20 Great Watch2gether Alternatives To Watch Online Videos

Watch2gether Alternatives
By Suman Ghosal Updated

Watching online movies, videos are today`s trends. One of the best ways to take off your daily tiredness is enjoying videos on the web. Watch2gether is one of the popular streaming video sites. It offers you the best web-service to find a video and lets you watch it with a group of your friends. Watch2gather also allows you to make some conversation with your friends; you can give a review of the ongoing movie. So it`s the best way to relive the old memories with your buddies and keep in touch with them. And there exists a lot many alternatives to Watch2gether.

If You are the chat room moderator, then you can invite all the chat room members to this video streaming website. So it is your duty to keep them happy and attached.  Do you really want to know about some alternatives to Watch2gether? Here, we are to make a list of Watch2gether alternatives.

Watch2gether Alternatives that You Should Try.


Syncplay Watch2gether Alternatives

Syncplay is also a video streaming site for entertainment. It offers the users a similar online movie watching experience like watch2gether.  You can find your favorite movies, search latest TV shows and many other video contents on this website. Like watch2gether it allows you to enjoy a video content with your group of friends, you can share some links, add a playlist and you also have the opportunity to make a review on the ongoing topic.

Basically, this web service is a downloadable program that helps your device in bringing the common media which helps your friends to watch the video without any interruptions. The best feature of Syncplay is, the video streaming and watching privacy, which is really unavailable in any web-based multimedia. At first, when you get into the website you have to register with your Mail ID, an auto-generated video room is created for you and it is totally private for you by default.

You also can invite your friends to share your online video watching experience. Syncplay allows you to watch videos from a lot of videos streaming website like Vimeo, YouTube etc. You also can download browser extension files for Chrome, Firefox. If you really want good alternatives to watch2gether, believe me, this gives the right web service for you.

Official Website- ScynPlay

Together Tube

Together Tube

If you search for a video streaming website that offers you the best graphical user interface then Together Tube is the best option for you. It is very easy to use, handy and you can watch an online movie with your friends and also with your beloved ones. Fast you have to finish a simple registration on this site. Like watch2gether there is also some moderated features that can add some members and change the settings for the video room. All of your friends just have to put down their names and enjoy the best way of entertainment.

Here each virtual chat room user can suggest and share a video link, they can vote for others’ videos. If a video attains the majority of comments it will be promoted to the customized playlist. Every room has an exclusive voting system which automatically enables your chat room creation. Together tube is the most popular alternative to watch2gether in the web. If you want to explore more interesting videos with your friends then just go for Together Tube.

Official Website – Together Tube


Watch2gether Alternatives  uptimerobot

You have a lot of online friends and you spend a lot of time with them by chatting, making jokes and playing online games. Now, what would happen if all of you watch the latest movies together? You guys can be from different places, but that’s not a problem anymore. Uptime Robot offers you the scope to watch the free online movies together whether you all are from the same place or not. This web-based program allows you to create a personal chat room where you and your friends can share some links, YouTube videos and enjoy quality times with each other.

All you need is to make some online fun with your friends on IOS smartphone, and a login ID to get into the chat room. One can also use this online video streaming website with their Google account. This is a very engaging website to the modern world of internet users, where you can see the movie shared by others. The admin or the moderator of a room can customize the playlist and the settings of the group. One can make room for the public to make it large. Uptime is the latest alternative to watch2gether for every streaming video explorer.

Official Website- Uptime

MyCircle TV

MyCircle TV Watch2gether Alternatives

If you search for a unique way to find and watch some of the online streaming video content, then MyCircle TV is the best website for you. Free voice chat is the best feature that comes handy with this web-service. While watching movies or some interesting YouTube videos you can share those videos with your friends. You can chat with them by using the free voice chat option to increase your video watching experience.  On the homepage, you can see a search bar; you can search everything which you want to share with your friends.

MyCircle supports all the audio & video formats. Thus one can watch and play any type of multimedia content without any hesitation.  This website allows every user to bring the video content and offers a custom upload of up to 5GB. It allows the flowing video formats: .mp4, h264, AVC, MPEG4, .flv, 3gp, AVI etc. So if you want the best video streaming site and also a nice alternative to watch2gether, just grab this web-service, it would never make you feel bored and would help you to spend some quality time with your dear ones.

Official Website- MyCircle TV


The ever best creation by 4Chan community is InstaSynch. It allows you to watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and from any other site just like an online video streaming web-service. You can easily register with the website and also make room for your buddies to watch a movie together. As this is an alternative to watch2gether, an auto-generated chat room is available for you to make your experience better. You also can make the chat room public to make it more interesting.

The best thing about this site is, there is no need to register for joining a public chat room. But if you want to set up your own chat room then a onetime registration is mandatory for the moderator. InstaSynch brings you to a lot of free movies, ongoing TV shows, and other important video contents. You can create a customized playlist to keep the interesting videos with you.

