effect instantaneously after you make the modification. No refunds are given to the subscribers for any day left with the original subscription. Users are suggested to change the amount after completing a billing cycle with one subscription charge.

Below is the procedure to change the subscription amount which can only be changed from the web browser.

  1. Go to the subscribed Twitch channel page that you want to change
  2. Click on the green Subscribed box located to the left of the chat, far right of the top menu
  3. A white box will appear with the information of your present subscription rate and a Change Your Subscription heading along with the 3 rates. You can also find a green star next to your ongoing subscription rate.
  4. Each option should have its individual perks (emotes and others) which will be revealed after clicking on those.
  5. Click on the purple Subscribe Now button once you’re comfortable and confirmed with a new subscription plan. This is how you can cancel your previous subscription and start with a new one!

Your Twitch subscription streak with the particular streamer and channel, however, will carry over with the new plan despite the fact that you have modified your plan. For instance, if you have paid $4.99 for three months and changing to a new subscription rate of $9.99 afterward, the following month will show your subscription streak as four months.

Renewal Time for a Twitch Subscription

Twitch Subscription Renewal
Renew the Twitch subscription before it ends

The monthly subscription on Twitch gets renewed on the same date of every month based on the first payment. For instance, if you have made your payment on February 10th, you have to pay the following subscription amount on March 10th and so on…

Is it a wise idea to subscribe a Twitch channel?

It’s not mandatory for you to subscribe to a Twitch channel if you are merely willing to watch the broadcasts. Remember, watching the streams or joining the Twitch community is completely free of cost, so, you don’t have to subscribe a channel. It completely depends on people’s choice whether they want to subscribe. While there are actually a few added features and perks that come with the monthly donations, but a financial support to their favorite streamers is the main reason why users opt-into the subscription. The additional advantages you get are mainly considered as a bonus.


Twitch Subscription has opened new avenues both for the streamers and viewers in terms of connection, earning, entertainment and gaming experience. You have seen all the nuts and bolts of the monthly donation policy; therefore both the streamers and viewers can now opt for starting a whole new journey of video streaming with all the little to the large know-how of Twitch. Happy Streaming!