Watch2gether – Spend Quality Time With Your Friends

By Suman Ghosal Updated

Watching online videos is one of the best ways of entertainment today. But it is very difficult to find the exact video content which you desire to watch. You may use YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or some other sites to watch a video. You may share the video contents with your friends via social media, file transferring software etc. What if you and your friends have the chance to watch it together! Interesting right? It sounds quite impossible but it’s true. Watch2gether offers you the opportunity to watch online videos with your group of friends and also with your beloved ones. Watch2gether simply is an online streaming website that brings you to the easiest ways to watch the same video contents along with your group of friends over the globe.

Watch2gether gives you a virtual room with daily streaming videos. And you would never miss the loveliest moments whether you are with your friends or not. Now you might to know more about Watch2gether. How to use watch2gether to watch it together? Just keep reading.

What is Watch2gether? – A walkthrough


In a single sentence, Watch2gether is an utterly helpful video streaming website that allows you to watch online video on your internet device. You can also watch it with your virtual video sharing room that is accessible only to your friends. You can share your views on some videos, add some link that you want to watch with your friends in this virtual video room, massively known as Chat Room.

What does it offer to me?


Actually, it is a video streaming website. The website gives you a well-classified virtual chat room where you can add your friends to enjoy some beautiful movies together. It also offers you a customised playlist, user login system like social media,  add account options, partial moderation and so on. Here you have to add a suitable nickname to make your chat experience far better. Currently, Watch2gether allows the chat room moderator to control whether the members are able to add a new friend or not. You can also use this application without signing in, but you have to log in with your temporary member ID provided by the group admin. You can also send some links separately to someone in the chat room.

 How it works exactly?

After Signing in with Watch2gether, you can create a customized Chat Room. You have to add some of your friends with whom you want to share your links with. After that, you can add a link to your Chat Room and play. The member of your group will be able to watch the content together with you.

If you paused the video, it automatically turns the video content off to the entire group. Now again when you run the video, it automatically starts playing for your friends. The moderator or the group admin also have the right to change the video link or the content. None but the members of a Chat Room are able to find and watch the streaming videos. You also can put down some of your thinking, reviews in the comment section, you can discuss or chat with your friends, spend some quality time with them via Watch2gether.

How to watch a video together using Watch2gether

Watch2gether can set up the environment that you used to have in your childhood, within a fraction of a second.  It provides the easiest way to find and share any type of video contents with your friends. You have no need to install any heavyweight software on your computer or Smartphone. You just need to enable the web-service of Watch2gether. Fortunately, it is totally free of cost. Now have a step by step walk.

1] Click on the Website


At first, you have to search the official website of Watch2gether. You can search it via your web browser or click on the blinking link here – Watch2gether

2] Create your Room


Once you have entered to the Watch2gether website, In the homepage of Watch2gether, you will see a yellow colored tab with the name “Create your Room”. You have to create a new chat room for you and your friends by clicking on the tab. It provides you a unique privet chat room at the very moment.

3) Insert a nickname

pick a nickname

When you tap on the button an auto-generated popup message would tell you to insert a nickname. You can put down anything as a nickname and press “OK” to finish. Now your device is directly attached to your own Chat room.

4] Invite your friends

Invite your friends

Now you have just finished your account creation successfully. It`s time to add some of your buddies. You also can add your family members as well. There is no limit on the number members that you can add to your Chat Room. You just have to invite them via the watch2gether link by clicking on the “invite friends” tab at the upper rightmost corner of your chat room. After tapping on the button a popup message would give you the link to your chat room. You can copy the link or directly share it via any of your browsers. You also can share the link on any type of social media like twitter, facebook, google+, WhatsApp etc. Just tell your friends to open the link and join the Room.

5) Search Video

Search a video

Watch2gether is a video streaming website as well as a virtual chat room. So here you can find some videos watch it or watch it with your friends. There are two different way to find a video

  1. You can copy the URL  and paste it into the URL box of Watch2gether to play it with your friends,
  2. You can select any website to find a video on the Watch2gether.

This feature offers you to share any video content which you find interesting. The admin or moderator has all the controls to pause, resume or change the video. When you stop the video to talk to your friends, it automatically stops for your friend as well.

6) Keep your own Videos

create playlist

You might be an internet geek, and you watch a lot of online video content like movies, TV shows etc. Now sometimes you need to keep the list of your favorite videos with you. Watch2gether gives you the chance to keep all the video links to the web. You can simply create your own playlist in watch2gether by following some simple steps like–

create playlist
  1. Click on the “Settings” icon
  2. A popup message will appear that tells you to put down a name for your playlist.
  3. Click on the create playlist button
  4. Your playlist is available to attach to a link now.

7] How to add a video to my playlist?

add to playlist

To add a video to your playlist you have to follow the following steps –

  1. Search a video that you want to add to your playlist
  2. Tap on the “three horizontal line” icon
  3. You can see “Add to playlist” option which comes with a ‘ +’ icon
  4. Simply tap on this icon
  5. Your video link is saved to your playlist successfully.

8] How to embed a Watch2Gether room into another website

  1. Create an account (if you don’t have one yet) on and login
  2. Create a new room.
  3. In the room, click on the “Menu Icon” in the top right corner and save the room with a name of your choice. (This step ensures that the room is persistent and will not be deleted after a day)
  4. The address of the room looks like the following example (use your own URL here):

If you add the parameter “?app=1” to the URL,

The room will be displayed with the embed layout.

  1. Use this URL to create an iframe on the page you want to embed the room in.


You can change the “height” and “width” values of the iframe.

You can use  „https“  in the room URL to enable SSL encryption


Watch2gether is a massively used video streaming based application that allows people to find a way to keep in touch with their friends who does not stay in the same place. It gives them a huge opportunity to spend some quality time with their beloved ones.

Actually, it comes in a multi-dimensional purpose. Instead of making fun with your friends, you can also use this website for your workplace, motivational propose etc. If you are an online tutor or a Subject Matter Expert (SME), you can use watch2gather to teach your students online. So it all depends on the way you use the website watch2gether.