This video streaming web-service allows you to lock or unlock the playlist of your own chat room. If you keep it locked, none but you would only be able to add a video link to your playlist. The user of a chat room can also like or vote the video content, in case of a public room, the moderator, as well as the users, can share a lot of streaming videos. If you really want to try alternatives to watch2gether, open your web browser and just type this name. Add a new level to your online movie watching.

Official Website- InstaSynch



if you’re in search of alternatives to watch2gether, where you can spend some quality time with your beloved ones, here I’m giving you a suggestion. Rabbit is an extremely used online streaming video website that offers you exclusive privacy to watch a privet video with your dear ones. You can use this web-service like a public room as well. After finishing a registration protocols, you would automatically enter into a chat and video sharing room. You can add some of your friends, family members as well. You can create and customize your own playlist where you may save some of your favorite streaming video links that you want to watch with your friends.

It is quite a new website which comes with a set of modern features. So you can walk through the new era of online video watching. Rabbit allows you to keep in touch with your friends whether they are from the same place or not. You can enjoy a ceremony at your home, friend`s marriage from abroad etc. All you have to do, is to make a fast registration on this website, customize your chat room as you like, and enjoy the extreme streaming service on your device.

You can use this platform for your study purpose like if you are a tutor, you can make a virtual room here, add some of your students, and share your video lecture links into the room. One can also use it for their work or business purpose. Rabbit is a v modern alternative to watch2gether. You should try this video streaming web service.

Official Website- Rabbit



If you want to play streaming videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion on a single channel while chatting with your friends, probably you are searching for CyTube. It allows you to watch all the latest movies, TV shows, and other types of synchronizing multimedia. It also supports a lot of file extensions which would give you a real-time experience of movie watching with your friends, whether you are from the same place or not. If you want to share some interesting video contents with your pals, you just have to complete a simple registration or login process on this website.

CyTube allows you to take the control of your chat room and the playlist you made for keeping your favorite video link saved. You can also synchronize the video links from Soundcloud, Dailymotion, TwitchTV, JustineTV, LiveStream, UStream, RTMP Livestreams, JWPlayer, Imgur, Custom embed and so on. So if you want to try a new generation online video streaming web service, just go to this website.

Official Website- CyTube



One of the best and popular online video streaming website which also lets you chat with your friends is Rave. Rave allows you to find the exact video link that you want to share with your friends, family, and beloved ones. Simply you have to register or login to the official website to enjoy their service. After you’re done with the registration, an auto-generated video sharing room arrives. You can use it for your personal purpose or you can make it just like a friend`s virtual room. Rave offers you to make your own room public.

Actually, it searches the exact video contents and synchronizes them to provide the best online streaming experience. That`s all about how it works. It also provides the modern playback synchronizing technology which is very rare in the latest market. You can access this website from Android, windows, and IOS smartphones. This makes this streaming web-service handier. With Rave, you can enjoy the real-time movie watching environment with your buddies which is the main purpose of this web service.

Official Website- Rave



If you have some long distance friends around the globe, Or you are in a long-distance relationship, video calls and spending some quality time together via the internet is the only options to keep in touch with them. Gaze is one of the special streaming video sites that offers you all of these. It also provides the features, like watching movies in the online group while discussing how interesting it is. You can instantly chat with your beloved ones while watching a video and this web service also provides you the video calling features to increase your experience more dynamic.

To enjoy this service you have to register on the official Gaze website. After registration, you would find yourself in a well customised virtual room where you can add some your friends to enjoy a beautiful movie. This website allows the users to upload and share their own videos. You can also watch what your friends are watching if they share the content links with you.

There is a very easy way to invite your friends, you just have to copy the link of your chat room and paste it anywhere,  share the link on facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, and so on. Fluid operating features, user-friendly interface, and instant chatting facility are the key points behind the huge success of this video streaming web service.

Official Website- Gaze



Wavelength is also an online video streaming website which offers good multimedia contents while you are attaining a group chat with your friends. It is very easy to use for the users; you just have to search for the website, finish some simple steps of registration. After registration, an auto-generated video shearing room along with a personal chat room would be offered. You may use this room for your personal purpose, and also can make it public.

Wavelength is used to watch online movies with friends. Anyone can join a room by clicking on the link provided by a room moderator. This website provides a user-friendly dashboard where you can enjoy a lot of online movies, TV shows and lots of audios. If you are the moderator or the admin of a room then you can customize the room settings, you can add your own playlist to keep your favorite links. This website supports media like audio files, YouTube, TinySong URLs and many other media as well as various file formats. So, If you are a true watch2gether fan, you must have a look at this video streaming website.

So, If you are a true watch2gether fan, you must have a look at this video streaming website.

