What Is My Way Email And How Does It Work?

My Way Email
By Tapas Pal Updated

It is quite evident that all of you (the ones who are reading this article and the ones who are not) have an email-ID. There was a time when no WhatsApp or Facebook was there. Phone calls were costlier, video calls were not even in the picture, and in those times, emails used to be a common mode of communication. All kinds of interaction would take place via e-mails.

Today the scenario has changed a lot. With the introduction of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. we rarely make personal communications through e-mails. But that does not mean e-mail has lost its value, and hopefully, it never will. We operate all sorts of official and formal interactions via e-mails. Would you send your job application in WhatsApp? No, I hope. So, e-mails can never become useless. Today, we would present an article about an e-mail service called, My Way Email. If you’re not familiar with this name, it is your chance to get updated.

My Way Email-A Brief Overview

myway email
The official portal of My Way email, where you can sign up

To explain most easily, My Way Email is just an electronic mailbox, like the one you already have.

But obviously, it has some unique features, or why would I write this article, right? Yes, My Way Email is a free purposeful e-mail facility, which offers you a calendar, and a task list, in order to help you in sorting your messages in a more organized manner.

Visit the Official Website.

Points of Satisfaction

When I tried using My Way Email, I found the following points of satisfaction.

  1. The first and foremost satisfaction is the cool 1000MB space, which MY Way Email offers, and that too for free. Add to that; you get a calendar and a task list.
  2. My Way Email gives you a spam filter. This spam filter would detect the spams automatically.
  3. You can download mails from external POP when you are using My Way Email.

Note: POP is a type of protocol. It was created in 1984 for the purpose of downloading emails   from a remote server.

  1. This e-mail service has an autoresponder, which can reply for your important e-mails when you’re not there to reply to
  2. Their user interface is very easy to operate.


myway email log in
  1. The major drawback of this Email service is, the emails you send from this e-mail service contains ads in them. This can be inconvenient for the receiver of the e-mail.
  2. My Way Email does not provide you labels and folders. Therefore, it might become difficult for the users to differentiate spams (though their spam filter is strong enough).

That was pretty much on My Way Email. If you want a break from regular e-mail facilities and want to try something new, then My Way Email can definitely be the place which you can explore.

So, sign up today and let me know how you liked it.