Vulkan Runtime Libraries: All you need to know about it

Vulkan Runtime Libraries
By Tapas Pal Updated

If you are a Windows 10 user you might have come across an entry in your Programs & Features section named Vulkan Runtime Libraries. This came to light when a lot of Windows users reported about this uninvited runtime library whose purpose was completely unknown. Research carried out by some curious minds revealed what it actually is. On the basis of those researched facts and figures, we decide to bring the actual knowledge about what these libraries are and what is the reason for their existence before our readers and the rest.

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So if you want to gain this knowledge about this not-so highlighted segment of the entire operating system, keep reading this article. So without wasting any more time, let’s just move on to the main section of this article.

What is Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

Published by LunarG, Inc. and developed by the Khronos Group, Vulkan is a 3d graphics and compute API which was initially referred to as “next gen. The OpenGL initiative” and “OpenGL next” but was changed to Vulkan when the latter was finalized. It is not a malware. So you need not panic or delete it from your systems. In simple words, Vulkan is a new graphics standard same like OpenGL and DirectX. It intends at providing highly efficient cross-platform access to all the modern GPUs which are used in PCs and other gaming consoles which show utility via graphic cards installed inside.

Is Vulkan Runtime Libraries safe?

According to some users, Windows Defender stops showing the presence of any malicious software immediately after deleting Vulkan from the system. This gave more air to the conclusion that Vulkan Runtime Libraries is a virus type thing that may degrade or corrupt the system files. But in actual, there is an auto-creation feature on updating the OS. It has many advantages that prove why having these libraries within the system is beneficial and not any harm to the PC.

Advantages/Features Of Vulkan Runtime Libraries

It provides a variety of advantages over other APIs like DirectX and OpenGL. Some of these advantages include:

  • It provides a low overhead and more focused and powerful control over the GPU and thus the CPU usage.
  • It is highly suited for graphic hardware on mobile devices as well as for high-end Graphic Cards.
  • Vulkan is available or we can say compatible with multiple modern operating systems like OpenGL. It is not locked to a single Operating system. It is compatible with Android, Linux, Tizen and Microsoft Windows.
  • Vulkan, through the use of batching leaves the CPU free for doing other computational works or render idle otherwise. This reduces the CPU power consumption which is relatively high as what other APIs lead to.
  • It provides a Unified management of computing kernels and graphics (shaders) which has eliminated the need of using a separate compute API along with the APIs for graphics.

Disadvantages of Vulkan Runtime Libraries over OpenGL (its predecessor)

Although the overall performance of Vulkan is extra amazing as compared to OpenGL, the latter beats Vulkan Runtime Libraries in the following aspects.

  • Vulkan bears more complexity in working while OpenGL is quite simple and almost effective in cross-platform graphics management and handling.
  • OpenGL requires less maintenance as compared to Vulkan.
  • Vulkan Runtime Libraries is not Universal. There is still a few software that does not support Vulkan. This restricts its application in enhancing graphics of different devices.

These are the reasons for why NVidia reports that OpenGL is still an option for a lot of use-cases worldwide.

Software which supports Vulkan Runtime Libraries

Video Games that support Vulkan include the Talos Principle, Dota2, Doom, Roblox, Start Citizen, Mad Max, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Ashes of Singularity.

Dolphin Emulator, Libretro port of Mupen64Plus, RPCS3, PPSSPP and Beetle/mednafen PSX are the Game Console Emulators which support Vulkan.

Among Game Engines, Source 2, Serious Engine 4, Unreal Engine 4, idTech 6 and CryEngine-Crytek show support to the API.

Final Words:

Vulkan Runtime Libraries Windows 10 is itself the cross-platform graphic controller. When you update the system, NVidia installs it automatically. There is nothing malicious about it. It is also not a virus. So you can either download Vulkan Runtime Libraries separately or update NVidia drivers to extract benefits out of it. This is a highly effective application. The tool definitely has a purpose to work on PCs running Windows 7 or Windows 10.

I hope the article helped you in everything you wanted to know. DO share it with your friends and family. Share this knowledge. Stay tuned for the next article.