Official Website- Wavelength



If you want to launch the best and simplest website that offers you online video streaming service as well as an easy chatting feature, trust me, ShareTube is the best option for you. Like watch2gether the user can add their friends, allow them to a customised virtual room and make some fun together. ShareTube allows you to watch online streaming videos in various formats and it synchronizes the videos in daily or monthly basis. Meanwhile, you have to finish some simple steps to register for the main domain of ShareTube. In the very moment, you can find a customized video sharing room along with a simplified chat room.

One of the best features that this website offers you is, it allows you to synchronize the player for audio and video contents. It also has the features of an integrated chat room which allows your friends to become closer. ShareTube gives the opportunity to make a video-chat via webcam which is very rare on any video streaming website. Even also it is missing in watch2gether.

While enjoying online videos n private chat rooms, you can make your room public to explore more fun. You can use ShareTube on devices like pc, tab, mobile and an additional option is added that allows you to install chrome or Firefox internet browser extensions.  No doubt ShareTube is a very successful online video streaming website which helps you to keep in touch with your buddies and moreover its the best alternative to Watch2gether.

Official Website- ShareTube



Watching an online streaming video in your free time is the best way to spend a quality time in today`s era of entertainment. Now Andchill is the new path to spend your free time with your friends or beloved ones. It comes with the same concept of watch2gether and it offers you a set of new ways to entertain your friends and also yourself.  The entire process includes a simple one-time registration on the official website. After finishing those steps, the user automatically gets into an integrated chat room and a video sharing room. The user may use the room for personal purpose or they can invite their friends, family members, and beloved ones.

The best things about Andchill is, all the users don’t need to register on the official website. They can use it by just a quick click on the URL which you send them. Only the room moderator needs to register, the moderator can customize the chat room; change the group settings, invite others to your group. It can be possible to handover or share the control to one or more room members; you can make the room public to explore the multimedia contents. After creating a chat room and adding some of your friends, you can now start to watch an interesting video content or listen to some beautiful music with your friends.

For a quick entry to your room, you can install the browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox. Andchill comes with all the latest features that an online streaming video site offers, and that makes this new streaming website more successful. It is the true replacement of watch2gether and a must try for every video explorer.

Official Website- Andchill



If you are searching for the ever best web-based platform that allows you to enjoy online streaming movies along with your friends or family members, probably you are searching for a website like BlaTube. Like every online movie streaming website, BlaTube gives you the opportunity to find out the exact multimedia content that you want to share with your friends and it can directly go to your video sharing room.  This streaming website also offers you a customised chat room where you can share your reviews with the chat members while watching it online.

BlaTube actually works like a video streaming website that allows the users to watch their desirable contents, and also lets them share it with friends. To enjoy most of the streaming videos, the users just have to register on the official website. After the registration, the user automatically gets a free video sharing room and a chat room also. You can now invite a group of your friends, family members to your chat room to enjoy a quality time with them. BlaTube offers you to keep your favorite movies, video contents and some of the audio files with you. So it offers you to make a customized playlist.

BlaTube allows the users to create their own video channels in which they can share their own memorable incidents with the world. If you really search for good alternative to watch2gether, just go for BlaTube.

Official Website- BlaTube



Simulchat is one of the easiest and simplest web-based video streaming platform in the world of internet where two or more people can spend some quality time by watching a movie or some interesting video contents together. The best prospects of this website are, two or more people can spend their free time together while sitting in different corners of the world. This platform also offers you a customized room and an integrated chat room where you can add some video links to watch it together while chatting with each other. To enjoy the service you just have to register to the official website by finishing some simple steps.

This video streaming site is very easy to use and after finishing the registration process the user automatically gets into the chat room as a moderator who has all the control over the very chat-room. You can add some of your friends, family members, and beloved ones to enjoy some time together. The site also has the features to make your own room public. You can also make your video channel and own customised play-list to make your room more interesting. Simulchat offers to make a video call while watching movies.

So, with a set of additional features, plenty of videos, this website grabs a huge success over streaming service in the world. So if you read this article to find the best alternatives to Watch2gether just add the chrome or Firefox extensions to your internet browser.

Official Website- SimulChat



If you want to watch and share some Netflix movies with your friends and beloved ones, Showgoers is one of the best web-based streaming platforms. It entertains the long-distance relationships and allows the users to watch latest movies together when they are not with each other. To watch the Netflix movies together you have to register first on the official website of Showgoers. You can invite your friends, family members and special ones to your virtual chat room and they have no need to register at all.

This website allows you to keep all of your favorite movies, audio and video files into your own customized playlist. You can also make your room a public platform, and create your own channel to share your views with the entire world. Showgoers is the perfect video streaming website that simultaneously synchronizes audio and video files.

