What Is JFC? What Does JFC Acronym Mean?

By Tapas Pal Updated

Welcome to another interesting class of internet acronyms. Probably, you already know what these internet acronyms are. Still, we would recapitulate a bit. Internet acronyms or internet slangs are some abbreviations, which are all over the internet these days. And in order to survive among your tech-savvy friends or workmates, you have to know the meaning and proper usage of all these internet slangs. Today, the internet slang we would highlight is, JFC. You already have heard it, right? But can you remember where? Well, it can be seen in WhatsApp statuses, Facebook comments, Instagram posts and where not!

If you don’t know the usage, then your friends are going to tag you as an “Internet fool,” very soon. So, Read. Learn. And use.

What Does JFC Stand For?

JFC stands for “Jesus F****** Christ”. As I always say, you guys are smart enough to derive the meaning of the asterisks.

By the way, are you shocked to find the F-word stuffed in the middle of Jesus Christ’s name? Well! I was totally stunned when I heard the full phrase for the first time.

What Does JFC Mean?

What does JFC mean

JFC is generally used to express the fact that you are astonished or astounded at something. The astonishment can be due to a good cause, or a humorous cause or even due to anger.

Honestly, the first time I learned the full phrase, I was largely astounded to see the F-word in between the Lord’s name. so, you can say I went JFC.

Where To Use JFC?

The easiest answer to this question is, on the internet. But that does not mean you can use this internet acronym anywhere on the internet. Well, I’ll discuss that in the next segment of this article. For now, let us see, where on the internet can you preferably use this acronym.

If you go by the trends, the most popular use of JFC would be in the following three platforms, namely, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Though the primary meaning of JFC is same for all three platforms, which is to get astonished at something, in these sites JFC is used in different senses. Let’s see how.

What Does JFC Mean in WhatsApp?
What does JFC mean in texting

As I have already stated, the key meaning of JFC remains same on every platform, just the usage changes.

WhatsApp has become synonymous with texting today. WhatsApp is an integral part of our lives, and we use this medium to express almost all kinds of emotions. Naturally, when it comes to the usage of JFC, keeping the basic meaning intact, you can use it to express the following emotions:

  • If you are overwhelmed because something very pleasant has happened. For example,

“JFC! Can’t believe I got an A grade, even though I did not have a clue of the syllabus.”

  • If you are sad for a certain event, then too you can use this internet slang in a conversation or in your WhatsApp status. For example,

“Nothing is going right in my life right now. JFC!”

  • If you are too angry at someone, then too you can curse them by using this internet slang. For example,

“That guy is such a weirdo. JFC! He borrowed money from me a month ago, and still hasn’t paid me back.”

What Does JFC Mean on Facebook?
JFC meaning

Meaning and usage of JFC is more or less same for both WhatsApp and Facebook. In Facebook, you can use this internet slang in the middle of chats, or comments, or in your status.

What Does JFC Mean on Instagram?
What does JFC mean on Instagram

Instagram is strictly a photo sharing site. It is not that you can’t chat there, you can, through direct messaging. But 90% of us use Instagram to share images. Who does not like to share a picture on Instagram and fetch hundreds of Likes?

Now, when you are uploading an image, no matter how good it is, if it does not come with a good caption or an accurate hashtag for that matter, it might not get seen. And here comes the usage of JFC on Instagram.

Say, you have uploaded a funny picture of yourself on Instagram, and you have given a funnier caption, trust me, then it would grab many eyeballs.

For example,

Suppose you have uploaded a picture on Instagram where your hairs are completely messed up. Then you can give a caption, “JFC! Where the hell is my face!”

A friend of yours might comment on your photo, “What were you thinking? JFC!”

So, that was pretty much the usage of JFC.  I’m not saying you’ll have to use this acronym in the exactly same situations. Situations can totally differ, but the connotation should remain the same.

Note: With JFC, there are no strict rules regarding its position inside a sentence. This little vulgar internet slang can be used in the beginning, middle or last part of a sentence.

Where Not To Use JFC?

define JFC

You already know the answer to this question. Yet, it is my duty to tell you one more time.

You can’t use this acronym inside a formal email or in a college or school assignment.

Though this acronym has its usage on WhatsApp and Facebook platforms, still you need to be very alert regarding your usage. You can’t use it in a conversation with your parents or relatives or your boss. You might think that it won’t be a big deal as the acronym JFC is a small one and does not sound offensive at all. But trust me the people I just named are smart enough to google this internet slang and derive its meaning.

Use this abbreviation only with people who use it back or the ones who would not mind if you use such an indecent phrase.

That was pretty much about JFC. Hope you are all prepared to use this internet slang.

So, go use now.