Viber vs Skype: Which App is Better?

viber vs. skype
By Tapas Pal Updated

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has become hugely famous in the last decade and everybody we see around is busy in making voice and video calls over the internet. The video calling feature is like a blessing from God which lets us maintain both long distance relationships and friendships. Even making business dealings with overseas customers have become easier with the creation of video calls.

Skype is one app which is considered as the king of all video calling apps; also, Viber too has its own set of exclusive features. These two apps are quite different from each other, and you might install both of them. But, if the memory of your smartphone is a matter of concern for you and you only prefer to keep that app which would serve you in a better way, then you must go through this write-up in order to know which app is better between Viber and Skype.

Factors to Determine a Winner in the Viber vs. Skype Battle

Mediums of Availability

You can download the Skype app from Google Play store, iOS store and Windows store. Additionally, Skype has a PC version as well.Viber, on the other hand, is available in Play store and Windows store. But you won’t be able to download it from the iOS store unless you have a device with iOS 8 or above. Viber too has its own PC version.

Hence, the first round of this Viber vs. Skype battle clearly belongs to Skype.

Settings and User Interface (UI)
skype vs. viber
  • When you’re logging in Skype, you require a username and password. But for Viber, things are a bit easier as you don’t require any separate login credentials, only your phone number is good enough. In fact, both these apps have got contact integration feature. But when you are using Viber from your laptop, you need a username as mobile number won’t work there. So, the one who is logging in from the phone finds Viber a better app and for somebody logging in from a PC, Skype is a better option.
  • A cool feature which both these apps hold is the staying invisible option. If you don’t want to show a specific person that you’re online, you can go offline on Viber or go invisible on Skype. That way you get to stay online while avoiding a certain person.

The result of this round in this Viber vs. Skype battle is in Viber’s favor. While both these apps hold contact integration and invisibility features, it is Viber that is more user-friendly as most of the users these days use smartphones and they prefer using their mobile number as login credentials.

Voice and Video Calling
viber out vs. skype
  • Both of these apps are quite efficient when it comes to voice calling or video calling. But now that we’ve engaged ourselves in a comparative study, we need to figure out which one of them provides a better quality when it comes to voice or video calls. And the answer is Skype lets you perform both voice and video calls in HD. Whereas Viber’s video calling feature is still residing in Beta.
  • With Viber, you can only make voice or video calls to those people who already have the Viber app installed. Whereas with Skype, you can call anybody, even though they don’t have a Skype ID. In fact, you can make both national and international calls offline if you decide to opt for the paid version of Skype. International call rates are pretty cheap on

Other than the above features, both Skype and Viber provide group voice and video calls. If we go by the above points, Skype undoubtedly wins this round of the Viber vs. Skype battle.

Data Consumption

Our next matter of consideration becomes data consumption. Quite evidently, the app which provides a better video calling feature would consume more data. Hence, Skype consumes a huge amount of mobile data compared to Viber. And as a result, Skype offers a high-quality video and voice calling feature, which Viber does not.

So, this round in the Viber vs. Skype battle is more of a tie.

viber vs. skype mobile
  • You can perform individual as well as group chats in both Skype and Viber. While in a chat, Skype shows “Typing” to let you know that the other person is typing a reply to your message. Viber has no such feature.
  • While both Skype and Viber let you send instant messages, video and audio clips, images, GIFs, URLs etc. Viber still lacks the ability to send documents via a chat. But it is getting there.
  • Viber, on the other hand, lets you send free SMS which Skype does not.

As both Skype and Viber have got an enriched sticker library, this round of the Viber vs. Skype battle too is won by Skype.


As far as pricing is concerned, Viber is completely free. Skype has both free and paid versions. While in the free version of Skype offers more or less all the features which Viber offers; in the paid version Skype provides some advanced features, like making offline calls in mobiles and landlines, making international calls etc.

So, the winner is definitely Skype.

Other Important Factors
  • There are certain other factors to decide the ultimate winner in the Skype vs. Viber battle. The first one being the rating of these apps. Rating is quite a deciding factor as it directly depicts the users’ opinion. While Viber has a 4.3 rating in the Play store, Skype only manages to get a 4.1. And if we go by the rating of the iOS store, then too we see that Viber fetches a cool 4.2 whereas Skype gets only 3.8. Hence, users clearly prefer Viber over Skype.
  • Viber has recently added a feature called “Hidden Chat” which lets you hide a specific conversation. this feature is not present in Skype.
  • Skype has a huge list of add-ons like GIPHY, Bing Images etc. This distinct feature is absent in Viber.
  • On Viber, you can delete a text or voice message even after it has been sent. Needless to say, this feature is not there on

Therefore, with three hits and one miss, Viber wins this round of the Viber vs. Skype battle.

The Final Verdict

Out of the seven rounds, Viber only wins two and Skype leads the other four, as the 5’th round is a tie. Hence, the ultimate winner of the Viber vs. Skype war is Skype. Though Viber has its own set of dedicated users, Skype wins in the fields of availability, voice and video chat and pricing.

So, if you want a free app which consumes least data and also has some commendable features, you can install Viber. But if you want to enjoy rich voice and video calls then Skype is the best choice you can make.