Meanwhile, showgoers is now allowing the Google Chrome and Firefox to add the browser extension into your device.  So overall, it is one of the greatest video streaming web services in the market and one of the best alternatives to Watch2gether.

Official Website- Showgoers



ChatBen.tv is another web-based video streaming website. It also allows the users to find and watch videos together with a group of friends, family members, loved ones, whether they are from the same place or not. So you can spend some quality time with your friends who all are sitting in front of different PCs in the different corners of the world. This website offers a wide range of videos and also allows the users to make their own channels.

You can make your playlist public or personal as per your privacy requirements. Like Watch2gether, this web-based streaming service allows the users to chat with friends while watching online movies. You just have to create a room at first to experience this entertainment programs. After finishing the simple registration process you are able to invite and add your friends to make some fun together. The members of a room do not need to register to the official website; they can just enjoy free streaming fresh video contents just by clicking on the URL you share with them.

The integrated chat room and the video calling features make the user experience far better. One of the key features of this website is that it provides extreme synchronization of audio and video to each and every user. To enjoy the best environment in online video streaming experience  you must try this web service.

Official Website- ChatBen.Tv



Watching online videos are the best way to spend your free time and refreshing yourself. Now sometimes you want to watch it with your special ones, right? SynapTop is the online streaming video content source that allows you to make your dream true. This web-based streaming service gives the opportunity to find and watch online videos, movies, TV Shows with your friends, family members weather all of them are from the same place or not. If they all are from the different corners of the world, SynapTop brings them to a single virtual room and lets them watch the same contents.

To enjoy the best streaming service you just have to sign in with SynapTop official website and it allows you to have your own room. A user can customise his room, invite a group of buddies into his chat room, and also make his own public channel after finishing the initial steps of registration. One of the best key-features of this website that surely forces you to add the browser extension to your device is the multiple movie and video providing sites. Not only can you watch movies and video contents but it allows you to watch the TV shows, ongoing sports, reality shows etc.

You can also play some interesting games, listen to music, make a customized video call etc. You can also use this web service as a file manager, device application controller, and multiple device controllers. And that makes this web service exceptional in the era of online streaming service.

Official Website- SynapTop



We have walked through a lot of alternatives to watch2gether, the web-based video streaming website that allows you to watch some video content together with your friends. Listening to music, exploring some audio files are the, greatest ways to entertain yourself. So what if there exists an online audio file streaming service which allows you to listen to a beautiful musical tone along with your friends? Juicebox.dj offers you that opportunity to enjoy some delightful songs with your beloved ones or your friends together.

It allows the users to find and listen to some music from the available channels on the front page. To get the service of Juicebox first you have to register on the official website. After finishing the simple registration process, you can automatically get into the virtual chat room, invite your friends to spend some quality times etc. You can make your own playlist to keep the best musical tracks with you.

This web-based audio streaming service allows the users to make their own creative channels and to explore the musical world. Juicebox is the best gift of the internet to all the music lovers and it comes with a very simple user interface that allows the users to discover and play all the existing audio files which come with all types of extensions across the globe.

Official Website- Juicebox.dj



You already use Watch2gether to watch online streaming video content with your friends together. Now if you’re searching for some more interesting Watch2gether alternatives that come with some additional features, then Synchtube is one of the best options to make some more fun with your online friends by exploring latest video contents over the virtual room. It is also a web-based online video streaming platform that allows the users to watch the audio or video contents with friends.

The members of a chat room can sit in front of different devices, but they can enjoy the same movie at a time. To enjoy this entertainment you first have to register on the official site of Synchtube, and at the very moment of your registration, it enables you the new chat room along with a video sharing panel. Now you can invite and add some of your friends to your own customized chat room by sending them the URL of your room.

You can also add your friends from social media like facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc. Synchtube is very easy to use and handy web-based multimedia streaming service which offers you the extreme modern additional features. Believe me, it would never make you feel bored.

Official Website- Synchtube



TogetherJs is also a web-based online video streaming platform formed by the Mozilla Labs which comes with lots of additional updated features and collaboration with a huge numbers of audio-video providing websites. Its working function is totally different from the other online video streaming service providers like Watch2gether.

TogetherJs is  totally free and open source JavaScript library which allows the users to add the collaboration system and applications after watching some multimedia contents together. To enjoy this unique video streaming service, first of all, you have to install the official application to your net browsing device. You can also add the browser extension of this web service to your internet surfing browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and others. After installation of TogetherJs successfully to your device, you get the chance to create your own video channel or the privet room. You can invite or add some of your friends, family members, special ones to enjoy some quality time together.

You can also add some of your friends from social media like facebook, WhatsApp etc. It offers  both text and video chat options to the users which helps them to expresses their views on the ongoing video content. The real-time video streaming experience is the key feature of this web service. So if you want to try a unique featured multimedia streaming system, visit  TogetherJs.

Official Website- TogetherJs 

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